“2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Postseason” Korean Series at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 8th, winning the series with 4 wins and 2 losses

SSG won the Korean Series following the regular season two years after its foundation. On the other hand, the Heroes remained in second place in the Korean Series in 2022 following 2014 and 2019, promising their first championship.

Tears were moist in the eyes of Puig, a “wild horse” who was greeting fans. His first baseball appearance in Korea seemed more desperate than anyone else. 토토

Puig was so determined to win the championship that he promised to “have a party to celebrate the championship with his fellow players at his home in Miami” if Kiwoom wins the Korean Series.

Puig batted .277 with 21 home runs and 73 RBIs and 65 runs in 126 games in the 2022 season. In particular, in the second half of the year, he showed a hot fire bat with a batting average of 0.316 home runs, 12 RBIs, 36 runs scored in 56 games.

Puig also showed a strong impact in the postseason. He was active with 18 hits in 58 at-bats in 15 games with 0.310 home runs, 3 RBIs, 10 runs scored and 7 runs.

With Puig’s performance, Kiwoom advanced to the Korean Series, beating KT and LG. Puig said during the Korean Series, “The final alma mater is the United States. “If I can’t go to the U.S., I want to play baseball in Korea again,” he said.

Puig will take a break in Korea and then leave for the U.S. It is still undecided whether we will be able to see each other again in the KBO League in 2023. However, Puig, who even showed hot tears as a runner-up, was very impressed.


“I’m going to shoot!”

Kim Hyo-joo tied for third with a 16-under 272 in the fourth round of the 2022 LPGA Tour BMW Ladies Championship (total prize money of $2 million) held at Oak Valley Country Club (par 72, 6647 yards) in Wonju, Gangwon-do in October.

Although he didn’t win, he birdied the 18th hole and finished in a good mood. And Kim Hyo-joo, who finished the game with a good play in front of domestic fans after a long time, felt very good.

Kim Hyo-joo, who took out a birdie from the hole cup, presented the ball to the stands. However, many fans here and there wanted to receive Kim Hyo-joo’s ball. 바카라사이트

Kim Hyo-joo pulled the ball out of her caddie bag and threw it to the cheering fans. A louder shout rang out from the stands on the 18th hole. Kim Hyo-joo smiled broadly as she threw the ball to fans far away.

In 2022, Kim participated in the LPGA and four KLPGA tournaments. On the LPGA Tour, she won the Lotte Championship, tied for third in the Amundi Evian Championship, tied for third in the Trust Golf Women’s Scottish Open, and tied for third in the BMW Ladies Championship, finishing ninth in the 2022 prize money world rankings with $1,1533,497.

In KLPGA, he ranked fourth at the 44th KLPGA Championship of Chris F&C in April and 11th at the OK Financial Group Pak Se-ri INVITATIONAL in September.

Kim Hyo-joo participated in four KLPGA competitions in the 2022 season and received a total of 2.028 billion won in prize money by adding 64,293,333 won.

Kim Hyo-joo is throwing a golf ball to fans with a smile.

Meanwhile, Lydia Ko shot a 7-under 65 with eight birdies and one bogey in the final fourth round of the 2022 LPGA Tour BMW Ladies Championship (total prize money of $2 million) at Oak Valley Country Club (par 72, 6647 yards) in Wonju, Gangwon Province on the 23rd.He won with a total of 21-under 267.

She has won 18 games in nine months since Gainbridge LPGA at the end of January. He easily beat second-place Andrea Lee (U.S., 17-under 271) by four strokes.


Fragmutist football-themed slot

On the eve of the men’s FIFA World Cup soccer tournament in Qatar this month, online game content company Pragmutism Play will release a soccer-themed digital slot game called “Spin and Score Megaways.”

In a press release on Monday, Irina Conides, chief operating officer of Fragmutist Play, made her debut “because football’s popularity is at an all-time high with international competitions just around the corner.”

The FIFA Women’s World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand next year. 경마

Spin & Score Megaway is played on six reels with symbols depicting various football players who need to form matching combinations. The manufacturer says the product has up to 117,649 ways to award a victory.

“This slot offers a variety of ways for players to unlock the maximum possible way through the Big Wild feature, either by increasing the multiplier in a free spin round or by using a megaway mechanism,” Mr. Conides said

Recent releases of the Pragmatic Play Slot include ” Kraken 2 Launch “, ” Sword of Ares “, and ” Big Base Keeping It Reel “. The company holds more than 250 titles in its gaming portfolio.


Takcheon’s Revo Lebo Chan Wong-lin Denies Winner Betting Intervention

Lebo Chan Wong-lin, former president of Takchun Group Junket, denied that he or the company had been involved in so-called “winner” betting activities at Macau casinos during the resumption of the trial at the city’s first trial court on Monday.

