Yun Hyung-bin, who was ‘Soy Sauce Terror’, lost to the 15-year-old young Il-Fighter

Road FC hosted Road FC 067 at the Grand Hotel in Switzerland from 4 p.m. on Saturday. The highlight of this competition is by far the Fight 100 between Kwon A-sol and Yoon Hyung-bin. Fight 100 is a new concept martial arts competition in which Kwon A-sol, former lightweight champion of Road FC, and Yoon Hyung-bin, comedian who is returning as a fighter for the first time in nine years since 2014, have drawn attention.

Yoon Hyung-bin drew attention as he was attacked by his opponent, Japan’s Shoyu Nikki, at a press conference before the competition. Shoyu Nikki is a fighter who appeared in a famous Japanese martial arts program. He won four games and lost two games in Breaking Down, a Japanese martial arts program, but official MMA is his debut. 스포츠토토

Yoon Hyung-bin, who returned to the cage for the first time in nine years since December 2014, did his best for 100 seconds in the match. However, he could not hide his young age. At first, he aggressively rushed with kicks and punches, but after about 50 seconds, half of which passed, he seemed to have lost strength rapidly. His punches and kicks slowed down, and the opponent’s Shoyu Nikki fired back with gusto, hitting back at Yoon. In the end, two of the three judges ruled in favor of Shoyu Nikki and the other declared a draw, and Yoon lost the match.

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