“He’s in good condition.” Koo Changmo eventually changed the national team…Lee Jung-hoo ↔ Kim Sung-yoon, Koo Chang-mo ↔ Kim Young-kyu will be replaced

The Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) Performance Improvement Committee and the KBO Power Enhancement Committee confirmed the replacement of two of the 24 members of the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team on the 21st (Thursday) who are in the stage of recovering from injuries or injuries but are deemed difficult to show normal performance during the tournament.

Koo Chang-mo threw five balls and voluntarily left the mound against the LG Twins on June 2. At that time, pain occurred in the arm, and as a result of the hospital examination, he was diagnosed with micro-damage of the flexor muscle in the forearm. An additional examination afterwards revealed ulnar fatigue fracture. 바카라

Although he left due to injury, he was named in the final list of the Asian Games national team, which opens on the 23rd. The KBO Power Enhancement Committee judged that if Koo Chang-mo shakes off his injury, he will be able to play well in the national team.

Koo Chang-mo then pitched in the Futures League game against KT Wiz at Iksan Baseball Stadium on the 19th and recorded one hit, two strikeouts and no runs in two innings. In his first real game immediately after the injury, he showed a perfect pitch with 145km of ball speed.

At the time, Koo Chang-mo said, “I took the mound in an official game after a long time, and I felt good overall,” adding, “I’m happy to finish the given inning neatly without worrying about my physical condition.”

“The fastball was good, and I didn’t throw a lot, but the breaking ball was also satisfactory,” he said. “I was nervous on the mound, but I finished well with a good lead from catcher Shin Yong-seok.”

In particular, Ryu Joong-il, head coach of the national team, and Cho Gye-hyun, chairman of the power enhancement committee, visited the baseball stadium in person and watched Koo Chang-mo’s pitch at the site.

KBO Power Reinforcement Committee (Chairman Cho Gye-hyun) said on the 21st, “The national team coach Ryu Joong-il and the coaching staff checked the performance of players who have been injured, rehabilitated and recovering immediately after the announcement of the 24 national team members of the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team on June 9 (Friday),” adding, “We finally decided that Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo and NC Koo Chang-mo needed to be replaced.”

Lee Jung-hoo was also quickly decided to replace him as he was placed on the operating table due to a left ankle injury in July.

The players will be replaced by Samsung’s Kim Sung-yoon (outfielder) and NC’s Kim Young-kyu (pitcher), respectively, through the Korea Baseball Softball Association’s Performance Improvement Committee.

Kim Sung-yoon is showing excellent performance in 96 games this season, with a batting average of 0.314 18 steals and an OPS of 0.757. In particular, it is a resource that can compensate for the weaknesses of the national team, which lacks professional outfielders, because you can see all outfield positions, including center fielders. In addition, in the short-term match, players with fast feet and sophisticated batting skills like Kim Sung-yoon were often active.

Kim Young-kyu, who is playing as a key bullpen for NC’s left-hander, is posting a 3.34 ERA in 59 games this season. It is expected that the national team will also play the role of a must-win group that NC has played.

In addition to the replacement of the two players in the future, the KBO Power Reinforcement Committee plans to closely examine their physical conditions and replace them additionally if they believe their performance has deteriorated due to injuries among other representative players.

Meanwhile, the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team will begin its first training session at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 23rd (Saturday) of this month and depart for Hangzhou on the 28th (Thursday).


“Jersey Boys” is back in Las Vegas

The international hit musical “Jersey Boys” returns to the Las Vegas stage on Dec. 21, 2023, starting its only American residency at The Orleans Hotel and Casino.

Produced by Ivory Star Productions, the show will once again captivate audiences with the backstage and sound of Frankie Vali and The Four Seasons, featuring a known and beloved set, style, and sensation of “Jersey Boys,” a global music phenomenon. 경마사이트

“We are excited to bring ‘Jersey Boys’ back to the Las Vegas stage,” said John Bentham, CEO and lead producer of Ivory Star Productions. “The musical continues to fascinate audiences from all over the world; it makes sense that Las Vegas locals and visitors alike can once again enjoy the show in the entertainment capital of the world.”

The show will premiere at The Orleans Hotel and Casino Showroom, which has a concert-quality D&B FOH audio system, featuring entertainers and enticers from Winona Judd to Natalie Cole, singer groups such as Air Supply, and comedy legends Don Rickles and Dana Carvey. This will be the first long-term resident show in The Orleans Showroom history.

