Rental team pushes for ‘contract termination’ after six months

Turkiye media Millyette reported on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time) that Ndombele will end his lease and return to Tottenham, reporting on the situation of Galatasaray in the upcoming January transfer market.

The media reported, “Galatasaray is about to send Ndombele back to Tottenham in January. He is about to terminate his lease with a complete transfer clause.” “Tactical staff have negative opinions on Ndombele, and the club has set out to find his replacement,” he said.

“Ndombele lost his credibility in the game against Manchester United. It fell short of the level of the UEFA Champions League. The club will not use a complete transfer clause through a buyout of 15 million euros,” the media said. 안전놀이터

French midfielder Ndombele is considered Tottenham’s worst recruit. He joined the club in 2019 with a transfer fee of 65 million pounds (about 109.1 billion won) from France’s prestigious Olympique Lyon.

At that time, Ndombele was a key playmaker for Lyon. His elegant de-pressurization, daredevil forward dribbling and accurate passing skills were outstanding. He has emerged as a player attracting attention from various teams by displaying unwavering skills against strong European teams such as Manchester City and Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League.

Tottenham, however, did not show the skills they showed in Lyon. They failed to show long-term de-pressure, forward dribbling, and passes in the Premier League style, which was fast and physically rough, and crucially, their lack of participation in defense emerged as their biggest weakness.

In the end, he was classified as an out-of-power player and spent the last two seasons on loan with Lyon and Naples, Italy. Last season, he returned with the league title at Napoli, but was excluded from the team’s roster again ahead of this season, and as not many teams wanted to recruit him, he ended up leaving the team on loan once again.

However, Ndombele’s life on loan at a Turkiye was also a mess. “Ndombele is struggling due to his overweight status. He cannot even resolve this issue. After arriving in Istanbul last summer, he gained 6 kilograms and the team’s medical staff immediately took immediate action,” the Turkiyen media reported. “His goal was to lose 20 percent of his body fat and 16 percent.”

“Coach Oekan Buruk Galatasaray has also lost patience with Ndombele and is not happy with his attitude and lack of professionalism. There is a complete transfer option, but Galatasaray will terminate his lease. I have already identified other replacements,” he said, predicting that Ndombele will return to Tottenham in January.

It is completely different from Davinson Sanchez, who was at Tottenham together and was completely transferred to Galatasaray and shows professionalism as the league’s best player.

After leaving on loan in September, he lost the trust of the club in just three months. Moreover, despite the injury in late October, he was criticized even more for not taking good care of himself.

However, even if Ndombele returns, his position at Tottenham is unclear. Vice-captain James Maddison is looking for a return to the new year, and Rodrigo Bentancur, Pierre-Emile Hoivier, Yves Bissouma and Pape Matar Sarr are alive in other positions.

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