I want them to look at something bigger than 10-win pitcher

“I want them to look at something bigger than ’10-win pitcher’.”

These are the words of Hanwha Eagles catcher Choi Jae-hoon to his junior Moon Dong-joo. He had achieved great things – becoming the first Korean pitcher to break 160 kilometres in an official game, winning an Asian Games gold medal, and being named the KBO League Rookie of the Year – but he wanted to improve day by day, not rest on his laurels.

Now, Moon has a chance to experience the ‘pinnacle’ in advance. He was included in the preliminary roster of Team Korea, which will face the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres on 17-18 March. With the Hangzhou Asian Games and APBC (Asian Professional Baseball Championship) squads dominating the roster, Moon is expected to make Team Korea barring any unforeseen circumstances.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a major league team, and a hitter who is 100 per cent fit for the start of the season, in action. It will be exciting to see Moon, who has been touted by Korean fans as a top prospect who could one day make it to the big leagues, face off against big league hitters.

What makes this match-up even more intriguing is the presence of Shohei Ohtani, the Dodgers’ designated hitter.

After undergoing elbow surgery at the end of last season with the Los Angeles Angels, Ohtani has been in a Dodgers uniform since the start of this season. He will not be pitching this year, but rather batting as a designated hitter. 스포츠토토 Initially, there was speculation that he might not make the long journey for the Seoul Series. However, Ohtani expressed his desire to play, saying, “I’m confident that I will play in the opening game (of the Seoul Series).” If Ohtani is able to play, he will likely face off against Moon Dong-ju.

There is no timing issue for the starter to pitch for Team Korea. He shouldn’t be pushing himself too hard right before the season starts, but he shouldn’t be pitching at 100% either. Whether he will pitch against the Dodgers or San Diego remains to be seen. Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho said, “It’s a time when you can throw at full strength. It’s not often that you get the chance to pitch against major league players. Within the number of pitches you can throw, you have to test yourself by pitching 100 per cent.”

“The Major League Baseball is a league of world-class players. It’s every athlete’s dream, and I wanted to experience it at least once,” he said, adding, “I also wanted to face American players at least once, and this opportunity came earlier than I expected.” “It’s important to give 100 per cent, but it’s also important to do your best,” he said, adding that he hoped the match would be an opportunity for him to improve. However, he also hinted that he would control his motivation, saying, “The regular season comes first, so if I put everything into (the Seoul Series), it could be too much.” Senior Choi Jae-hoon said, “I’m very happy with the evaluation. I will try to do it with the idea of ‘I can’ rather than ‘I can’t’. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. My mindset is important. I’m not going to be complacent,” he said.

All eyes are on Moon Dong-ju, the KBO League’s rookie king, who will be tested against big leaguers.


NC loses another midseason returnee, first base hopeful

The NC Dinos suffer another injury setback. Oh Young-soo and Park Joo-chan have returned home.

NC infielder Oh Young-soo packed his bags and returned home on the 19th local time.

He felt discomfort in his left hamstring during a training session on the 13th of this month, and as he continued to experience hamstring stiffness, it was decided that it was difficult to proceed with normal training. He will undergo a medical examination upon his return to Korea.

This season is very important for Oh. He has been a regular member of the NC’s first team for the past two seasons. Despite his low batting average, he has a lot of hitting qualities, 안전놀이터 including one-hitting and clutch ability. He has also been used as a first baseman and center fielder to test his potential.

This season, NC brought in Matt Davidson as a foreign-born hitter, and he was expected to be the backup first baseman.

If he can show a little more improvement at the plate, he and Davidson could give the NC infield depth even more depth. However, halfway through spring training, a hamstring strain put a damper on his opening day preparations. Once he’s cleared, he’ll start working on his skills and feel for the game.

This is the third player to drop out of CAMP 2, the NC USA camp. On February 2, Jeon Jae-min returned home after suffering a torn adductor muscle shortly after the camp started. On February 1, the first day of official training, Jae-min felt pain in his left side during a drill.

