Did you catch love when you got out of Tottenham?Rumors of a romantic relationship with an Italian beauty model from “North London Night Shine.”

The Sun, a British media outlet, reported on the 2nd (Korean time) that “Tottenham goalkeeper Vicario was connected to Italian model Antonella Fjordelisi after visiting London for a New Year’s party.” Before the start of the 2023-24 season, Tottenham looked for a new main goalkeeper in the summer transfer market. Hugo Lloris (LAFC) has been keeping the position of Tottenham’s gatekeeper for 11 years since 2012, but as he turns 37 years old, it has become mandatory to recruit a substitute.

Among the numerous goalkeepers in Europe, Tottenham chose Vicario from Italy as their final recruit. Born in 1996, Italian goalkeeper Vicario was hired by Empoli last season and played as its starting goalkeeper, scoring seven clean sheets in 31 league appearances. Vicario’s performance is notable in the change in Empoli’s goalscoring performance. After allowing 70 goals in 38 league games during the 2021/22 season, Empoli only scored 39 goals in 31 league games that Vicario played in last season.

According to the soccer statistics magazine FBEF, Vicario had the fifth-highest defense rate among Serie A goalkeepers with 73.9 percent last season. Vicario was courted by Tottenham immediately after playing well in Serie A, one of the top five European leagues. As he aspired to move to the Premier League, Vicario signed a contract in June last year and joined Tottenham. The transfer fee is reportedly 19 million euros.

As soon as he joined, Vicario established himself as Tottenham’s new “NO.1” goalkeeper with a fantastic defense every game. This season, Vicario was the fifth highest among Premier League goalkeepers with a 69.1% save rate. While Vicario has established himself as a perfect replacement for Lloris, the news that he is currently meeting with an Italian beauty model drew attention. The woman Vicario met was Italian model Antonella Fjordelisi, born in 1998.

“Vicario met Antonella in London,” said a media outlet citing Italy’s Corriere dello Sport. “He has never met his girlfriend in a public place, so it is not confirmed whether he is in a relationship, but Antonella posted a photo of him taking Posey on London Tower Bridge on New Year’s Day on social media.” 무료 슬롯

Antonella is a former fencer and is currently a model and famous influencer. Boasting her beautiful appearance, she has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Antonella has been tempted by Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain in the past. In 2017, she released a chat with Higuain, which caused a lot of buzz when she said she was disgusted by his request for a photo of a specific body.


Hwang Hee-chan self-evaluated his soccer style as “a player with various skills.”

“He is better known as a daredevil striker, but I think he is a versatile player. He also puts priority on ways that are more advantageous to his team than his desire for goals, as well as linked plays. I always think about how to utilize the space and choose the location.”

It was during the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup that Hwang decided to become a soccer player. He was so competitive that he always did his best to win, but he said that he just loved soccer. “I’ve been full of balls all my life, and I still love them so much that I can’t explain them all in words. Even now, I can have fun all day with the ball.”

As a soccer player, Hwang Hee-chan said, “If the 100th stage is the final stage, I think I’m in the 70th stage,” adding, “I still believe there are more things I can do and I can do better. I don’t know where the end is, but I want to go there.” 안전놀이터 추천

As for life after retirement, he said, “Retirement is inevitable for an athlete, and when I think about it, it makes me sad. Someday I will retire, and after that, I have a dream that I want to become the owner or general manager.” You can check out the photos and interviews of soccer player Hwang Hee-chan through the January issue of Arena Homme Plus.


“If ‘Lotte Culture’ doesn’t change, it will continue to rank 7th to 8th.” 19th-year veteran’s bitter criticism, “Changing the consciousness of the team” is as important as the appointment of a master

Kim Sang-soo met with Star News at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 2nd and said, “The coach has changed, but the team must change first,” adding, “Lotte has its own culture, but if you push with that culture, you continue to rank seventh and eighth.”

Currently, the players are inactive (from December to January), but Kim Sang-soo, pitcher Shin Jung-rak (37), and Hyun Do-hoon (31) came to Sajik Baseball Stadium on the day to play catch and other games. “I think the baseball stadium is the most convenient place to play. I went to the center and I played there, so exercising there helps me a lot,” Kim said, explaining the reason why he came to the stadium.