“We are excited to welcome the Jersey Boys to The Orleans, Las Vegas’ top off-street destination, for live entertainment,” said Chris Joy, vice president and general manager of The Orleans Hotel and Casino. “For decades, The Orleans Showroom has provided a unique variety of live entertainment to Las Vegas locals and tourists in a comfortable setting, and we look forward to starting the next chapter in the showroom’s history by welcoming one of Broadway’s best-known and beloved shows back to Las Vegas.”

The premiere of “Jersey Boys” will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday to Sunday, Dec. 21. Following the grand opening night on Wednesday, January 17, performances will be held at 7:30 p.m. from Wednesday to Monday, with additional matinee performances at 3 p.m. on some Saturdays. Ticket tiers offer a four-season themed box suite for $895.95 for standard seats, $89.95 for regular seats, $99.95 for VIP seats, $119.95 for platinum VIP seats, $139.95 for director circles, and a four-season themed box suite with floorless champagne or bottle service for four to six seats.


R. Franco Technologies Wins IRIS Platform GLI Certification

R. Franco Technologies SLU, which belongs to the R. Franco Group, has obtained compliance certification from Gaming Laboratories International for platform account management (IRIS), which includes an event betting system. 슬롯머신

Sportsbooks, casinos, and content providers are certified after rigorous evaluation with the GLI-33 v1.1 event betting system standard. Certification of the Group’s platform means an extensive review of management systems, features, frameworks and practices, which continue the Company’s efforts to reach the highest quality standards.

By obtaining certification from GLI, R. Franco has strengthened its position in the industry with recognition from the world’s leading testing, certification and professional services laboratory.

Javier Sacristán, head of international business at R. Franco Digital, said, “We are pleased to receive the GLI certification for our proprietary platform. We acknowledge the hard work and expertise of our product and development teams and will help us achieve our strategic goals to reach new markets in the near future.”

Karen Sierra-Hughes, vice president of Latin America, Caribbean and Spain at GLI, said. “We are grateful to R. Franco for trusting GLI for this important milestone in our plans for international expansion. We congratulate the company on its commitment to integrated compliance and our technology team on their diligent compliance with the GLI-33 standards, and we are therefore one step ahead in getting into all jurisdictions with little or no time to get to market.”


I’m a season out for Sungbeom, but I couldn’t even raise a big gun… Kia, going back to the past, paying for not doing homework

KIA’s team batting average in 2021 was 0.248, ranking ninth in the league, below the league average (.260). It didn’t even fit well, but I couldn’t hit it far more. KIA had only 66 team home runs in all of 2021. As a result, the team’s OPS (on-base plus slugging) was 0.673, the lowest in the league.

I couldn’t stand still. It moved to “two tracks.” It took time to develop the big guns. I needed a player to use right away. Just in time, there was an optimal sale in the free agent (FA) market. It was Na Sung-bum (34), a left-handed hitter who represents the league. He had a career batting average of .300 in the KBO League, recorded 34 home runs in 2020, three times in 30 home run seasons alone, and seven times in more than 20 home runs. He was a batter with both accuracy and slugging power.

The club enthusiastically supported the scene. There was money. I screamed without hesitation. KIA uniforms were worn for a total of 15 billion won (12 billion won in guarantees and 3 billion won in options) for six years. For now, he has secured a player who will immediately take the weight from the center line. Kia, however, should not have finished with this. Na Sung-beom was in his late 30s at the end of his six-year contract. It was clear that the record would gradually fall. It was necessary to foster a big gun to succeed Na Sung-beom. 토토사이트

So since last year, KIA has been paying attention to players who can “hit far away” with Hwang Dae-in and Kim Seok-hwan. Especially the right-handed big gun options. Ahead of this season, he even recruited Byun Woo-hyuk, a right-handed big gun resource, through a trade with Hanwha. As such, fostering big guns has been Kia’s long-cherished dream.

As of Sept. 20, Kia has neither. Na Sung-bum, who only started the season on June 23 due to a left calf injury this year, collapsed again. This time it’s a right hamstring. He was injured during the eighth inning against LG in Gwangju on the 19th. I didn’t think it was such a big injury until it was replaced, but when I was examined, I was diagnosed with hamstring damage. Rehabilitation alone takes 10 to 12 weeks. Most teams tend to have enough time to leave. But at best, this is a season out.