Macau News Agency reported on Monday that Mr Chan had asked to speak so that he could reveal some facts. At the first trial last week, Chan only said a few words.

The Macau Public Prosecutor’s Office has charged Chan and eight others with illegal games, criminal associations, fraud and money laundering.

Prosecutors say the Chan-led group has illegally benefited from multiplier bets worth at least HK$1.5 billion ($193 million at the current exchange rate) over nearly six years. 파친코

According to a copy of the indictment reviewed by GGRASIA, prosecutors allege that the multiplier business enabled by Takcheon generated a total of more than HK$39.4 billion in rolling chip sales from April 2014 to February 2020. As a result, the Macau government missed about HK$575.21 million in taxes that should have been paid on total game revenue (GGR) generated from such sales, the indictment says.

Avoid paying Macau’s effective 39% tax rate on casino GGRs, as bets shown at casino game tables using multipliers are said to actually represent private bets that can be several times the ‘official’.

The hearing, held Monday at Macau’s First Court, was the second session of the proceedings, which are expected to take weeks.

Macau News Agency reports that at a recent hearing, Mr Chan repeatedly denied allegations of involvement in the multiplier betting scheme. But according to the media, he said this kind of betting activity is “common” in the Macau gaming industry.

“The industry as a whole knows that some junket agents and representatives will make behind-the-scenes bets with gamblers in private,” he reportedly said. “But even DICJ employees have never found such betting activities in casinos, making it harder for employees to grasp.”

At last week’s hearing, several former employees of Takcheon presented evidence as witnesses. Some of them admitted that they knew of in-house use training materials that referred to so-called ‘under-the-table bets’ and ‘phone-aided bets’ as elements of group services, respectively. This document was written by the prosecution in court.

In his most recent court session, Mr. Chan refuted the allegations. He reportedly said, “I don’t know about behind-the-scenes betting… I don’t know about such activities in Takcheon.” “I would also like to stress [Takcheon] company and I didn’t give any instructions to employees about under-the-table betting,” he said, saying prosecutor Lai Wu only knew the existence of the documents “when they were shown to them in court.

Four Macau casino operators have confirmed civil compensation claims totaling just over HK$134.7 million against Chan and other defendants in connection with alleged criminal activities related to the VIP gaming business.


“2023 Spring Camp” will be set up through Incheon International Airport

Due to COVID-19, overseas spring camps will be set up for the first time in three years. Among the 45 first-tier spring campers, 13 people, including Kim Kwang-hyun, Choi Jung, Kim Kang-min, Oh Taek-geun, and Kim Sung-hyun, left the country early for the purpose of local adaptation and self-training.

Kim Kwang-hyun moved to the departure hall with his daughter, who was going up to the fourth grade of elementary school, and his son, who was going up to the second grade. When Kim Kwang-hyun had an interview with reporters for a long time, his second son in the second grade approached Kim Kwang-hyun and watched him for a long time.

Kim Kwang-hyun’s second son is also learning baseball at a baseball school. According to an official from Kim Kwang-hyun’s agency, “I have a lot of talent in baseball, maybe because I resemble my father’s talent. He said, “My skills are also better than those of my age.” 토토사이트

Kim Kwang-hyun, who is leaving the country, said, “This year seems to start twice as fast as last year. Compared to last year’s contract, this year’s game (WBC) has to be played during that period. Actually, it’s a little burdensome, but I’m throwing it at the call of the country. He also said, “I will overcome it well and stand on the mound in a good way because it depends on my ability.”


Will Postecoglou’s ‘firework’ work for Manchester United

Tottenham will play its first home game against Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Manchester United) in the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) at 1:30 a.m. Manchester United is a strong team that ranked third last season, and the results of this game can also gauge Tottenham’s performance of the season. It is worth paying attention to whether coach Enje Postecoglou’s offensive football, which raises the line to the extreme, will work against a strong team or whether Son Heung-min (31), who is newly captain, will shake off his slump last season and score his first goal of the season. 온라인카지노

Manchester United has transformed into a team that responds flexibly depending on its opponents as coach Eric Tenhach took the helm last season. In Ajax (the Netherlands), which he was in charge of before, Tenhach played a game in which he played with a thorough short pass from the back. However, in order to cope with the fast tempo of EPL, he also scored points one by one by one by introducing soccer aimed at the opponent’s back space with a long pass. The Tottenham defense’s task is to block Marcus Rashford, the spearhead of Tenhach’s football.