When asked about his status during the off-season, Kim replied, “I thought about what I felt sorry about while taking a break.” “Now, I am thinking about how I can strengthen my team. What kind of senior should I become?” or “What kind of baseball player should I become? What kind of pitcher should I become?”

Looking back on the past season, Kim Sang-soo said, “Personal performance may be meaningful in my own way, but I am saddened that the team’s performance has not come out yet.” As he said, Lotte enjoyed a rollercoaster ride last year. The team garnered high expectations by bringing in three FA players – catcher Yoo Kang-nam (32), shortstop Roh Jin-hyuk (35), and pitcher Han Hyun-hee (31) from the Stove League. At one point in late April, it won nine consecutive games to become the top contender. 메이저 토토사이트

However, Lotte began to fall as it continued its six-game losing series in June alone. As its winning percentage collapsed in late August, Lotte ended the season with no effort at all when even coach Larry Sutton (54) was withdrawn due to health problems. Thinking of the season, Kim firmly said, “I don’t want to make that mistake twice.”

What do we need to do that? “I think we need to be a strong team only when we become a stable and natural team that accumulates wins,” Kim Sang-soo said. “I think we need to talk about how to reduce the ups and downs of consecutive wins and losses and overcome the slump in the second half.”

Ahead of this season, Lotte fully prepared by recruiting Kim Tae-hyung (57), former Doosan Bears manager who won three Korean Series titles. “He is my senior at Shinil High School,” Kim said, while jokingly saying, “Of course, the coach has changed, but the squad must change first.” What does this mean.

Kim Sang-soo said, “I think the squad should solve why they have been so bad and why they have been so sluggish.” He said, “We need to change everything that the team has done so far,” as he talks a lot with the new captain, Jeon Joon-woo (38). “Of course, Lotte has its own culture, but if you push with that culture, you continue to rank seventh and eighth,” he said. “We need to build up a systematic and winable system, teamwork of players alone, and motivation to win.”

Of course, it is not easy for a team to change its culture in a short period of time. Kim Sang-soo admitted this and said, “It takes three to four years, or up to five years.” Referring to veteran players such as Kim Hyun-soo (LG), Son A-seop (NC), Choo Shin-soo (SSG), and Park Kyung-soo (KT), Kim said, “If good leaders come out with direction and goals, the team will definitely get better.”

Kim Sang-soo is a leading player who served as captain (2019-2020), which is a rare case for a pitcher at Kiwoom in the past. However, he rarely gives advice. “A person just needs to experience it. No matter how much advice you give, it’s meaningless,” Kim said. “Do whatever you want, and experience it.”

“You have to experience that you are not good at baseball. You have to feel why you are different from when you are good at it and how you are treated when you are not good at it,” he said. “I think those experiences build up and come up little by little as you become stronger inside.” Kim Sang-soo added, “It takes three to four years for young players to suffer pain and struggle, and we will become a strong team.”

Although he only had one season in the team, he still thinks about Lotte’s future because he has become integrated into the team. “It’s only been a year, but I became attached as I talked with my juniors a lot. It’s good to think that I want to end the last one here. It’s good that I’m good, but I feel good when the team does well,” Kim said.

Kim Sang-soo, who entered the pro league in 2006 and will be in his 19th year, has played for the Samsung Lions, the Kiwoom Heroes, and the SSG Landers. Until last season, he played in 581 games and posted an ERA of 29-41 46 saves and 120 holds. During his career at Kiwoom in 2019, he recorded 40 holds, the most in a single season in the KBO, winning his first professional league title.

Kim Sang-soo, who was released from the SSG after the end of the 2022 season, signed an annual contract worth 110 million won with the Lotte Giants. He played 52 innings in 67 games for the season, recording four wins, two losses, one save, 18 holds (ranking eighth) and an ERA of 3.12. In the team, he played the most games with Koo, followed by hold with Koo Seung-min as well. Lotte had many players including Junghoon Lee (30), Yoon Myung-joon (35), and Cha Woo-chan (37) ahead of the last season, but Kim’s performance was definitely outstanding among them.

