“Shock” Mourinho was kicked out of Rome in tears “The owner hated it because of the ‘high house failure’ nature, not the grades.”

Italy, a soccer specialist “Get Football News,” said on the 17th (Korea Standard Time) that “Murinho’s attitude toward the owners was a big reason for the dismissal.” The media said, “The sudden announcement of Mourinho’s replacement was not a surprise. The owners were disappointed with the team’s performance this season, but they were particularly tired of Mourinho’s tough attitude. I didn’t understand him criticizing the referee and causing controversy and avoiding responsibility.”

According to the media, Mourinho’s verbal abuse against referee Anthony Taylor after losing the UEFA Europa League final against Sevilla last season became a trigger for him to become estranged from the owners. The media said, “Mourinho was dismissed for his actions, not his poor performance.” 토토사이트 추천

Sky Sports of the U.K. reported on Wednesday that Mourinho was in tears as he left Rome. In the video that was released, Mourinho turned red as if he was emotional when fans said goodbye. Mourinho, who was being greeted by fans, soon became tearful and the car carrying him departed. Fans sang Mourinho’s cheer song to the departing car and comforted him. Some fans burst into tears.

“Blood, sweat, tears, joy, sadness, love, history, heart and eternity,” Mourinho said on his social networking service. Rome announced the dismissal of Mourinho the day before. “Mourinho, who was the 60th coach of the club, will leave Rome. He led Rome to the UEFA Europa League (UECL) trophy in 2022 and advanced to the UEFA Europa League (UEL) final last season.”

Dan Friedkin, the owner of the club, has decided to replace Mourinho, and is said to have delivered the news in person. “On behalf of Roma, I would like to express my gratitude for Mourinho’s passion and dedication. Roma will always have good memories with him. I wish him all the best.” However, he explained the reason for his dismissal, saying, “Roma needed a change right away and made the best decision.”

The reason behind Mourinho’s dismissal is his lackluster performance. He led the team to win the UECL and advance to the final of the UEL, but is now in ninth place with eight wins, five draws and seven losses (29 points) from Serie A this season. Notably, his recent slump was painful. He lost to Juventus 0-1 on March 31 and drew 1-1 with Atalanta on March 8. He lost 3-1 to AC Milan on May 15, losing his second consecutive game after the quarterfinal match between Lazio and Copa Italy on May 11. A day after losing to AC Milan, Roma replaced Mourinho.

The Athletic reported that Mourinho ranked sixth in overall reports over the past two seasons. He slipped to ninth after losing to Bologna, Juventus and AC Milan. He was completely out of the top ranks.” Shortly after Mourinho’s replacement, Roma announced their replacement. They are Daniele de Rossi, a club legend. “De Rossi became the manager of Roma. I’m glad to announce the news,” Roma said on their official channel. The contract expires this season.

“I am delighted to have De Rossi become our manager. I believed in his leadership and ambition,” Dan Pradkin said. “I am well aware of the tenacity of De Rossi and Roma. They immediately accepted the challenges that they have to deal with over the months. He is capable of representing the traditions and values of the club with pride. Welcome home.”

De Rossi, a legendary midfielder of the club, said in an official interview with the club, “I am grateful to the Friedkin family for giving me the managerial position. I know nothing but sacrifice. I am waiting for the challenge facing Rome.” “Words cannot describe the meaning of Rome. Everyone knows what Rome means to me. I had no choice or time. I will be competitive and fight for my goal. All I have to do is work for the club with the players.”

De Rossi won two Super Cups in Italy in 2007 and 2008. He also had a brilliant career for the Italian national team. De Rossi is a key midfielder of the Azuri Corps and has played in 117 matches. He is the fourth player in Italy’s history to make the most appearances. He also won the 2006 World Cup in Germany along with Francesco Totti and Simone Perota.

De Rossi has the second most appearances in Roman history. According to “Transfermarkt,” De Rossi has 63 goals and 60 assists in 616 matches. Totti (783 matches) has the largest number of appearances. The record has been difficult to break for a while. There is no active Roman player in the top five.

