Norimit City to wow players with new rock bottom

Nolimit City revealed a unique slot experience to take players deep into the dark corridors and shady streets of their worst dreams. After recent freak hits like Road Rage and The Rave, the game developer has now taken the thrill of the game to the brink of madness with its new slot game, Rock Bottom! 온라인카지노

The theme of the slot is different from the usual storyline, where the player waits to join the never-ending party with flowers and fruits. The melancholy plot is reflected in an amazing art style similar to noir film, suggesting that there is no chance to escape a dystopian environment without emotional hurt or pain. The game highlights the feverish characters that appear throughout the slot, increasing the sense of despair and intimidating loss.

A cluttered soundtrack adds loneliness and confusion to the virtual world to deepen the frustrating effects, rather than hovering over the game like a nail dug in a wound to exacerbate the pain. Rock Bottom challenges players to embrace the dystopian slot world and find solace in the prize money that reaches the bottom, shakes hard and waits for them there.

Rock Bottom features a 3-4-4-4-3 reel setup and a 5-step progression, with symbols and scatter points displayed on each level. Each level can extend one character symbol to cover the entire reel. Bonus features ranging from 75 to 500 times the base bet keep the player on the edge of the seat throughout the game.

The perfect Nolimit mechanism also includes features such as xSplit®, xBet®, and the new xCap™, giving you a whole new opportunity to reach 1,969 times your base bet and then multiply your winnings by 2, 3, 5, 7, or 10 times. In this way, the feature offers a unique opportunity to pay up to 19,690 times the base bet amount!

Slots are very unstable. In the world, most people will not be able to escape the dark corridors and shaded streets, but a lucky few who overcome five levels of sadness may rush to an incredibly high prize to find comfort in a prize that will turn their nightmare into a sweet dream.

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