Will Choi Ji-min appear in the KIA left-hand kingdom? ‘4G 1 hold’ cruise

KIA left-hander Kwak Do-gyu (19) is continuing his actual game in Australia. Like Choi Ji-min (20), Australia could be the turning point in baseball. Kwak Do-gyu (Canberra Cavallie) pitched a scoreless inning against three batters during the 2023-2024 Australian professional baseball game against the Perth Heat on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time). The Australian League’s interim record is 4.26 ERA with one hold in four games.

Kwak Do-gyu is a left-handed submarine who graduated from Gonggo High School and joined the team ranked 42nd in the fifth round. The left side itself is rare, and his arm height is a little higher than that of Kim Dae-yu, a submarine with left hand. It is a three-quarter, but it also feels that the arm height is lower than that of the traditional three-quarter.

Even Kwak Do-gyu plays fastballs in the late 140km range. Based on the statistics website Statistics, his average speed was 144km. In addition, he uses two cores, curves, and sliders. This season’s performance was 8.49 ERA with no wins, losses, saves or holds in 14 games.

There is a lot of potential, but I feel like I couldn’t burst it. In five exhibition games, he failed to lead the rise of zero ERA in one hold. Looking at the pace of the exhibition game, he could have entered the roster from the opening game, but there was no room as the KIA bullpen depth was strengthened this year. 온라인카지노사이트

In the Futures League, he had good performance with six wins, one loss, five holds, and an ERA of 2.37 in 37 games. However, his pitching performance was not consistent in the main league. Lee Soon-cheol, a commentator on SBS Sports who was broadcasting Kia’s game in this season, said Kwak Do-gyu’s pitching balance is unstable.

Still, KIA sent Kwak Do-gyu to Canberra because it believes there are endless possibilities in the future. I thought the actual game was more important than the final training. Since the level of the Australian League does not fall that much, it is a time for Kwak Do-gyu to study and learn.

The pitching performance is not consistent here, either. He allowed two hits, one walk and one run in the first ⅔ against the Sydney Blue Sox on Nov. 18. Then he pitched well in the second inning, allowing one hit and no run in the game against the Melbourne Aces on Nov. 25. However, he was shaken up by allowing three hits, one walk and two runs in the first ⅔ against Perth on Nov. 1. Then he pitched well again in the game on Saturday.

KIA’s bullpen is a left-handed kingdom, but it also needs the second Choi Ji-min. The bullpen is all-around anyway. Kwak Do-gyu should be able to compete with Choi Ji-min, Lee Joon-young, Kim Dae-yu, and Kim Ki-hoon. It is necessary to take advantage of the strong and rare form. However, Kwak Do-gyu has a routine of shaking both shoulders three times after stepping on the pitch board. Peach clock will start next year, and we have to see if we will reduce this routine.

Canberra will hold four consecutive games including a doubleheader against Brisbane Benditz from July 7. Considering that he has some leeway in his schedule, Kwak is expected to be able to take the mound in two to three games.

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