De Rossi made his professional debut in 2001, ending his 19-year career. He began his coaching career in March 2021. He was a technical coach for the Italian national team for about a year and a half. He coached for the national team from January 2022 to October 2022. His coaching experience is short. De Rossi spent about four months managing SPAL in Serie C, Italy. According to Transfermarkt, De Rossi averaged 0.88 points per game in 17 games. His second coaching job will be held in Rome, his former team.

Mourinho, the “Special One” coach, is a mastermind who represents Europe. He served as the coach for many big league teams in the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and other European leagues. It was the beginning of the legend that led Porto to the top of the UCL in the early 2000s. He also led the team brilliantly under Roman Abramovich’s leadership. When Chelsea won the EPL, his nickname was “I am special (Special One).”


I didn’t know this…A Hishalisson slams the Arsenal attackers

Tottenham Hotspur tied Manchester United 2-2 in the 21st round of the Premier League (PL) for the 2023-24 season at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, at 1:30 a.m. on the 15th (Korea Standard Time). Tottenham ended up ranking fifth in the league with 12 wins, four draws and five losses (40 points).

Tottenham, who were worried about Son Heung-min’s absence, was dragged away by Rasmus Hoylun’s loss in the third minute of the first half. The worry seemed to become a reality, but Hishalisson scored Pedro Porro’s corner kick with a sensible header goal in the 19th minute of the first half. Since then, Tottenham and Manchester United have been unable to decide the game due to Marcus Rashford’s general, Rodrigo Bentancur’s absenteeism. 토토사이트 추천

Hishalisson didn’t show much presence after the equalizer, but he did his part because he scored one goal. Before he knew it, Hishalisson scored seven goals and three assists in the league, scoring 10 offensive points. He is clearly out of a serious slump, which was only one goal last season. Hishalisson has already become the second-most offensive player in Tottenham after Son Heung-min.

Locally, Hishalisson’s revival and Arsenal’s slump are being compared. No Arsenal player has scored more goals than Hishalisson by league standards. Bukayo Saka is the top scorer in the Arsenal League with only six goals.

In terms of overall attack points, Arsenal’s slump was serious. The only player with more attack points than Hishalisson was Saka with six goals and six assists. Martin Odegaard, who had seven attack points, came in second. Most of the rest of the players had about five to six. As such, Arsenal’s slump this season is serious.

The main striker Gabriel Jeju Island has three goals while the main winger Gabriel Martinelli has only two goals. Eddie Nketiah, a backup resource, came in second with five goals. Kai Havertz, who brought in expensive money, also has four goals. Arsenal need to see their strikers rebound.


“Captain” Son Heung-min and “Coach” Cha Du-ri’s different dream…Asian Cup ‘4th of 3’ wins

The 2023 Asian Cup is very special for Son Heung-min (32), the captain of the Korean men’s soccer team, and Cha Du-ri (44), the coach of the Korean men’s soccer team. This is because the team is already taking on a challenge for the top spot for the fourth time in the Asian Cup. This is the fourth time for the team to win the title.

As befits its nickname the “Tiger of Asia,” Korean soccer has tried several times to reaffirm its status as the leader of Asian soccer by winning the Asian Cup, one of the best national competitions in Asia, but failed to become the champion again after over 60 years. After winning the first and second Asian Cup titles in 1956 and 1960, Korean soccer never regained the top spot. It failed to pass the final threshold by ranking second place (1972, 1980, 1988, and 2015) and third place (1964, 2000, 2007, and 2011) four times, respectively. The Asian Cup has long been a painful finger for Korean soccer. It is trying again to win the title for the first time in 64 years. 토토사이트 순위

For Son and Cha, the goal of winning the Asian Cup will be more painful. Since the Qatar event in 2011, Son has played in the Asian Cup four times in a row until this year’s event, which will take place in Qatar again 13 years later. His participation in the Asian Cup four times is the highest ever along with goalie Kim Yong-dae (2000, 2004, 2007 and 2011). Son has played 12 matches in the three previous championships. If he joins the matches in all matches from the group league to the quarterfinals and adds five more matches, he will be able to break the record of Lee Young-pyo, former vice chairman of the Korea Football Association, who played in the most matches (16 matches) in the history of Korean players.