“Kim Sang-soo was practically an FA. He competed with other teams to recruit him,” a Lotte source said. As expected, he continued his good pitching with an ERA of 0.87 during the month of April, which was a huge boost to Lotte’s relief staff. His ERA briefly rose to 5.23 in May and 11.12 in June, going into the second division, but he managed to rebound by allowing no runs in 12 consecutive games (against Doosan in Ulsan on July 2 – Sajik SSG on August 4). Since then, he has continued his streak of 14 consecutive games (against Kiwoom in Gocheok on August 8 – against Samsung in Ulsan on September 7).

At one point, he was about to enter the two-point ERA range, but he was absent for nearly a month in September due to groin injury, which ultimately fell through. Notably, he displayed his fighting spirit even when he was in his mid-30s, recording four consecutive games and one four consecutive games. “I don’t have physical problems. Intermediate pitchers have to do that, of course, and they exercise to endure and overcome,” Kim Sang-soo said.

“Let’s do better than last year,” said Kim Sang-soo ahead of the 2024 season. “Before, I used to say ‘I only need to do well on the team,’ but these days, I need to do well on the team,” he said. “I need to help (Kim) Won-joong and (former) Seung-min, who become FA, because they need to do well to grow their bullpen pitchers and also need to perform well.” “What I want to hear the most is that Kim Sang-soo has gotten better. He said, “I want to become a pitcher who is not slow down and can’t be compared to last year.”


Choo Shin-soo ♥ Ha Won-mi, youngest daughter = “I was an immature parent…”

Park Won-mi, wife of baseball player Choo Shin-soo, revealed her youngest daughter who is active as a cheerleader. On Jan. 2, a video titled “Korea’s Daily Life ㅣ Take Care of the Youngest Daughter (feat. Youngest Daughter, Cheerleading, Chatting Time)” was posted on the official channel of Park Won-mi. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

“My youngest daughter, Sohee, is a stunt cheerleader. I’m going to go and see her practice,” Ha Won-mi said in the released video. “Stunt cheerleading uses high-level techniques such as tumbling, tossing, and building human pyramids, unlike dance cheerleading.”

Currently, Ha Won-mi’s daughter So-hee is playing for the national stunt cheerleading team. Ha Won-mi said, “I practice 3-4 times a week because it’s a high-level technique. It’s cool to see them cheer. It’s fun to build a human pyramid and throw it.”

When she visited the practice room, she was amazed to see her daughter practicing. While talking with her daughter during break time, she also moved to a quiet place to read books or prepare Pilates lessons.

“When the children were young, they had a lot of physical difficulties. The first and second children also had a lot of physical and psychological difficulties as they played baseball. I think I was a little immature as a parent because I had a child when I was immature,” she recalled.

“I thought the hardships would last forever. I thought I would only raise my child until I die, but later I realized that my mom and me were a part of my life,” he said. “Time has come when they don’t need my hands anymore. I am sad, but now they comfort my mom,” he said with a happy smile.


There was no performance like this…”Korean Big Leaguer” Asian Cup “Heading Together” as the best indicator ever

Korean soccer is expected to overcome its 64-year-old Asian Cup championship title because of the outstanding performances of “big leaguers” (players from England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France leagues) in history. Korea, which is aiming to win the AFC Qatar Asian Cup, which kicks off on Thursday (Korea time), will head to Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where it will train. The team will play its first Group E match against Bahrain at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The team plans to maximize its teamwork by playing in an exhibition game against Iraq, as it adjusts to the local climate in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

The Asian Cup is a major competition that is subject to FIFA`s regulation. According to the regulation, players must be sent at least two weeks before the start of the season when requested by the national team. All but Lee Kang-in (PSG) from the 26 big leaguers on the final list announced by the Korea Football Association (KFA) will leave his team for Abu Dhabi on Tuesday. Lee will have to play in the final match of the Trope de Champion (French Super Cup) against Toulouse on Saturday. It is known that national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann gave consideration to Lee as he had the opportunity to lift his first trophy after moving to PSG.

Previously, European league players, who account for a large portion of their power ahead of the Asian Cup, often performed unevenly. This time, not only six big leaguers (Son Heung-min, Hwang Hee-chan, Lee Kang-in, Kim Min-jae, Lee Jae-sung, Jung Woo-young), but also European players who play in middle and sogg such as Cho Kyu-sung (Mitt Willan) and Hong Hyun-seok (Hent) are in their peak condition.