The next day, February 2, he flew back to South Korea for a medical examination and was diagnosed with a partial tear of his left adductor pollicis muscle. Jeon is expected to spend three to four months in rehabilitation, after which he will be able to fully recover his side muscles and get back to technical training and preparation. Fortunately, he is expected to be able to train normally next month, but he will need more time to prepare before entering the field as he was unable to complete spring training.

On the 9th, infielder Park Joo-chan returned home due to injury.

Park, who joined the NC as a developmental player in 2019 and was released and reinstated afterward, had a breakout year last year after serving in the military. In 83 games in the Futures League, he batted .295 (99-for-33) with three home runs and 34 RBIs. He also made his first-team debut and first-team hit.

After the season, he joined the national team for the Asian Baseball Confederation Championship and had a strong showing. He was named to the roster for the U.S. camp, raising expectations for this season, but an unexpected injury put the brakes on.

On June 6, he injured his left knee while practicing base-covering defense at second base and turning his body after stepping on the base. Thinking it was just a minor pain, he flew home, 카지노사이트 추천 and upon returning to the hospital, he was diagnosed with a torn cartilage in his left knee. Surgery was decided. Park will undergo surgery in South Korea on May 22, and the rehabilitation period alone will take five to six months. He is effectively out for the first half of the season.


“No injuries, thanks to the players who prepared hard”

The Doosan Bears (President Ko Young-seop) will return home via Incheon International Airport (OZ602) on Monday (Jan. 19) after their first training camp in Sydney, Australia.

The Doosan Bears held their first training camp at the Blacktown Baseball Stadium in Sydney, Australia from January 1 to 18, focusing on physical fitness and tactical training. 카지노사이트 The team will depart for Miyazaki, Japan on Wednesday (Jan. 21) for seven practice games, including six against the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) team.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “It’s a great achievement to finish the first camp without a single injury. All the players prepared really hard last year, so we are able to travel to Miyazaki without any dropouts,” said Lee. “Now, we will improve our game sense in the second camp, which is focused on practice, and show a good performance from the opening game.”

Pitcher Park Shin-ji and outfielder Cho Sung-yi were named the Most Valuable Players (MVPs) of the first camp by the coaching staff, including Lee Seung-yeop. Henry Ramos, In-tae Kim, Ji-kang Choi, and Taek-yeon Kim were also honored.

Park Shin-ji said, “I was named MVP of the Australia Camp for the second year in a row, but last year it didn’t turn out well. This year, I definitely want to produce a different result,” 토토사이트 추천 said Park. Cho said, “I think it was given to me to do well rather than for doing well. This year, I would like to receive the MVP of the match and give interviews on the podium in front of the fans.”


Lotte’s ‘two-way’ race for the top five has narrowed down

If the past hurts, it’s an experience; if it’s good, it’s a memory. Spring training is a time to relive memories and experiences, to rebuild ourselves and prepare for the new season.

The Giants have a solid starting lineup. This is the biggest strength of the Lotte Giants ahead of the 2024 season.

With the appointment of manager Kim Tae-hyung, the first through fourth lineup has been finalized. Both foreign pitchers, Barnes and Wilkerson, have been re-signed. They are backed up by the Korean National Team starting duo of Park Se-woong and Na Kyun-an, who had their military issues resolved through the Hangzhou Asian Games. The quartet combines command, innings, reliability, and control.

Only one spot remains. For fall baseball, a fifth starter who can stabilize the regular season is essential.

The competition for the fifth spot will come down to Han Hyun-hee and Lee In-bok. Both players are eager. Initially, 바카라사이트 left-hander Shim Jae-min, who was in the running for a spot in the second half of last year, was also a candidate, but he was ruled out due to a shoulder injury.

Han Hyun-hee, the returning gold medalist, wore the yoke of the ‘multi-loss king’. The fierce criticism from his hometown fans stabbed him in the heart.

With a record of 6-12 and an ERA of 5.45, he had a career low that was not worthy of his 4 billion won price tag. He literally had a winter of despair. He forgot all about his Rookie of the Year award, Hold King, and two 11-game starts.