Cha Du-ri played for the first time in the 2004 China tournament and was eliminated from the quarterfinals, before participating as a player three times until the 2011 Qatar and 2015 Australia tournaments. In a total of 15 matches, he tied for second with Lee Dong-gook and Lee Woon-jae for the most participation in the Asian Cup, and participated as a coach in this tournament. He personally observed the flow of world soccer as a technical member of the FIFA at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and after Jurgen Klinsmann took the helm of the Korean national soccer team early last year, he stood by him as an advisor but changed his role to coach in September last year to assist Klinsmann.

He recorded the oldest ever Asian Cup appearance (34 years and 190 days) by a Korean player in the final against Australia in the 2015 tournament, the last time he participated as a player. In particular, the Australian tournament was a retirement stage to end coach Cha Du-ri’s career as a national team player, but he failed to fulfill his dream of making the finale with the victory and lost 1-2 after extra-time, leaving a regret of being runner-up. This is why the desire for the “fourth of three games” to win the tournament as a coach is even greater.

Son first participated in the Asian Cup as the youngest member of the Korean national team at the 2011 Qatar event led by coach Cho Kwang-rae (current CEO of Daegu FC), and played as a substitute member, backing veteran players such as Cha Du-ri, Park Ji-sung, Lee Young-pyo, Koo Ja-cheol, Ki Sung-yong, and Lee Chung-yong. In the third group match against India, Son replaced Ki Sung-yueng at halftime and scored his A-match debut goal. It was the youngest Korean player to score at an Asian Cup (18 years and 194 days). Choi Soon-ho (18 years and 249 days) at a match against Malaysia at the 1980 Kuwaiti Games, and Cha Bum-keun (18 years and 353 days) at a match against Thailand at the 1972 Thailand Games.

After failing to secure a 2-2 tie with Japan in the semifinal, Korea lost 0-3 on penalties. In the match to decide the third place, Korea defeated Uzbekistan 3-2 thanks to Gu Ja-cheol’s first goal and Ji Dong-won’s multiple goals. At the time, Cha Du-ri was the starting goalie.

At the 2015 Australian competition under Coach Ulrich Stielike, Son took the lead in Korea’s offense by leaping from the starting lineup. Cha Du-ri, who is on the retirement stage, is still serving as the best player for the national team. Korea beat Oman, Kuwait, and Australia 1-0 to complete the group stage with all three wins, and then beat Uzbekistan 2-0 thanks to Son’s multiple goalscoring in overtime in the quarterfinals. Cha Du-ri also had the record of being the oldest assist in the Asian Cup by running 70 meters and helping Son score a decisive goal.

The Korean team then tied Lee Jung-hyup and Kim Young-kwon’s goal in the semi-final against Iraq to secure a 2-0 win, and met the host Australia again in the final. Son scored a dramatic equalizer in the extra time in the second half of the final when his team was losing 0-1 to prolong the game. However, he conceded a goal through 15 minutes in the first half of extra time, and lost 1-2, eventually staying in second place. After the match, Son shed tears of regret for some time.

At the 2019 UAE competition under Coach Paulo Bento, Korean soccer team beat the Philippines and Kyrgyzstan 1-0 in the group stage, and beat China 2-0 to win all three games. Although the team struggled to win 2-1 thanks to Kim Jin-su’s extra-time winning goal after struggling to reach overtime in the round of 16, it lost 0-1 in the quarterfinals against Qatar, forcing it to pack up without continuing its record of reaching the semi-finals for three consecutive tournaments. Son Heung-min had to watch his team lose after failing to find a goal. Qatar even won its first championship of the tournament.

For Son, who is thirsty for a championship, this could be his last Asian Cup performance. Born in 1992, Son will be in his mid-30s or older at the next Saudi Arabian competition in 2027. He is now at an age when he cannot be sure about selecting a member of the national team. “We cannot predict the future. This is why I desperately want to win the title at this year’s Asian Cup.

Most of all, the Korean national soccer team that participated in this year’s event is comprised of the strongest ever players, including Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), Kim Ji-soo (Brentford, England Premier League), Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain, France League 1), Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), Lee Jae-sung (Mainz), and Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart, Germany, Bundesliga). He is closer to winning the championship than ever before.