The big leaguer’s performance is the greatest in history. Son Heung-min (Tottenham), the eldest brother, scored his 12th goal in three consecutive games at a home game of the 20th round of the English Premier League (EPL) against Bournemouth in the last game of the Asian Cup that ended on Sunday. He is tying for second with Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) and Dominic Solanke (Bonmouth) after Erling Holan (Manchester City), the top scorer with 14 goals. 안전한 파워볼사이트

Compared to the 2021-2022 season, when he became the first Asian top scorer in the EPL, his scoring clock is very fast. He scored his 12th goal at the time in the 28th round with Everton. He will be away for the time being due to participation in the Asian Cup, but this season is a trend that he can challenge himself to be the top scorer.

Korean Guy Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton)’s performance is also fascinating. He also delivered his third assist in the league as well as an offensive point in two consecutive games against Everton on March 31. He has scored 10 goals this season, ranking sixth in the EPL. He has scored more than eight goals in the past two seasons (2021-2022, 2022-2023), and achieved his first career double-digit score in a big league season. Surprisingly, he has scored 10 goals by attempting 13 shots on target in the past 20 games. The percentage of goals scored against shots on target stands at 77 percent. He has tremendous goal-scoring ability.

Lee Kang-in, the core player of his second term, has been reborn as a starting member of a major club despite his debut in the season. He has played in 15 matches (10 matches in the league), and has scored two goals and two assists. Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), a monster defender who is guarding the back, is also indispensable from his debut season in the German Bundesliga. He started (one goal) in all 15 matches his team played. Huskord, a soccer statistics firm, has listed Lee as one of the best 11 players in the first half of the Bundesliga based on ratings by match. Other Bundesliga leaguers Lee Jae-seong (Mainz) and Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) are also serving as housekeepers for their respective teams.


“It’s going up right away.”Shock relegation → 10G unbeaten + 10 points lead, and Leicester, the Fox Corps, is cruising

Leicester beat Huddersfield 4-1 in the 26th round of the 2023-24 English Championship (minor league) held at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, England on the 2nd (Korea time). As a result, Leicester maintained its No. 1 position with 10 unbeaten points (eight wins and two draws).

The main character was Thomas Cannon, born in 2002. Cannon, who did not play much and had no goal before the match, scored a goal in the 40th minute of the first half, giving Leicester the lead. Leicester took the lead by scoring an additional Hickardu Pereira goal. Cannon shook the net once again in the 16th minute of the second half, widening the gap. He lost a point to Huddersfield, but Steffi Mabidi scored a wedge goal to win 4-1.

Leicester City, which won the title like a fairytale Premier League and recently won the FA Cup, suffered a shock relegation last season. The final ranking was 18th. The team was demoted two points shorter than Everton, which is 17th. The team sought a change from Steve Rogers to Dean Smith, but the result was demotion.

James Medicine, Harvey Barnes, Timothy Castagne, Daniel Amati, Yuri Tillemans, Chalar Soyunjwi, Johnny Evans, Victor Christiansen, Naplaas Mendy, and Ryan Bertrand left. Leicester, which had many departures, immediately sought promotion. After appointing Encho Maresca, they recruited Harry Winks, Conor Cody, Cannon, Mabidi, Yunus Akjun, Isahaku Patau, and Cesare Casaday. 토토사이트 추천

The total transfer fee was 44.1 million euros. Leicester City, which strengthened its presence in the league, has been in a tight race since the beginning of the season. It lost two consecutive games in the middle of the first half, but maintained the lead by winning 10 consecutive games in the recent months. The score point gap with Ipswich Town, which is ranking second, is 10 points. With only 26 matches now, Leicester City is called the top priority for promotion.

“We played four matches in 10 days. We won a very important match, and I’m glad that Cannon overcame a difficult situation. Strikers’ performance is important for victory,” Maresca said. British public broadcaster BBC highlighted that Leicester City is leading Huddersfield by 10 points with a landslide victory.


Fall of 230 Billion Prospects, Franco, the “minority and sex scandal,” was eventually arrested

Wander Franco of the Tampa Bay Rays, who is suspected of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor recently, is expected to be punished by law enforcement authorities. ESPN reported on the morning of the 2nd (Korean time) that Franco was arrested after appearing before the Dominican Republic prosecution.