He’s starting from scratch after a year of experience. He’s still 31, too young to be called an old man. Encouraged by coach Kim Tae-hyung, who said, “It’s not time for you to rest,” he took just two weeks off after the season ended and started working out again. He even went to the World Wing Athletic Center in Japan, which is said to be a “mecca for rehabilitation.” His wife was very supportive. His wife’s full support was a big help.

I lost weight naturally by exercising more than by dieting. Above all, I try not to be impatient.

Lee In-bok still has to overcome the aftermath of her elbow surgery. He was a Cinderella story in the second half of 2021, earning a starting spot, and the following year, he went 9-9 with a career-high 4.19 ERA in 26 games and 126⅔ innings.

That made the injury and subsequent fall all the more painful. He was diagnosed with elbow surgery just before spring training last year, and after some deliberation, he underwent the procedure and was back on the mound in June. However, he was unable to regain his velocity and bounced around the second team. In 10 games (7 starts), he went 1-4 with a 6.48 ERA.

He approached the new season with a new mindset and a sharpened commitment. He’s starting from scratch.

He has a new weapon to utilize against lefties, which has been his weakness. 안전 토토사이트 The key is to utilize the cutter he learned from Wilkerson last year. It has the opposite direction of change from his two-seam, which can confuse hitters. He has also improved his delivery.

Competition fattens the team. The more the two-way competition for the five starting spots heats up, the closer Lotte will be to fall baseball.


Young star born, now it’s his time

Kia Tigers topped jersey marking sales last season. It wasn’t Yang Hyun-jong or Na Sung-beom.

It was Kim Do-young, a second-year player who joined the team in 2022.

He beat out all of the top seniors. Second was Na Sung-beom, third was Yang Hyun-jong, and fourth and fifth were Yoon Young-chul and Lee Yi-ri.

Finishing ahead of Na Sung-beom and Yang Hyun-jong is significant.

Yang Hyun-jong is a “franchise star” who has been a fan favorite for over 15 years since he debuted with KIA. He has established himself as a ‘one-club man’ and an ‘ace’.

Na Sung-beom is not the only ‘franchise star’ to have played for one team since his debut with KIA. 토토사이트 He made his debut with the NC Dinos and moved to Kia after reaching full bloom. However, Na Sung-beom, who is from Gwangju, is an ambitious player that Kia brought in with a huge contract of up to 15 billion won ($3 billion in incentives) for six years.

Kim Do-young, who surpassed all the big seniors, announced the birth of ‘Young Star’.

For fans who were expecting explosive growth from a young prospect, this is a confirmation of what he is.

Kia selected Kim Do-young with the first pick in the 2022 rookie draft after much deliberation. The team gave up on Moon Dong-joo (Hanwha), a pitcher who was a local favorite at the time.

His nickname, “Toolguy,” is well-deserved, as everyone in baseball agrees. With his strong shoulder, contact ability, long bat, and speed, he stands out in a world where rookie-level big hitters are rare.

This will be his third year. It’s time to really show.

After a rocky rookie season, it looked like he was finally breaking through last year, but injuries slowed him down. He fractured his foot in the first two games of the season and missed almost all of April and June.

Luckily, he returned sooner than expected and showed why he’s a big-time prospect with a string of big hits.

In October, the last month of the regular season, he hit .388 (21-for-54) with a monthly batting average of .849. The 2023 season was a clear indication that the hype wasn’t justified. However, the season was marred by another finger injury suffered in an international tournament.

Still, Kim is in a testing phase. 파워볼실시간 No one doubts his potential. However, it is in his third year as a professional that he needs to turn his doubts into conviction. The infielder has a long bat and quick feet. This is the kind of growth that the national team is desperate to see beyond Kia.


KB Insurance loses 7th straight game, secures last place in season

No sparkle from the coach’s resignation. KB Insurance has clinched the last place in the men’s professional volleyball league before the sixth round.