Hwang Ui-jo “There is no ‘clear rejection’ of sexual relations, it’s not illegal”…a denial of allegations

Hwang Ui-jo (31), a professional soccer player suspected of illegally filming videos of sexual intercourse with women, was questioned by the police for the third time. 토토사이트 추천

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on the 15th that it summoned Hwang Ui-jo for questioning on charges of violating the Sexual Violence Punishment Act (filming with cameras). It came three days after he attended the second investigation on the 12th.

Hwang Ui-jo is said to have admitted to filming the video in the police investigation, but insisted, “It is not illegal because the victim did not clearly express his intention to reject it.” In the previous investigation, he said, “It was not a secret video.”

In response, the victim countered in an earlier statement that Hwang Ui-jo had never sought consent before filming, and that he could not express his refusal because he did not know about the shooting.

The incident took place in June last year. A, who claims to be Hwang Ui-jo’s ex-lover, shared a video of Hwang Ui-jo and a woman having sex with him on social networking services, saying, “He has been involved in relationships with a number of women and is causing damage.” Later, A was found to be Hwang Ui-jo’s biological brother, and he was arrested on charges of violating the Special Act on Sexual Violence in November last year.

Hwang Ui-jo was booked on charges of filming and possessing sex videos without the consent of the other party. Apart from this, Hwang has also been booked on charges of secondary battery abuse by disclosing the victim’s occupation and marital status through his lawyer.


Shooter Lee Bo-na taking last shot at Olympic glory in Paris

Korean shooter Lee Bo-na particiaptes in final game at the shooting range hall, in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, Sep. 25, 2014. Yonhap

Korean shooter Lee Bo-na will turn 43 on July 22, four days before the start of what will be her third Olympic Games in Paris.Some 23 years after her international career began, Lee feels Paris will likely be her last Olympics. And she wants to savor every moment of the process that will get her there.”If the team needs me and if I can stay competitive, then perhaps I can think about another Olympics. For now, though, I think this will be my last one,” Lee said during a break from her opening training session at Jincheon National Training Center in Jincheon, some 85 kilometers south of Seoul, on Monday. It was held as part of the national team media day in the buildup to Paris 2024.

Among 14 Korean shooters bound for the French capital in July, Lee, who competes in trap, is the only one with an Olympic medal. She won silver in the women’s double trap and bronze in the women’s trap at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Lee remains the only Korean shooter with an Olympic medal in a shotgun event, with 15 other shooting medals having all come in rifle or pistol disciplines.Lee also represented Korea in 2008 in Beijing. And now she is back for another go this summer, 20 years after her Olympic debut.”I know there are some older shooters still active, but I am usually the oldest at a competition these days,” Lee said with a wry smile. “That’s when it hits me that I’ve been doing this a long time.”

Lee said her perspective has changed over the years.”Back in 2004, I just didn’t have any idea what the Olympic Games were all about,” Lee said. “I figured I would just go up there and grab a medal. I did not know there would be so much pressure. I am feeling the burden this year, too. But I am trying to have fun, focus on the process and not get caught up in results.”And that’s consistent with the message she imparts on her two younger teammates in shotgun, Kim Min-su in the men’s skeet and Jang Kook-hee in the women’s skeet. They were three and four years old, respectively, when Lee won her two Olympic medals.”I tell them winning an Olympic medal doesn’t necessarily make you happy, and not winning a medal doesn’t mean you are a failure,” Lee said. “I also tell them that you shouldn’t go to the Olympics in pursuit of happiness. Making it to the Olympics should be your goal but nothing beyond that.”

Lee said watching Kim and Jang takes her back in time.”Honestly, they work so much harder than I do. I went to my first Olympics at their age, and so they remind me a lot of my younger self,” Lee said. “And they have so much passion for shooting. I think they have so much going for them, not just for this year but for the future. I am worried about them.”Lee said she would like nothing more than to go out on top with her first Olympic gold medal. And she wants to do it not just for herself, but for the future of shotgun shooting in Korea.”In shotgun, so many semi-pro clubs have folded and we’ve been losing shooters,” Lee said. “I should take it upon myself to win an Olympic gold this time, so that it could lead to more teams being launched and talented shooters will have a place to compete. I think that’s really the only 안전 thing I can do as one of the older athletes.”