Franco was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor in August last year, and Tampa Bay later put him on the restricted list. The Major League Baseball secretariat also placed Franco on administrative leave. Franco has not been on the big league field since the game against the Cleveland Guardians on August 13.

Franco reportedly left the U.S. in early December last year and arrived in the Dominican Republic. However, he failed to comply with the request by the investigating authorities to appear. On July 27, prosecutors and police in the Dominican Republic searched Franco’s address and his mother’s house, but failed to find him. Since then, there have been reports that Franco’s wanted order will fall, and Franco appears to have appeared at the prosecution as pressure from around him continued.

Franco is a former super prospect that the Major League Baseball is paying attention to. Having joined Tampa Bay in 2017, Wanderer swept the top spots in the rankings of promising players in 2020 and 2021. He made his big league debut in the 2021 season and signed an 11-year, $182 million contract with Tampa Bay that winter. 온라인카지노사이트

Franco is unlikely to be able to play in the Major League in the future due to privacy concerns. Major League Baseball is expected to impose strong punishment in addition to punishment by the Dominican Republic law enforcement authorities. Some analysts say that Franco’s baseball career itself is over.


“He was the world’s most prolific scorer in 2023″…Ronaldo hasn’t seen his mother since February. Why?

British Sports Bible said on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time), “Ronaldo’s mother has not visited her son in Riyadh since February last year.”

On Dec. 31, 2022, Ronaldo officially announced his trip to Al-Nasr, a prestigious Saudi Arabian club. Ronaldo will thus play in Asia. He is reportedly paid an annual salary of 200 million euros. This is the world’s highest annual salary.

Ronaldo also performed very well in Saudi Arabia. He became the most prolific scorer in 2023. Ronaldo has 44 goals for Al-Nasr and 10 goals for the Portugal national team. 사설 토토사이트

Ronaldo scored more than Bayern Munich’s key striker Harry Kane (57 games, 52 goals), Paris Saint-Germain ace Kylian Mbappe (53 games, 52 goals), and Manchester City’s “monster striker” Erling Holland (60 games, 50 goals).

However, Ronaldo’s mother is said to have not seen her son score many times. The media explained, “Ronaldo met again in Portugal when he visited his home country for the national team match, but we have not met since then in Saudi Arabia.”

There was a reason. It is because the flight time from Portugal to Saudi Arabia is too long. The media outlet said, “Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores Aveiro, did not take a private jet. The flight time from Lisbon to Riyadh is at least 15 hours. You have to make a stopover in Dubai. You have to make sure to stopover in Dubai. I once said, “I spend too much time on the plane. I’m very tired.”

When Ronaldo was in Real Madrid, Averigo lived next to him, but when he was at Manchester United and Juventus, he reportedly came to see Ronaldo.

Ronaldo, meanwhile, flew to Madeira after finishing the last match on December 30. He did so to celebrate his mother’s birthday. Abeyro’s birthday is December 31 and he turned 68 this year. Ronaldo gave a Porsche, a sports car, and Abeyro burst into tears.


Salah changed his soccer shoes to report a ‘three goals involvement’ in the first half of the PK miss

When Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah (31) missed the first goal opportunity by missing a penalty kick in the first half, he changed his soccer boots in the second half and was involved in three goals (two goals and one assist). Liverpool won 4-2 after fighting Newcastle United in the 20th round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) at Anfield on the 1st (local time).

Mohamed Salah (right), who formed a trio of attacks with Luis Díaz (left) and Darwin Núñez (center), stepped up as kicker in the 20th minute of the first half when Luis Díaz scored a penalty kick. However, his left foot shot went straight to Newcastle United goalkeeper Martin Dubravka, and the goal was ultimately missed.

According to TNT Sports and Reuters, Salah, who failed to score in the first half, switched on his soccer boots after half-time, and scored with a light right-footed shot from the center of the gate in the fourth minute of the second half with a pass from Darwin Nuñez on the right side.

Liverpool had an overwhelming 18-1 lead in the first half, but it was like a timely rain. In the 33rd minute of the second half, Salah created a goal opportunity for Cody Gakpo, who penetrated the right side towards the goal, and contributed to his team’s 3-1 lead.