Na Sung-beom, who entered the batter’s box in the eighth inning with no outs and runners on second and third bases, gave the team an additional point by hitting a timely hit to the right-center. They were fast runners (Choi Won-jun and Kim Do-young) on the ground, so it was enough to enter the home ground. Later, Na Sung-bum, who went to second base with a wild pitch during Choi Hyung-woo’s at-bat, started running toward third base when Kim Sun-bin flew to right field. He entered the third base with a sliding, not a sufficient situation, and immediately felt something wrong. He was replaced by Lee Woo-sung as a pinch runner. This became the last scene of Na Sung-bum this year.

Na Sung-bum has not been healthy this year. However, he proved to be still the best hitter in the league as long as he was healthy. He hit 18 home runs in 58 games this season. This was not much different from the number of home runs (21) in 144 games last year. Although he was far short of the standard at-bat, he still played 253 at-bats and his batting average was very high at 0.365. The OPS is 1.098. KIA manager Kim Jong-kook’s words on the 19th, “If I had played the season from the beginning, it would have been MVP pace,” are not a lie.

With Na Sung-beom down, all the mid- to long-distance resources that gave him a chance to see the future are also sluggish. Hwang Dae-in earned 194 at-bats and Byun Woo-hyuk 175. However, the total number of home runs hit by the two players was 11 (five Hwang Dae-in and six Byun Woo-hyuk), which did not meet expectations. Hwang Dae-in’s batting average fell to 0.219 this year. It wasn’t a performance that deserved the opportunity to play consistently. Byun Woo-hyuk also didn’t have a good batting average and struck out a lot. It was not an easy environment for a player, such as falling into the starting lineup, going to the second division, and coming back to the first division if he failed once.

Kim Seok-hwan, a heavy left-handed catcher, played only four games in the first division this year. He hit 0.302 with 18 home runs in 76 Futures League games, but is less used in the first division. In the end, neither Hwang Dae-in, Byun Woo-hyuk, nor Kim Seok-hwan achieved a significant “step-up” this year. Na Sung-bum, who played only 58 games, tied for second place with the unsuspecting veteran Choi Hyung-woo and foreign hitter Socrates Brito (17.). The key for Socrates is to renew his contract right now, and Choi Hyung-woo is not a resource for three to four years from now. The rest don’t have any double-digit home run hitters.

With Na Sung-bum missing, it is no exaggeration to say that KIA’s batting power has just gone back to two years ago. Although Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young’s growth is possible, he is not a player who can lead the team’s long-distance shots. There is no alternative. We have to play with the players we have now. This is why KIA’s batters are expected to struggle for the rest of the season. Na Sung-bum’s shot, which can change the stream of the game, will be missed.

Coach Kim is counting on the three outfielders who fought hard at the time when Na Sung-bum was missing in the first half. Right-handed hitters Lee Woo-sung and Lee Chang-jin, and left-handed hitter Ko Jong-wook are the main characters. Coach Kim expected, “I think players like Lee Woo-sung, Ko Jong-wook and Lee Chang-jin, who I’ve done before, will fill the gap as much as possible.” Lee Woo-sung had a batting average of 0.296 and an OPS of 0.788 in 102 games this year. Lee Chang-jin played well in 81 games with a batting average of 0.280 and an OPS of 0.762, and Ko Jong-wook was a substitute specialist.

On top of that, outfielder Kim Ho-hyung, who has good defense, will join the entry around the 22nd. However, head coach Kim also expressed his concern, saying, “I think we need to deploy a new center hitter, and I’m thinking that the overall long-distance power will decrease a little.”


“I came in the middle of the season…” The legendary ‘unbeaten pitcher’ was born, but he still hasn’t lost after nine wins

Will there be a legendary “unbeatable pitcher” who never loses. Even after joining during the season, he is poised to end the pennant race without losing. A.C.E who already won for the 9th time. The main character is William Cuevas, 33, of KT Wiz.

Cuevas led the team to victory by showing a scoreless pitch in the first round of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League away game against the Hanwha Eagles at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon at 2 p.m. the previous day (17th). 토토사이트

Cuevas pitched seven hits, five strikeouts, two walks and no runs in seven innings (94 pitches) to win his ninth victory of the season. Cuevas has started 15 games this season and has a tremendous record of nine wins, no losses, and a 2.86 ERA. He has 86 hits (three homers) and 29 runs (29 earned) while playing a total of 91 ⅓ innings. Especially while striking out 79, he walked only 18. WHIP (per-inning on-base percentage) 1.14. He has a batting average of 0.248. He has pitched quality start (less than three earned runs in six innings) for 11 times.