KB Insurance lost to visiting OK Financial Group 1-3 (21-25, 25-20, 25-27, 23-25) in three sets in the fifth round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Men’s Division at the Uijeongbu Indoor Gymnasium in Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do, on April 18.

The loss, their seventh in a row, sealed KB Insurance’s place at the bottom of the men’s division with a 4-25 record (19 points). Even if KB Insurance wins all seven of its remaining matches and sixth-place Hyundai Capital (13-16, 40 points) loses all of its matches, it will not be able to take the lead in the standings.

KB Insurance, whose head coach In-jung Huh resigned after 14 days, hoped to turn things around under Kim Hak-min. After losing a close full-set match against Hyundai Capital in the previous match, KB Insurance was the victim of a bad call and showed no luck on this day.

It was the fourth set with the set score at 1 to 2. After losing the previous three sets 25-27 on deuce, KB Insurance seemed to have found a way to score in the fourth set, trailing 21-23. An attack from Andres Biyena (registered name Biyena) hit the hands of OK Financial Group’s Park Won-bin and went out of bounds. The ball was clearly out on video replay. However, assistant referee Choi Sung-kwon and head referee Song In-seok ruled it ‘in’.

Acting head coach Kim Hak-min and the KB players claimed a blocker touchout. KB Insurance had already used up the video review, but the referee had the discretion to use the video review ex officio. However, referee Song In-seok gave a warning to Hwang Kyung-min, who protested strongly. KB Insurance’s matches this season have been plagued by bad calls, which has added to their disappointment. KB Insurance once again pulled within 23-24 after Woo Sang-jo’s fast attack and an opponent’s attack error, but Leonardo Leyva (nicknamed Leo) scored a back-attack to secure the three points for OK Financial Group.

OK Financial Group moved up to third place, ahead of KEPCO (15 wins, 14 losses, 44 points), as Leo led both teams with 38 points, while Chae Hwan and Shin Seong-jin contributed 14 and 10 points, respectively. KB Insurance was led by Biyena’s 31 points and Hwang Kyung-min and Hong Sang-hyuk’s 16 and 11 points, respectively, but the team was unable to capitalize on the loss.

Meanwhile, in the women’s division, GS Caltex has been on a downward spiral in the second half of the season.

GS Caltex fell 0-3 (21-25, 21-25, 21-25) in three sets to IBK IBK in the visiting Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Women’s Division at the Hwaseong General Indoor Gymnasium in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, on April 18.

GS Caltex has yet to pick up a point against any team except last-place Pepper Savings Bank, starting with a shutout loss to Heungkuk Life in their first match in Round 5. Even Pepper Savings Bank could only manage two points in a tight full-set match, dropping them to fourth place with 16 wins and 13 losses (45 points).
In this match, head coach Cha Sang-hyun was replaced by Lim Dong-kyu due to elbow surgery, but GS Caltex was too lethargic without their leader.

They were outclassed in both height and serve. In the first set, IBK recorded five blocking points as Choi Jung-min and Kim Hyun-jung shut down GS Caltex’s offense. GS Caltex’s reception was also shaky, giving IBK three service aces in the first set alone. The final point came from Pyo Seung-ju, who hit Handa Hye with her serve to give IBK the first set.

The second set followed a similar pattern. After Hwang Min-kyung opened the set with two consecutive service aces, Brittany Abecrombie (real name Abecrombie)’s back-attack and Choi Jung-min’s fast-breaking attack kept the scoreboard ticking over. Only Giselle Silva (née Silva) struggled for GS Caltex, as a strong spike attack on Silva’s serve helped them reach the 20-point mark, but Choi Jung-min scored an ace and blocked a quick opener from Kwon Min-ji to end the second set.

The third set was also dominated by Abecrombie and Choi. Abecrombie led IBK’s offense with eight points on a 70% attack percentage. Choi Jung-min was a presence in the center with five points, including two blocked shots. After reaching the 20-point mark with a quick opener from Pyo Seung-ju, IBK completed the shutout victory with a back-attack from Abercrombie.

With 23 points from Abercrombie and 15 points from Choi Jung-min, IBK improved to 14-15 (43 points) and closed the gap on third-place Jung Kwan-jang (15-14, 47 points) to four points.