And when Diogo Jota received a penalty kick in the 41st minute of the second half due to a goalkeeper’s foul, he sealed the victory with an explosive shot that penetrated the left goal, unlike a missed shot in the first half. Salah will play for the Egyptian national team at the 2024 Africa Cup, which will kick off in Ivory Coast on Sunday. He displayed robust performance by scoring three attack points in a game that was crucial to his bid for the lead. 바카라

Local media reported that Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp was worried about Salah’s future absence despite the win. Salah is tying for the lead in scoring goals in the EPL with 14 goals in tandem with Manchester City’s Erling Holan. He also has eight assists, tying with Aston Villa’s Ollie Watkins.

Liverpool now has 45 points from 13 wins, six draws and one loss, widening its gap with Aston Villa (13 wins, three draws, four losses and 42 points). The gap between Manchester City (12 wins, four draws, three losses and 40 points) and Arsenal (12 wins, four draws, four losses and 40 points) in fourth place is now five.


Tottenham to bring in another ‘handsome’ centre-back…Buyout 100 billion. “Recruitment Countdown.”

Tottenham is about to recruit a special Italian Serie A striker in the transfer market this winter. It is well known to soccer fans for its “Korean-style topknot” hair and rough beard appearance, but after changing his hairstyle, he looks like a beautiful boy who will drive a girl fan.

Italian journalist Niccolo Skira, an expert on the European transfer market, said on his personal social networking service (SNS) on the 31st (Korea time). “Dragushin is getting closer to Tottenham. He has already agreed to a five-year contract,” adding, “Tottenham has offered 25 million euros (35.8 billion won) for the contract. Genoa asked for 30 million euros (42.9 billion won) for the transfer fee, but Tottenham seems confident of completing the contract.”

The difference between the two sides is not that big. As Tottenham is in emergency due to lack of a center back, it is expected that the negotiations will be concluded soon. On the same day, Fabrizio Romano, a global transfer market expert, also announced on his SNS that Tottenham has agreed on personal terms for a long-term contract with Dragucine.

Tottenham is in a state of emergency due to poor back door. Mickey van der Pen of the Netherlands, the main center back, was away in early November last year due to a ruptured hamstring. Postecoglou said he is seeking a return in mid-January. To make matters worse, Christian Romero, the team’s vice-captain, was also out of action due to a hamstring injury. Postecoglou said a four- to five-week absence is inevitable. He is likely to return as early as mid-February.

Eric Dier, a professional center back who has played for Tottenham for a long time, is completely turning a blind eye to Postecoglou. Instead of Dier, he switched positions of side defenders Ben Davies and Emerson Royal to form a defense.

If Dragushin wears a Tottenham uniform as soon as possible, he could become a massive player for Postecoglou. Born in 2002, Dragushin, who is tall at 191 centimeters, has good defense and attack capability during set pieces. 경마사이트

Dragushin is actually a native of Juventus Youth, one of the most prestigious Serie A players in Italy. Due to such intense competition, he was loaned to Serie B Genoa in the second division last summer and completely transferred to the club for 5.5 million euros (about 10 billion won) in January. Despite playing as a defender last season, he scored four goals.

Genoa ranked second in Serie B in the 2022-2023 season and won promotion to the top flight. Dragushin is enjoying streaks of success in Serie A as well. He played in 18 Serie A matches and three Copa Italy matches this season, solidifying his position as a starting center back for Genoa. He has already scored two goals in Serie A.

Dragushin’s trademark is his topknot hair. When he was playing for the Juventus youth team, he was popular for his good looks as he pulled loose his big hair and played on the ground.

Dragucine also has a big dream. “Considering the characteristics of Tottenham’s club that rarely sends players (to other clubs), the agent requested the insertion of a buyout clause worth 70 million to 80 million euros (about 100 billion won) to facilitate transfer to a big club later on, and Tottenham seems to have accepted the demand,” Romanian media “Prosport” said on Sunday.

Buyout is an option that can be recruited after individual consultation with the player if a certain club pays the amount to the player’s current club. It seems that Dragushin intends to “jump” to another club after succeeding with Tottenham as a stepping stone.