Cuevas is a foreign pitcher who has reconnected with KT during this season. After taking the KBO league stage for the first time in 2019, he marked 33 wins, 23 losses and a 3.89 ERA in four seasons (82 games) with KT until last year. He always played his role by taking double-digit wins in 2019 and 2020. In particular, the scene of roaring after starting in the regular-season No. 1 match (tiebreaker) against the Samsung Lions in 2021 and pitching seven innings with one hit, eight strikeouts, three walks and no runs remains in the hearts of many baseball fans.

Since then, Cuevas has left the team due to injury after playing two games and winning only one game last season. However, KT Wiz’s new foreign player Boschulcer was sluggish with 1 win, 7 losses and a 5.62 ERA this season, and KT’s front office re-signed Cuevas. As a result, it became a godsend.

Cuevas’ ball power shone again on this day. Cuevas was particularly strong against Hanwha this season. He has three wins, no losses, and a 0.43 ERA in three games, including the game. He recorded 15 hits, two walks and 24 strikeouts in 21 innings, with only one run scored.

It was a pitching that could be called the “Hanwha killer.” In the first inning, he gave up an infield hit to Noh Si-hwan after two outs, but caught Chae Eun-sung with a fly ball to right field. He then made six consecutive hits until two outs in the third inning and gave up a right-center double to Moon Hyun-bin, but induced Williams to ground out to second base.

In the fourth inning, he faced a crisis of first and second bases with a hit and a walk after two outs, but he struck out Kwon Kwang-min swinging. In the fifth inning, he gave up a heavy hit to Lee Do-yoon after one out, but he made two subsequent batters. In the sixth inning, he also got a hit to right-center by Chae Eun-sung after one out and a walk to Kim Tae-yeon after two outs, but he threw out pinch hitter Jang Jin-hyuk with a fly ball to right field.

In the seventh inning, he gave up consecutive hits to Moon Hyun-bin and Williams after two outs and was in the biggest crisis of the first and third bases, but he completed his task on the day by catching Noh Si-hwan with a grounder in front of the pitcher. In the end, KT won 7-0 after Lee Sang-dong took charge of two innings from the eighth inning, and KT also won the second game of the doubleheader.

After the game, Cuevas said, “It was effective to try to play aggressively with the batter from the beginning. It wasn’t intentional, but it was a doubleheader, so I wanted to cheer up the bullpen as I was in charge of the inning for as long as possible on the mound. However, he allowed two walks to Hanwha batter Kim Tae-yeon. “I was able to take responsibility for one more inning, but I’m personally sorry and sorry that I couldn’t because of those two walks,” he said.

“Not only me, but all the players are thinking about going to the fall baseball with the team higher than the individual record. If we focus on winning the team right now, I think our personal records, including 10 wins, will improve. He also said, “At the last minute, he was worried about being hit by a ball, but I have to wait and see, but I want to say that I’m okay now.” Cuevas is now scheduled to play against KIA in Gwangju on the 22nd after a four-day break. Will he be able to enjoy double-digit wins again this season.


Where is the momentum for 9 consecutive wins that were over 2nd place…”Let’s Meet the Bear for 5 consecutive losses.” KIA wants to avoid WC away from now

The momentum for nine consecutive wins, which had been over the second place, disappeared for a moment. The KIA Tigers fell into a quagmire of five consecutive losses as they gave up all weekend series to the Doosan Bears. KIA, which wants to avoid away games in the wild card game, has a tough remaining game schedule. Starting with the overwhelming leader LG Twins right now, the week begins with three consecutive weekend matches against second-place KT WIZ.

KIA lost 4-8 against Doosan Bears in Gwangju on Sept. 18. KIA, which has lost five consecutive games recently, maintained its fifth place in the league with 60 wins, two draws and 57 losses this season. He is in fifth place, ahead of SSG Landers in winning percentage without a game difference. 바카라사이트

In early September, it was difficult to predict that KIA’s situation could get this bad. KIA won nine consecutive games from Aug. 24 to Sept. It was a surprising rise that could even aim for the second-place KT position.

