Son Heung-min, who is about to renew his contract, has no problem with his slump.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min drew a lot of attention as the news of his preparation for the renewal was reported ahead of the match against Nottingham. England’s Team Talk reported on the 15th that Son Heung-min was preparing to sign a huge contract in which Tottenham’s best player left the rest of his career to Tottenham.

Team Talk said, “Son Heung-min wants to leave the rest of his career to Tottenham, and Tottenham is preparing to offer a new contract that will include a huge pay rise. Son seems to be keen on signing a contract extension that will allow him to spend the rest of his career at Tottenham. Son is known to be determined to play a key role not only now but also in Tottenham’s long-term future,” adding that both Son and Tottenham are active in extending their contracts. 메이저 토토사이트

Son Heung-min has already been reportedly preparing for Tottenham to sign a new contract since September. British media reported that “Tottenham is reportedly looking to tie its captain Son Heung-min to a new long-term contract.” He is in his ninth season with Tottenham and is ranked sixth in the club’s all-time goalscorers. Son Heung-min has more than 18 months left to sign a contract until 2025, but Tottenham has reportedly decided to offer him an extension.”

Considering the performance of Son Heung-min, who is in charge of both captaincy and ace this season, Tottenham’s push to renew the contract is a given. Son was appointed Tottenham’s captain ahead of this season. It was Postecoglou’s choice to fill the leadership gap caused by the transfer of Harry Kane and the possible transfer of Hugo Lloris. Son is Tottenham’s 41st captain, founded in 1882. And he is the first captain outside of the European continent.

Tottenham became the first non-England captain in 1897 when Jack Jones from Wales was selected as the captain in 1897, after Bobby Buckle was appointed as the first captain in 1882. However, it was not until 132 years ago that Tottenham allowed non-British players to use the left forearm armband. Until 2014, Tottenham had 38 players as club captain, 26 from England, seven from Scotland, three from Wales and two from Northern Ireland. This also means that it would have been difficult for them to become the focal point of the team unless they were from England. In 2014, he appointed the captain of the French national team, and two years later, he appointed the captain of the French national team, Yoris, the goalkeeper of the French team, to play for seven years. Son Heung-min became the first non-European Tottenham captain. Tottenham is going through a new era in which an Asian player takes charge of both coach and captaincy.

The appointment of Son Heung-min as Tottenham’s captain received a great response. In the 2010s, Son was recognized as Tottenham’s flagship player after Kane and was highly praised for his personality, both inside and outside Tottenham. Son said on the club’s website, “It is a great honor to be the captain of this huge club. It is a great surprise and a very proud moment. I already told my players that everyone should feel like a captain on and off the field. It is a new season, a new beginning. I will give everything for this uniform and armband.”

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