Samsung Electronics union declares plans for first-ever strike

Members of the Nationwide Samsung Electronics Union chant slogans during a press conference in front of the company's building in Seoul, Wednesday. Yonhap

The largest union among several Samsung Electronics’ labor groups declared plans, Wednesday, for collective action, including the first-ever strike in the company’s 55-year history.The plan, however, is causing an internal feud among employees over the intention behind the move, according to company and union officials.Following unsuccessful wage negotiations with Samsung Electronics’ management the previous day, the Nationwide Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU) issued a threat, stating that its 28,000 members will collectively utilize their annual paid leave on June 7 as the initial step in their collective action.The union also vowed to stage a sit-in protest in front of the company’s building in southern Seoul for an indefinite duration, emphasizing that they might escalate to a full-fledged walkout if their demands are not addressed.

“We are declaring a strike due to the management’s attitude of disregarding the workers,” the NSEU said.After the union’s announcement, Samsung Electronics’ stock price plunged 3.09 percent from the previous session to close at 75,200 won ($55).“We have no comment on this issue at this moment,” a Samsung Electronics spokesman said.The date of the planned collective action is June 7, the Friday that falls the day after the June 6 Memorial Day holiday. Most major conglomerates here plan to ask their employees to take their annual leave on that day, to save costs for monetary compensation for remaining holidays.

Some employees of Samsung Electronics therefore questioned the effectiveness of their coordinated use of annual leave.“It may appear to be a passive walkout, but we are taking it one step at a time,” an NSEU spokesperson said. “We may go on a general strike.”Another union comprised of the employees of Samsung’s five affiliates regarded the NSEU’s declaration to strike as a preliminary step to shift to the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) from the Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU). Among the two umbrella unions, the KCTU is considered to be more militant and political than the FKTU.

“The purpose of the strike looks uncertain, as it seems to be intended to join the KCTU, instead of improving working conditions,” the Samsung Group United Union (SGUU), another of the company’s multiple labor groups, said.Although the NSEU falls under the FKTU, 200 KCTU members were invited to a concert-like rally that the Samsung union held last Friday, which featured performances by entertainers. Some Samsung Electronics employees complained about using their union membership fees to hire entertainers.The SGUU also criticized the NSEU on Tuesday for damaging Samsung’s brand value and defaming other unions.

“The NSEU should focus more on wage talks for Samsung employees,” the SGUU said.The NSEU has called for a 6 percent hike in wages and an additional day of paid leave. In March, Samsung Electronics’ labor-management council decided to increase salaries this year by 5.1 percent, nearly two times more than the rate of consumer price growth.In 2023, Samsung Electronics suffered 15 trillion won in operating losses at its semiconductor business.In a bid to overcome the crisis, the company replaced the head of its semiconductor business last week. It also recently asked its executives to work six days a week and ordered high-ranking officials at the networks business division to fly economy during their business 추천 trips.


Broadcasters adopt mandate to engage women in 30s

Dramas and variety shows aimed at women viewers in their 30s are on the rise. Courtesy of TVing

Women in their 30s have emerged as a key demographic in content consumption, becoming a barometer of success for the industry. This generation bridges both TV and OTT platforms, driving strategies at networks like tvN and Tving.On average, women in their 30s subscribe to 2.5 streaming services and are the most frequent users of these platforms.Historically, the media industry has made frequent attempts to understand specific generations, such as Generation X, millennials and Generation Z, to quickly adapt to their needs and trends.In this dynamic viewing environment, women in their 30s stand out due to their high engagement, purchasing power and influence. Capturing the attention of this demographic often leads to attracting both younger and older viewers, prompting channels to focus heavily on this group.Women in their 30s enjoy a wide range of content, from genre series to romance dramas, and actively share their opinions, driving trends and showcasing significant purchasing power.Their extensive and enthusiastic consumption of content makes them a core target audience, with a spillover effect expected beyond this primary audience. This demographic subscribes to an average of 2.5 streaming services, the highest among all age groups, and constitutes the largest user base within each streaming platform.