After nine consecutive wins were cut off, KIA rebounded again with three consecutive wins after two consecutive losses. However, he began to lose strength as a result of losing 9-10 after a hard hit against the Daegu Samsung Lions on September 12, the first game of the remaining game schedule. Above all, the main shortstop and leadoff Park Chan-ho suffered a finger ligament injury during the first-base head-first sliding.
Sky also turned a blind eye to KIA. KIA suffered a rainfall cold defeat in the sixth inning, trailing 1-3 against the Lotte Giants in Gwangju on the 13th. Due to the two-point gap, the situation where it was possible to chase in the second half of the game was canceled due to cold rain. It was even more regrettable because it was an asymmetric starting matchup between Yang Hyun-jong and Shim Jae-min.

The three consecutive weekend home games with Doosan were the same as the recurrence of “Gomphobia.” In the first game on the 15th, the team’s atmosphere was further dampened by allowing a come-from-behind loss (6-8) in the second half of the game due to the arson of the bullpen in the must-win group. Since then, Thomas Panoni (five runs in five innings in the mound) has collapsed, and he couldn’t stop the bad trend due to Monday’s loss.

When winning nine consecutive games in early September, KIA manager Kim Jong-guk said, “The hitting is a cycle, so there are times when it is bad.” The key is that the starting lineup will be stabilized in the future, he said. However, KIA continued its difficult trend as the starters failed to lead them to the minimum number of runs during the five-game losing streak. KIA’s most recent starting quality start is Yang Hyun-jong’s two runs in six innings against Doosan Bears in Jamsil on Sept. 7. In the nine games since then, the starters have never achieved a quality start.

The key to escaping this week’s losing streak and rebound is ultimately stabilizing the starting lineup. It is time for Yang Hyun-jong, who will take the mound as a starter against LG in Gwangju on the 19th, to show a veteran look. In addition, Lee Eui-ri, who will join the Hangzhou Asian Games national team this weekend, and Mario Sanchez, who showed a faster-than-expected recovery from elbow injuries, are likely to make a baton touch. In many ways, KIA’s atmosphere is at stake in stabilizing the starting lineup at the end of the season.

KIA’s last fall baseball game in Gwangju was Game 2 of the 2017 Korean Series six years ago. At that time, Yang Hyun-jong led the valuable first win of the series with nine complete innings. Yang Hyun-jong vowed to play an autumn baseball game in Gwangju again this season.

Yang Hyun-jong, who recently met with reporters, said, “In both fall baseballs I experienced after winning in 2017, I played wild card games in fifth place and unfortunately finished the season away.” Of course, fall baseball is my goal this season, but I want to go up to fourth place and third place or higher, not fifth place, and enjoy the fall baseball festival with KIA fans in Gwangju. The players, including me, will do their best for the rest of the season for that goal,” he said emphatically.

Will KIA be able to avoid the wild card game away this time as Yang Hyun-jong wishes. Until last year, the league’s fifth-ranked team, which played the wild card game, has never advanced to the semi-playoffs. KIA is so desperate for results beyond fourth place.


William Hill Big Sam Football Show Shortform has more than 750,000 views

Sports content expert Checked Media has racked up more than 750,000 short-form social views in its first five episodes, with a record number for the recent run of William Hill-sponsored show Notify Taffy Football with Sam Allardyce.

The show, which proved to be a major hit on Checkered’s footy accumulator social channel before and after the World Cup last season, had 4.63 million impressions in the first month of 2023-24, with just under 350,000 views on YouTube.

Star guests returning for the second season include Jermaine Defoe, Steve Bruce and Alan Stubbs, and the latter episode in particular has made major coverage in Scotland thanks to the former Celtic player, who was a referee in the Old Firm Derby,’s experience in conversation with stand-in host Tim Sherwood. 경마

Former Tottenham and England star Le Ferdinand was the latest scheduled guest to appear, whose episode spread over the weekend on YouTube and regular audio channels.

The first month’s show generated an impressive number of shares for William Hill as casual bettors capitalized on tips promoted within content.

“Any Tippy Tappy Football with Sam Allardyce continues to provide compelling viewing to football fans and it’s great to have it back for the second season,” said Daryl West, William Hill’s head of sponsorship, society and public relations. “The guests we already had were big hitters who provided appropriately heavy opinions, and we look forward to producing more positive results in the future.”

A wider variety of well-known guests lined up to provide exclusive insights, opinions, and anecdotes for the rest of the season.