GS Caltex was led by Silva’s 27 points, a game-high for both teams, but came up short in the loss.



Re-signing a foreigner who showed desperation

When free agent Park Dong-won came to the LG Twins, when the press asked him to share a tip for LG players about the new manager, he said, “He is always interested in the players and is watching them. Don’t think about cheating, but be honest.”

Coach Yeom has a tremendous passion for baseball. He wants to succeed as a coach because he failed as a player. So he studies and studies and studies. He hopes that there won’t be another player like him. He wants his players to be the best they can be through hard work and effort, and he’s relentless when they don’t show that desperation. Especially when a player with potential shows laziness, he’s even more cold-hearted.

This is the reason why Yoon was unusually bitter about Kim Bum-seok in the media.

Kim, a second-year high school catcher who was drafted with the seventh overall pick in the 2023 first round, trained at Arizona’s first team camp for the first time this season, but returned to South Korea on Nov. 16 (KST) with an adductor muscle injury. He became the club’s first early returnee due to an adductor muscle injury. The injury is not serious, but he will undergo a medical examination and rehabilitation in Korea.

He was recognized for his hitting ability by hitting 10 home runs, the most ever since high school baseball used wooden bats, but he impressed fans even more with the words of LG President Cha Myung-seok at the time of his signing.”I picked him because he is Kim Bum-seok,” Cha said, adding that the proper name Kim Bum-seok will be synonymous with the KBO League in the future, and he expected great potential from him.

However, Kim didn’t make it to Arizona’s first team camp last year. He rehabilitated his right shoulder, which had been bothering him since high school. Because of the shoulder, he played in the Futures League last year as a designated hitter instead of a catcher.

Yoon promoted Kim to the first team last October and used him as a pinch-hitter and first baseman. In 10 games, Kim batted 1-for-1 (3-for-27) with one home run and four RBIs, including his first career home run. That seemed to be enough to get him some first-team experience, and Yoon included him in the Korean Series roster. After Park Dong-won and Heo Do-hwan, Kim was selected as a possible third catcher in case of need. It’s clear that Yoon recognized Kim’s talent and wanted to nurture it.

In an interview with reporters in early January, Yeom revealed his plans to use Kim Bum-seok in the first team. He was going to use him as a third catcher and first baseman and develop him in the first team. Heo Do-hwan would be a late-game substitute catcher and Kim Bum-seok would start when Park Dong-won was rested, an unconventional plan.

But Kim had homework. He had to lose weight. It’s something Yeom has been talking about since last year. He was too big and there were concerns about injury. Not only Yi, but also Kim Hyun-soo, a senior player, said that Kim Bum-seok needed to lose weight. Quality control coach Lee Ho-joon decided to work with Kim one-on-one in spring training, which drew more attention from fans.

However, two weeks into the camp, Kim suffered an injury. It wasn’t a major injury, so he could have continued to train at the camp with management. However, coach Yeom sent him home. He wasn’t ready. “I told him directly that he needed to lose weight,” Yi told the local press. But he didn’t lose any weight, which increases the risk of injury.” “It’s a lack of preparation. Kim Hyun-soo, who is good at baseball, lost a lot of weight. He should feel what he feels.”

Athletes who are given a chance by their coaches are naturally talented. But you have to work for it. You have to prove that you deserve it.

Kim Bum-seok might have gotten complacent and thought he could just lose weight in training. But these days, you have to come to camp in shape. Even if the coaching staff wanted him to lose weight in camp, he should have lost some weight to show that he was trying and that he was desperate.

In his time with the Heroes, Yeom has dropped young players from the first team to the second team on several occasions. On the surface, he cited injuries and other reasons, but in the back briefing, he criticized his mental state.

There was a time when Yeom came to LG to evaluate a player’s attitude. That player was foreign pitcher Casey Kelida. Kelly struggled last year. He went 10-7 with a 3.83 ERA. It was his fewest wins and worst ERA in the five years he’s been playing since 2019. At one point during the season, he was seriously considered for replacement. He’ll turn 35 this year, so he could have switched to a new foreign pitcher in the new season.

