“Looking for a center fielder with good defense.”

Interest in Lee Jung-hoo (25), whose posting was announced to 30 MLB clubs on the 5th (Korea time), is also hot. The New York Yankees, which had been rumored to be recruited before, said Brian Cashman, the general manager of the New York Yankees, spoke directly with Scott Boras, Lee Jung-hoo’s agent.

San Francisco Giants manager Pete Putila, who followed Lee Jung-hoo, who was unable to play due to left ankle surgery in September, also mentioned Lee Jung-hoo ahead of full-fledged negotiations. MLBCOM specifically reported San Francisco’s position on recruiting Lee Jung-hoo in an interview with Putila on the 6th.

Putila told how she felt about watching Lee Jung-hoo’s return to the batter’s box after 79 days in the final home game against the Kiwoom Heroes (against the Samsung Lions) on Oct. 10. “It was a great trip (to Korea). Lee Jung-hoo took six to seven swings, and it was great to see that swing,” she said. 사설 토토사이트

San Francisco needs to strengthen its center field. A total of 11 players played center field in the 2023 regular season, but the team’s on-base percentage was only 0.303. It ranked 23rd among 30 teams.

MLB.COM predicted that if San Francisco recruits a high-quality center fielder, it will be able to send Mike Yastremsky and Austin Slater to side outfield (left fielder, center fielder), and provide more opportunities for Michael Contofo and Mitch Hanniger to serve as designated hitters.

Then he introduced the words of new San Francisco coach Bob Melvin. “We have several players who can play center field, but we can’t deny that we are looking for players who are more athletic and have a defensive mindset. Since center field defense is always important, we are paying more attention to that,” Melvin said.

Lee Jung-hoo had surgery after suffering an ankle injury against Lotte Giants in July. Since then, only Kiwoom’s final home game at bat has been played since then.

General manager Putila is also well aware of this. He admitted that there was a variable in the evaluation of Lee Jung-hoo. He also mentioned that the KBO League has a batter-friendly tendency and that it is uncertain whether Lee Jung-hoo’s power will work in the MLB. However, he said, “Given the success of San Diego’s Kim Ha-sung, Lee Jung-hoo’s elite contact ability and defense will certainly be in demand this winter (stove league).”

“Many people are paying attention to the relationship between the two players (Kim Ha-sung and Lee Jung-hoo), and are always looking at what difficulties will be and what adjustments are needed,” Putila said. “It is true that the (skilled) leap is necessary, but we think some players will do enough.”

To sum up the words of the manager and the general manager, San Francisco’s No. 1 recruitment is a center fielder with defensive skills. Of course, it should be accompanied by high-quality hitting skills because it has turned its eyes to overseas leagues, not through internal personnel such as prospects. First of all, the sincerity of recruiting Lee Jung-hoo is conveyed in the stance of Putila, who gives meaning to Kim Ha-sung’s success story.

Lee Jung-hoo was somewhat obscured by his batting ability, but he had more than average defensive range and throwing ability. He was a shortstop who had to have strong shoulders until high school.

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