Postecoglou’s hot offensive football will be put to the test in earnest against organized Manchester United. Tottenham left only two center backs under the half-line in the season’s opening game against Brentford on the 13th as an away game, and other players pushed them up to the opponent’s penalty box. Sometimes fullbacks led the attack, standing higher than midfielders. Unlike his predecessor Antonio Conte, his aggressive management gave him the fun of seeing it, but the result was disappointing. After often giving up back space to the opponent and exchanging battles, they tied 2-2 with the ranking (9th) team one step below last season.

The match against Manchester United could be an opportunity to see manager Postecoglou’s ability to manage the crisis. This is because the main center back Christian Romero could be absent due to injury. Romero collapsed after hitting his head during an aerial ball race with his opponent against Brentford and was replaced by another centre-back Davinson Sanchez in the early hours of the first half. Due to the nature of manager Postecoglou’s tactics, the absence of a fast defender like Romero could be a big blow to Tottenham.

The match against Manchester United is also important for Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min will greet home fans with captain’s armband for the first time. Harry Kane, the “soulmate” who had been writing the record for the most joint goals (47 goals) in the EPL, left for Bayern Munich (Germany) and accepted the homework to shake off last season’s sluggishness amid concerns over a power vacuum.

Son Heung-min has been close to the left sideline since the preseason, showing typical wingers’ movements, and he has yet to work smoothly with his new teammates amid the opponent’s intensive checks. Attention is focusing on how Son Heung-min can make a scoring route and hunt for goals at a time when coach Postecoglou has vowed not to change his tactical stance. If Son Heung-min succeeds in scoring his first goal of the new season, it will be tied with Chelsea legend Didier Drogba (104 goals).


Is it illegal to count the number of cards

Is it illegal to count cards? Counting cards is a legitimate measure. There is no government or state law that card counters file violations. The police cannot catch you for registering a card with the club, nor can they convict you of any crime. Before you go to the Las Vegas Strip and test counting cards, recognize that in any case, there are several other ways that cards can send you to jail.

Illegal entry of gambling clubs: 경마
The police cannot detain you for a check card demonstration, but you can be arrested for breaking in. Clubs are practically private property and supporters of gambling clubs must abide by the rules of the house. Since the demonstration requires cash that gambling clubs can earn in any way, many clubs have security efforts to check and prevent the latest camera and card aggregation.

Counting cards is asking the card counter to leave if it finds something illegally. Gambling club guards can bully you to get off the table, ask you to leave the game for a while, or completely exclude you from gambling clubs. If the club bans him, he may not come back. Anyway, if you come back, you could face an intrusion charge.

Use an electronic device or card calculator:
The law does not mention a word about restricting the use of academic intentions to verify cards, but agrees with using electronic and mechanical methods. This type of card calculation involves cheating because it has an offline advantage over other players on the table. However, it is your right to think of cards as a characteristic advantage. However, once you use another method, the police may catch you.

Non-mechanical traps:
This causes us to cheat in non-mechanical/electrical ways during the game. In Nevada, gambling control experts deny cheating at clubs. Cheating during the game is a crime that can be prevented. Using your sly to check your card can help you, but it’s not about changing the game. Adjusting the results of the game by exchanging cards with other players or adding cards to the deck can capture gambling clubs.

The act of truly assaulting a casino employee:
If you are suppressed or imprisoned by a gambling employee for checking your card, you will probably feel angry, disappointed, or humiliated. It’s likely that you drank, and the club banned your number one game during the night. Countless people accused of counting cards tragically push or contact security personnel or other employees of the gambling house. Then the gambling house can hold you for attack or actual provocation.


Online Casino vs. Land Casino

Casino games have been popular for centuries, giving people a way to play games and potentially win real money. Over the past few years, casinos have changed a lot, introducing new games and more exciting ways to win. In today’s world, more and more people choose to join gambling sites and play casino games online, betting real money. 파친코

As online casinos become popular, more and more states in the United States are moving to legalize them. Players without a regulated online casino market in their state can still register to play on overseas sites. Now there are new online casinos that are more diverse than ever, and more players are choosing to play online rather than land-based casinos.

The games you can find on online gambling sites are similar to those you can play on land casinos, but the strategies you have to use will be different. There are many advantages to playing online, but if you want to play the most fun games, you’d better take a different approach.

When you play in a land casino, it doesn’t matter which casino you choose. Players generally have preferences. In most cases, preferences are determined by which one is closer. When it comes to online play, you can have a lot more options, which means it’s important to choose the right site. Other online casinos can offer different games and features, so it’s worth spending time making decisions. Choose a site that provides games you can trust and like.

If you prefer to play games on the go, you can also look at mobile compatibility. Many modern online casinos have mobile users in mind, offering apps that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. Mobile casinos offer even greater convenience and are worth trying.