However, Yeom publicly expressed his desire to stick with Kelly during the Korean Series last year. This was because he continued to show effort to do well. During the season, Yeom encouraged him to throw a forkball rather than a changeup. He didn’t throw a forkball during the season, but during the Blue-Black game before the Korean Series, he surprised Yoon with a forkball as a gift, and he used it in Game 1 of the Korean Series, showing a different side to his game.

As a foreign player, he was so eager to accept the coach’s suggestion and put it into practice that Yi decided to keep him for another year.

Kim Bum-seok was given the task of losing weight in exchange for a guaranteed first-team opportunity. But he didn’t, and when he got injured in camp, he learned firsthand the consequences of not losing weight, and his chance was lost.

Yeom’s decision to send Kim Bum-seok home sets an example for all LG players. You have to keep trying and be desperate. As Park Dong-won said, Yeom is watching.



No ‘Ronaldo no-show’ like 2019… Saudi ‘downpour ceremony’ intuition

For my coverage of the European Ladies European Tour (LET), which kicked off on Friday, I gathered information about Saudi Arabia and its capital city of Riyadh “as it came up. I used YouTube, the internet, social media, and every search engine I could think of to dig into the country.

It wasn’t easy: Saudi Arabia, which had been closed to foreigners, only opened its doors to tourists in 2019. Until then, it was difficult to travel to Saudi Arabia for anything other than diplomatic or business reasons. That’s not to say the doors are wide open. To get a tourist visa, you need to pay about $200,000 in your own money. The visa also comes with insurance, which is unusual for a tourist visa.

As a result, there wasn’t much information about Saudi Arabia on the internet or YouTube. There are not many travel YouTubers or vloggers who have traveled to Saudi Arabia, so I gathered information by watching some videos. The common answers were that ▲ there are still not many foreign tourists, ▲ there is no public transportation in Saudi Arabia, so you have to take a taxi or Uber, ▲ most shops are closed during the day and reopen late in the afternoon and stay open until 1-2 a.m., and ▲ alcohol sales are strictly limited, so cafes and dessert culture are highly developed.

While browsing the internet, I came across a video that made my eyes light up. It was Cristiano Ronaldo (39-Alnasr) playing in Saudi Arabia. I had forgotten about him. Ronaldo, the world’s greatest soccer star, who was branded a “nalgangdu” (a portmanteau of Ronaldo and robber) for sitting on the bench in a July 2019 K League friendly while playing for Juventus, was playing for Saudi Arabia. ….

Just to be sure, I went to the website of Al-Nasr and the Saudi Professional League. I found that Al-Nasr had a game at 8 p.m. on the 18th, the day I was staying, and I searched again, just in case, and was sure that they were playing at home against Al-Ahwal Park in Riyadh. The timing was perfect, as I would be done with my third round of golf by 8pm and still have plenty of time to travel.

The next problem was booking tickets. I immediately searched for ‘Alnasr tickets’ and found a site that resells tickets. I paid 200,000 won for two tickets, including one for Kim Jalhan (22), a local citizen who helped me cover the tournament and played as Hong’s caddie during the tournament.

As the game day approached, I felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety. The excitement of seeing Ronaldo play was mixed with the worry of what would happen if he didn’t show up. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was worried about the no-shows of 2019. In particular, Lionel Messi’s recent benching against Hong Kong reminded me of the Ronaldo incident.

Saturday arrived with all of these thoughts. After finishing my coverage of the third round, I went back to my hostel, unpacked my things, and took a taxi to Al-Awal Park. I met Mr. Jalhan in front of the stadium and we entered the stadium together.

Al-Awal Park is a 25,000-seat soccer stadium located inside King Saud University. The stadium opened in 2015, and while the overall facility was clean, the seats were unnumbered. The seats were clearly labeled with rows and numbers when you bought your tickets, but the seats were only covered with vinyl, so there was a lot of jostling for position.