“We enjoyed a lot of success in creating an open, honest, and engaging discussion with some of the game’s best names in the first season of No Tippy Tappy Football with Sam Allardyce and it’s fantastic to start in 2023-24,” said Will Tyrell, Head of UK Media at Checked Media.

“As Sam Allardyce is back on board to share his influential take on the game, we’ve attracted a variety of great guests, with content produced on social channels and traditional media making waves. As we continue to provide quality entertainment as well as insightful betting choices for our viewers, we are once again grateful for William Hill’s support.”


3 Oaks Gaming to debut exhibition at SBC Summit Barcelona

3 Oaks Gaming 3 Oaks Gaming, the official distributor of iGaming content, is making its trade show stand debut at SBC Summit Barcelona, where the company will introduce a new Flip 2 Win promotion tool.

Exhibiting at this expo in Pirade Barcelona, September 19-22, 2023, is an important milestone for iGaming distributors and showcases rapid growth within the global betting and gaming industry. 파친코

At the SBC Summit Barcelona, Three Oaks Gaming will unveil an interactive stand displaying the latest slots and promotional tools, including the new Flip 2 Win product. The exclusive in-game bonus engine is designed to reward players with guaranteed prizes during each game session through a unique guaranteed winning mechanic.

When the player performs the first flip, he returns to the main game and repeats the flip process two more times to complete three flip cycles. Overall, Flip 2 Win can improve the user’s gaming experience, increasing player retention.

In addition to the opportunity to win a variety of products, a game tournament will also be held at the stand (CG812) where real-time leaderboards are displayed for participants to participate digitally.

3 Oaks is also hosting a drinks and talks party between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., the opening day of the event, to welcome refreshments offered by existing partners and delegations.

Yury Muratov, Chief Business Development Officer, 3Oaks Gaming, said. “Having our own stand area for the first time is an exciting move for us and shows how much we’ve grown as a business recently.

“Flip2Win is our centerpiece at SBC Summit Barcelona, showcasing the unique elements that give players an upgraded experience thanks to the fast-paced spin cycle. Launching this tool is a milestone for us at 3 Oaks Gaming, and we look forward to showing this to dealers.”


Hwang Young-mook, who achieved his dream of becoming a professional wearing Hanwha’s uniform and baseball life turned into a turning point by appearing on the show

It was certainly not smooth, but he achieved his dream goal since he first took the bat. Looking back, it didn’t matter much to be a little later than others. This is the story of infielder Hwang Young-mook (24), who wore a Hanwha uniform in the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft.

Hwang Young-mook, a graduate of Chunghoon High School, failed in the 2018 KBO Rookie Draft. He entered Chung-Ang University and continued his baseball career before dropping out, before developing his dream of becoming a professional player in the independent league. After completing his mandatory military service on active duty, he continued to temper at Yeoncheon Miracle until recently.

It is no exaggeration to say that Hwang Young-mook’s baseball life marked a turning point through his appearance on the show. He is said to have gained experience that he could not do as an amateur player in KBS’s “Youth Baseball Team” last year and JTBC’s “The Strongest Baseball” this year. 스포츠토토

“I gained confidence by receiving advice from many seniors I met on the program about things I haven’t experienced as an amateur,” he said. “It was also very helpful to experience the pressure of the professional game indirectly while playing baseball in front of a packed crowd.”

He was nominated by Hanwha with the 31st overall pick in the fourth round at the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft held in Westin Chosun Seoul, Jung-gu, Seoul on the 14th. At the time, Hanwha said, “We chose to secure stable infield resources” on the reason for the designation of Hwang Young-mook, a right-handed left-handed resource with compliance infield defense and contact capabilities.

Hwang Young-mook, who met that day, said, “My parents were the reason why I had to play baseball better. My mom and dad always did their best to support me in their position, he said. “I want to return the love I received from my parents for good grades in the professional.”

It is said that Hwang Young-mook’s father split the time to spend on his day job and served as his son’s manager for a long time. This is why Hwang Young-mook was able to focus only on baseball.

Hwang Young-mook, who arrived at the destination that felt far away, was back at the starting point. It is a fierce competition to become a starting player that is waiting for him to cross the threshold of becoming a professional.

Hwang Young-mook said, “I have a dream I’ve had since I first started baseball. “I’m playing baseball with support in front of many fans,” he said. “I’ve been to a good team called Hanwha, so I’ll do my best to play according to the team’s reputation.”