Their active and sensitive engagement with content makes them a reliable predictor of content performance.For instance, tvN has increased the representation of 30-something women to 70 percent in its internal drama evaluation committee, reflecting its strategic focus on this demographic.Similarly, ENA has established its brand identity through popular shows like “I Am Solo,” appealing to women in their 30s.Women in their 30s are also valued for their dynamic viewing habits. They often switch from streaming platforms to TV if the content aligns with their preferences in terms of target, subject, genre and format.They do not restrict themselves to specific genres and actively seek out content that interests them across various platforms.Shows like Netflix’s “The Glory,” Wave’s “Weak Hero Class 1” and Coupang Play’s “Anna” illustrate their diverse consumption patterns. Additionally, they help attract new viewers by sharing their favorite content on social media in various ways.While it’s clear that no single generation dominates the content market entirely, women in their 30s stand out as a consumer group that effectively leverages both 카지노사이트킹 purchasing power and buzz.


Korea, UAE sign free trade pact at Yoon-Mohamed summit

President Yoon Suk Yeol and United Arab Emirates (UAE) President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan are greeted by children during an official welcoming ceremony for the sheik at the presidential office in Yongsan District, Seoul, Wednesday. Yonhap

Korea and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed a bilateral comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA), Wednesday, as President Yoon Suk Yeol and his UAE counterpart Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan held a summit in Seoul to explore measures to expand bilateral trade and economic partnerships.Additionally, during the summit, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) signed letters of intent to commission two Korean shipbuilders to construct six large liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers.The summit took place on the last day of Mohamed’s two-day state visit to Korea, the first by a UAE president. Yoon made a state visit to the UAE in January last year. Mohamed previously visited Seoul five times, but this was the first visit after he took office in May last year. “During the summit, President Yoon evaluated that the reciprocal state visits by the leaders within a 16-month period show that the two countries’ relations are now at their peak,” Korea’s First Deputy Director of National Security Kim Tae-hyo said during a press briefing.

“President Mohamed responded that he is proud of the relationship between Korea and the UAE, emphasizing that it is irreplaceable. He also expressed his desire to elevate the bilateral relationship to an even higher level.”According to Seoul’s presidential office, the discussions between the leaders centered on strategies to enhance the special strategic partnership between the two countries, with particular emphasis on economic and energy sectors.In line with these efforts, the two sides formally ratified the Korea-UAE Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), facilitating tariff-free trade in automobiles, car parts, electrical products, crude oil, and petrochemicals.Negotiations for the free trade pact were concluded in October last year to progressively eliminate tariffs on 92.8 percent of Korea’s traded items and 91.2 percent of the UAE’s traded items over a decade. This marks Korea’s inaugural Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with an Arab nation.According to the government, Korea’s main exports to the UAE are weapons, and most of them are subject to the immediate elimination of tariffs when the CEPA takes effect. This is expected to boost Korea’s arms exports significantly, in line with the rapidly increasing defense demands in the Middle East.

Additionally, the CEPA provides a competitive edge to Korean exporters compared to their counterparts in the United States, the European Union, Japan, China, and other nations that have yet to establish a similar agreement with the UAE.Tariffs on eco-friendly vehicles, such as electric and hybrid automobiles, will be fully eliminated within a maximum of 10 years, while duties on dump trucks or cargo trucks will be lifted immediately. The government anticipates that this development will propel the export growth of Korean carmakers, in line with the increasing construction demands in the Middle Eastern market.The agreement will also grant Korea maximum access to the UAE’s online gaming, healthcare, video, and music content markets. Notably, this marks the first instance of the UAE opening its online gaming market in a free trade agreement with a foreign nation.Following the signing of the CEPA, the Korean government will soon ask the National Assembly to ratify the pact, which will be 온라인카지노 implemented when each nation completes the necessary legal processes.