The majority of the crowd was male. There were many fathers holding the hands of their young children. There was the occasional female audience member. “A few years ago, women weren’t even allowed to watch sports or movies with men in Saudi Arabia, and even when restrictions were lifted, there were segregated seating areas. It’s something I’m not used to seeing now.”

It’s kickoff at exactly 8pm. All eyes were already on Ronaldo before kickoff. Alnasr had a top Senegalese winger, Sadio Mane, playing alongside him, but the eyes don’t lie.

He may be 40 years old, but Ronaldo is still Ronaldo. He was shaky, but when he got the ball, he moved like lightning. Alnasr’s overall attacking pattern was also centered around Ronaldo, with crosses from both sides of the pitch aimed at him.

It’s the 17th minute of the first half, and things are just heating up. The much-anticipated goal came. It was 카지노사이트 Ronaldo. Sultan Alganam’s low cross from the right side of the box was met with a right-footed strike. He didn’t forget to do his trademark ‘downpour’ celebration. My only regret was that the place where he posed was far from where we were sitting, so it was hard to see.

Having already “intuited” Ronaldo’s goal and the downpour, I had no more wishes for the day. Afterward, I watched the game at a leisurely pace. The field was occasionally chanting in Arabic, which was hard to follow, but we were able to join in with the applause. The game was tense until Alfateh equalized in the 29th minute of the first half, and Alnasr Otabiu scored the winning goal in the 27th minute of the second half to give Alnasr a 2-1 victory. Ronaldo was all smiles after the game, having spent the entire match berating his teammates.

After playing exclusively in Europe, Ronaldo announced his signing with Alnasr in January last year. The estimated salary is 27 billion won. That’s more than 20 billion won a month, but given Saudi Arabia’s recent sports spending spree, it doesn’t seem like a lot. Mr. Jalhan says, “The Saudi Professional League has been spending a lot of money since a few years ago, and many famous players have come. However, Saudi players have lost their place in the league,” he said. “Still, it’s amazing to see Ronaldo play in front of you. I live here and I’ve never seen a Ronaldo game before. There was talk that Ronaldo might retire this year or next, so I’m glad to see him score a goal,” he laughed.

After the game, we took dozens of post-match photos before exiting Al-Awal Park. With nearly 20,000 people trying to get out, the roads in front of the stadium were blocked and taxis were hard to come by, but that’s part of the experience.

안전 토토사이트


East-West NBA All-Star Game to be played on Dec. 18

The NBA All-Star Game will end with a bang as Yannis Atetokounmpo and LeBron James square off.

The 2024 NBA All-Star Game will take place at 10 a.m. on Feb. 18 at Gainesville Fieldhouse in Indiana, pitting the West, led by LeBron James, against the East, led by Yanis Atetokounmpo.

The West will start a stellar lineup of LeBron James, Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant, Shai Gilgeous Alexander, and Nikola Jokic.

The bench includes Devin Booker, Steph Curry, Anthony Davis, Anthony Edwards, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Karl-Anthony Towns, and head coach Chris Finch.

The Eastern team featured players who specialize on both ends of the floor, including Yanis Atetokounmpo, Bam Adebayo (replacing Joel Embiid), Tyreese Halliburton, Damian Lillard, and Jayson Tatum.

The bench was rounded out by Paolo Banquero, Scottie Barnes, Jaylen Brown, Jalen Brunson, Tyreese Maxie, Donovan Mitchell, Julius Randle, Trae Young, and Doc Rivers.

In the head-to-head matchups between the two teams, the East has the edge. The Eastern All-Stars hold an eight-game advantage, 37-29, and although it’s not an East-West matchup, Team Yannis defeated Team LeBron 184-175 in last year’s meeting.

The last East-West matchup was in 2017, when the West defeated the East 192-182, which is the second-most points scored by a single team in history, behind 2016 (196).

The all-time leading scorer is LeBron James. LeBron has scored 172 points in 20 All-Star appearances. He’s on his way to making history.