Sometimes, land casinos can offer rewards or discounts to loyal players. These are known as compasses and are relatively common. Players can make the most of the compasses to maximize the amount they can win, but it’s not always available to everyone. On the other hand, online casinos include free spins and down payments.


Director Kim Byung-soo, what Ko Seung-beom says…”You look like a master”

Ko believes Kim Byung-soo has made many changes to the team. Suwon Samsung won 1-0 against Jeju United in the 27th round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 7:30 p.m. on the 18th. Suwon, which won three points, moved up to 11th place in the league. 토토

The balance of zero, which had been maintained in a close game, was broken at the end of the second half. Bultuis, who was put in place of Park Dae-won, who was injured in the 36th minute of the second half, shook Jeju’s net by connecting Lee Ki-je’s corner kick with a header in the 39th minute of the second half. Bultuis’ first goal became the winning goal, and Suwon won the game in three games.

After the game, I met Ko Seung-beom in the mixed zone. Ko Seung-beom, who started the day, contributed to the team’s victory by working with Myung Joon-jae and Kazuki in the midfield. Based on his high activity, he faithfully worked on front pressure and rear defense cover, and sometimes participated in the attack with a bold breakthrough.

Ko Seung-beom said, “We failed to continue the flow in a good atmosphere in July and lost one draw and one loss in August. This game was a must-win game. I feel like I’m starting to get back on the flow. So it means a lot to win this game. “I think I will rebound with victory today and continue this atmosphere,” he said, starting the interview.

Suwon has changed a lot since head coach Kim Byung-soo took office. There is a good atmosphere not only in terms of performance but also inside the team. Coach Kim Byung-soo also said he is trying to give positive energy to the team. This is why Suwon players can stay alert even though they are competing in the relegation zone a few games after turning the halfway point from the beginning of the season.

In response, Ko Seung-beom said, “The director seems to think differently compared to us as well as anyone else. Should I say that I look like a master? He speaks like a man who has reached the level of life. Such parts touch the players a lot, and create an atmosphere that creates that calmness in this unstable situation. I think those things come well for the players,” he said.

“Some of the tactical parts have changed the most since the coach came, but I think it is the coach’s ability to hold the players’ hearts in the process of carrying out the tactics.” In that sense, the coach seems to have a great ability to hold the players’ hearts. “Even if we try to put tactics on the team, the players can’t follow us, but we have no choice but to follow them because they take care of the psychological parts of the players,” he added.

Earlier, when Suwon had been without a win for a long time, it asked Ko Seung-beom a similar question. When I told Ko Seung-beom about this, he said, “There are times when a player is good at soccer and sometimes he is bad at soccer. The coach says the play is up to his mind. If you run with the mind of trying to do well, you’re overreacting. He emphasizes that the mind should always be in neutral. I don’t think I can tell you everything because you talked about so many different things. “But every time I listen to it, it really touches me,” he explained simply.

Besides psychological things, I also talked about the game. Suwon was said to have signaled a rebound thanks to Kazuki’s performance in the summer transfer market. However, recently, it has become a little difficult to use Kazuki as other teams have begun to check Kazuki. Head coach Kim Byung-soo also said, “I can’t afford to fight in the midfield, but I’m trying to increase the number in the midfield.”

When I told this story to Ko Seung-beom, who works with Kazuki, Ko Seung-beom said, “I definitely felt that other players were checking Kazuki.” We must continue to find solutions and try to play well. Tactical research should also be done, but we can also help Kazuki. “I’m trying to find a way and move in a good way, so I’m not too worried,” he said.


“It feels like a robot.”

KT Park Byung-ho wore sensors on four parts of his body and trained batting at the “2023 KT Spring Camp” held at the Tucson Kino Sports Complex in Arizona in February.

Park Byung-ho put up his hand in front of his laptop while wearing a sensor and conducted a series of tests. Raise your right arm, raise your left arm, and turn your back.

KT is using a new equipment called “K-vest” at the team spring camp in Tucson, Arizona. 바카라사이트

K-vest is a device that attaches sensors to players’ wrists, forearms, waist, and legs to dataize swings, rotation angles, and muscles that are mainly used for hitting.

Park made a powerful swing in the batting gauge. The ball stretched out. And Park Byung-ho’s swing data was entered in real time on his laptop.

As if this appearance were interesting, Kang Baek-ho also watched Park Byung-ho’s batting and monitoring of his laptop alternately.

A kt official said, “At this spring camp, power analysis teams, coaches, and players gathered every night to hold one-on-one data meetings based on the players’ data and batting mechanisms,” adding, “We expect sports science used during this camp to have a good impact on the team’s performance in the new season.”