Public developers face criticism for giving apartments non-Korean names

Xii apartment by GS E&C / Screen capture from GS E&C website

Public real estate developers are facing criticism for their growing penchant for adopting non-Korean names for their apartments and residential complexes, a trend that mirrors the controversial strategy long employed by private builders to make facilities sound more luxurious, according to industry officials Wednesday.Experts said the practice has deepened the concerns surrounding the naming method that tarnishes Korean diction.The developers that recently adopted the practice are the Seoul Housing & Communities Corp. (SH), under the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), and Korea Land & Housing Corp. (LH), under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.They said the practice is making the country’s local apartment towns more difficult to remember and even pronounce and that the public firms that had proposed using more Korean words have reneged on their own ideas.

“Apartment names are also part of varying trends, and consumers tend to believe that (foreign-language) names make their apartment towns appear more luxurious and not so obsolete,” a Kwangwoon University professor teaching real estate laws said. “But as there are no legal forces banning such practice here, I think more (non-Korean) naming for apartments will continue for a while. I, however, agree that those with excessively hard-to-understand (foreign-language) names should be controlled by authorities.”According to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), Wednesday, SH registered “Banghwa Sky Foret” as the name for a public rental housing town it has recently introduced in the Banghwa area in western Seoul. SH said the name reflects Banghwa’s proximity to Gimpo International Airport (sky) and Mount Gaehwa (foret) and received the most votes from the company employees and the town’s incoming residents.SH said that there were other candidates with Korean names, but the foreign-language candidate won out.LH has recently named its new public housing in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, “Foelln,” the name the majority of incoming residents favored.

LH has been lenient in changing the names of public housing apartment towns it had built to cater to its residents’ needs for making their towns look more luxurious.The company said it last year erased “LH” from the names of 30 apartment towns it had built. It also said it plans to change the names of two other apartment towns it had built within this year.”People living in apartment towns built under public housing projects by either LH or SH don’t want the company names showing on their buildings,” an industry expert said. “They want the image of public housing gone from where they live. And they think showing a fancy foreign name on their apartment buildings helps.”The SMG and the land ministry previously encouraged construction firms to use more Korean words when naming their building structures.The SMG in March published a guidebook that encouraged using either authentic Korean or proper nouns. The guidebook pointed out that some of the most frequently used non-Korean words for local neighborhoods here, like “central,” “park,” “river” or “the first,” make it difficult to differentiate different towns or 스포츠토토존 regions.


188cm “Japanese Curry”, overturned the U.S. college basketball board

The FIBA introduced Keisei Tomina (aged 23, University of Nebraska), a Japanese shooter who is rocking the U.S. college basketball scene. This means that Stephen Curry (aged 36, Golden State Warriors), a three-point shooter of the National Basketball Association (NBA), is a good comparison. 토토사이트 순위

The University of Nebraska defeated Purdue University 88-72 at the NCAA Men’s Basketball Division I regular league game on Wednesday. It was the most extraordinary game of the season. Purdue University is the No. 1 ranking team in the U.S. It had 14 wins and no losses before the loss to Nebraska. Nebraska has not even been ranked yet.

It was fourth-grade guard Dominaga who brought down Purdue. Dominaga, who is 1 meter 88 centimeters tall, showed off his sharp shooting sense by sweeping through Purdue’s 2-meter “Jangshin Forest” led by Jack Eadie (2 meters 24 centimeters), the top center of the university, and driving 19 points including five 3-pointers. It was the highest score by a player from both teams. The University of Nebraska was excited, saying that the team won against the No. 1 ranking team for the first time in 42 years since 1982.

Originally from Nagoya, Japan, he moved to the U.S. belatedly after finishing high school there. After receiving a scholarship, he was scouted by the University of Nebraska. Though his height is not that big, he is good enough to score a goal even if he throws a ball far behind the 3-point line. He made a strong impression on Korean fans as he participated in the Korea-Japan men’s basketball team warm-up match in July last year.

Dominaga said in an interview with FIBA, “When I first arrived in the U.S., I couldn’t speak a single word of English. I used a translation app and held on by having conversations.” Despite this, he never let go of the ball during breaks as well as during training. As a result, he has emerged as one of the best guards in the U.S. university arena.

It is almost impossible for an Asian guard to succeed in the U.S. In February last year, he even received a message from superstar Stephen Curry through social media. Curry said, “Dominay, I fell in love with your play.” Curry’s dream is to play the NBA. He will try the NBA Draft out in May.