The most goals in a single game is scored by Anthony Davis. Anthony scored 26 in 2017, and he holds the record for scoring 10 points in a quarter.

The most assists in a career is held by Chris Paul (128), while the most assists in a game is held by Magic Johnson (22). The most assists in a quarter is held by John Stockton (9).

Walt Chamberlain (197) holds the all-time record for most rebounds, Bob Pettit (27) for most rebounds in a game, and Kobe Bryant (10) and Dikembe Mutombo (19) for most offensive and defensive rebounds in a game, respectively.

The winning team receives $100,000 per player (expanded in 2018) for the game. The losing team will receive just $25,000. That’s the equivalent of $130 million to $33 million in Korean won.

The NBA will take a break for the All-Star break after the All-Star Game and will resume on March 23rd. Cleveland-Orlando, Toronto-Brooklyn, Philadelphia-New York, and Indiana-Detroit will be the first three games to start at 9 a.m. on Feb. 23.

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South Korea women’s table tennis tops group at Busan World Championships

South Korea’s women’s table tennis team advanced to the round of 16 at the Busan 2024 Team World Championships with a third straight group victory over Puerto Rico, led by a dominant performance from Jeon Jeon-hee (32-World No. 21).

The women’s national team (No. 5), comprised of Jeon Jeon-hee, Shin Yoo-bin (No. 20-8) and Lee Sion (No. 28-44), defeated Puerto Rico (No. 9) by a match score of 3-1 in the third match of Group 5 of the women’s preliminary round at the Bexco Special Stadium in Busan, South Korea, on April 18. The tournament is being played as a men’s and women’s team event, with both men and women playing a best-of-three singles match (11 points, 5 games).

At No. 1 singles, Jeon Jeon-hee, the “eldest sister,” dominated on offense and swept Brianna Burgos (19) in straight sets (11-5 11-9 11-1).

After a promising start, Shin Yubin took over from Barton in the second singles, where it was an ‘ace matchup’, but fell to her ‘nemesis’ Adriana Dias (24) 0-3 (6-11 10-12 8-11). After dropping the first game, Shin fought back to take the second game before falling behind deuce and eventually bowing her head.

With the match score tied 1-1, Ision, playing at third singles, turned the tide with a 3-1 (7-11 11-5 11-6 11-5) come-from-behind win over Melanie Dias (28). In the fourth and final singles match, Jeon Jeon-hee avenged Shin’s loss with a 3-0 (12-10 11-8 11-6) victory over Adriana Dias to close out the match.

“I think my opponent was a little more relaxed today,” Shin said, adding, “I want to prepare well and play better.” Jeon Jeon-hee, who led the team to victory, said, “Yoo Bin lost, but this is a team match, not an individual match. The three of us won together. I made a plan while watching Yoo Bin’s game, and Zion also won, so I was able to play with a relaxed mindset.” “As we meet stronger and 토토사이트 stronger opponents, we will prepare more thoroughly so that we don’t forget what we are good at,” she vowed.

With the win, the Korean Women’s National Team secured its third straight victory, following wins over Italy (3-0) and Malaysia (3-0), to top Group 5 and advance to the Round of 16. Even if Italy, which has a 2-1 record, wins its final match and South Korea loses against Cuba (No. 43) at 8 p.m. on Sept. 19, it will remain at 3-1 and South Korea’s lead in the winner-take-all standings will not change.

The men’s team was also victorious. Led by Lim Jong-hoon (27-18th), Jang Woo-jin (29-14th), and Lee Sang-soo (34-27th), the fifth-ranked men’s national team easily defeated Chile (33rd) by a match score of 3-0 in their third match of Group 3, completing a three-game winning streak following wins over Poland (3-1) and New Zealand (3-0).

The team will next face India (No. 15) at 10 a.m. on Nov. 19. “I think our players have a little bit of difficulty with the Indian players. “They don’t have flashy skills, but they are very solid and have an unusual time signature, so if we don’t get caught up in their short skills early on and don’t take the lead, we might struggle in the end,” said Jang. “I think we need to be vigilant about those things.