The U.S. and Japan are interested… Still, Peddy is serious about Korea. “It will be fun to look back on later.”

Eric Peddy (30, NC) is not only the best starting pitcher in the KBO League this season, but he is also building a record as a foreign pitcher who will remain in the history of the KBO League. As of the 3rd, he has already won against all clubs, with 16 wins, 6 losses and a 2.39 ERA in 23 games. 토토사이트

You can’t just focus on the record. It shows how much influence a player who played in the Major League Baseball’s active starting rotation can have on the league. Many players in the KBO League are interested in the sweeper Peddy throws. How to use modified fastballs such as strong two-seam fastballs is a good textbook for young pitchers. It feels like a preacher, an advanced culture. This is why he is a player who will remain more than just a record.

There is a constant prospect that Peddy is likely to leave the KBO League after this season. The U.S. Major League Baseball and Japanese professional baseball teams are already closely monitoring Peddy. Scouts from three to five clubs always follow Peddy in each game. An official familiar with the situation scratched his head, saying, “Players who went to the U.S. and Japan have gone through this process before, but there don’t seem to be many clubs that have started acting simultaneously like Pedi.”

Japan may not know, but the United States already has enough data on Pedi. He played six seasons in the Major League and played 102 games (88 starts). He pitched a career-high 451 ⅓ innings. Until last year, he pitched 127 innings in 27 games while playing as a starter for Washington. It is a major league club that has everything, whether it is data to judge success or failure. Nevertheless, seeing Peddy in person is because of his change.

The Washington Post covered his offseason journey through an interview with Peddy on the 4th (Korea Standard Time). According to the media, Peddy moved after receiving a notification from Washington last year that he could not renew his contract. Peddy originally had a home in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the offseason, I visited this place and trained. But Peddy moved to Scottdale, Arizona, last year. The reason was simple. It was to get help from the pitching academy.

Arizona is famous as a spring training destination for Major League Baseball clubs. Players enter Arizona around January for individual training, then build up and join the team’s spring training in mid-February. There are so many baseball-related facilities. Peddy also explained that he was admitted to an academy called “PUSH” and received help. In addition to this academy, he developed both his body and skills by visiting systematic training facilities.

Peddy said, “I needed to go to Scotdale and get my shoulders straight, and dig in on things like mechanics. I needed a basic renovation,” he recalled. The process was relatively successful. At this facility, the height of the shoulder was finely adjusted, and the training was devoted to shoulder health, which is a prerequisite for the adjustment. Peddy and the “Washington Post” explain that they also saw the wrist angle and position of the fastball.

Peddy, who had an arduous training program before technology, became stronger physically. “It would have been better if I had done it sooner,” Peddy told The Washington Post. When I graduated from college, the idea of a ‘driveline’ had just begun to go mainstream. At that time, many people in the sport had negative thoughts about it, he said. “I started using heavy balls this offseason and that helped me maintain my mechanism.”

As a result, instead of reducing the number of sliders falling into bells compared to last year, Peddy was able to mount a side-by-side sweeper, which became a major driver of success in Korea. Of course, it became the “ground for development” that Major League Baseball clubs pay attention to. Such Peddy is satisfied with his success in Korea and his life in Korea. He stressed that he does not know yet whether he will leave the team or not, but that at least 2023 will remain a big memory in his life.

Peddy said, “If the game is canceled, I’ll go on Instagram from time to time to tell the fans. The way I speak Korean makes everyone excited and laugh, he said. “Imagine a foreign player coming to Alabama to learn to speak English with a southern accent. I learned Korean from them,” he said with a smile. Peddy also received an explosive response from many fans by filming him speaking in awkward (?) Korean through the actual club’s SNS.

The Washington Post said, “Of course (Peddy’s) goal is to return to the Major League in the near future. “I’m not sure whether it will be next year or whether it will be necessary to prove himself more in Korea or Japan,” he wrote, “He’s seeing scouts from Major League Baseball and Japanese clubs. “I think the reconstructed weapon will be able to play against the world’s best competitors,” he said, adding weight to Pedi’s U-turn.

But apart from this, Peddy is thinking of his year in Korea as a special consideration. “When I’m old and I can’t play anymore, I’ll be really happy to be here,” Peddy said, adding, “It’ll be a lot of fun to look back on all of this.” NC hopes that its relationship with Peddy will continue.