I live in Ghana 365 days for the historical expansion of Africa

Global popular operator bet365 has launched a sportsbook platform in Ghana to enter the African market. The operator will access new customers through a live platform, providing exclusive experiences for Ghanaian athletes and stepping into further expansion of its African operations. 경마사이트

bet365 confirmed that its site operated in real time in Ghana on Friday, November 18. The UK-based company sees its entry into Ghana’s market as a ‘breakthrough moment’. Indeed, this event could be an important milestone for bet365 to expand across the continent.

However, it seems that they have chosen carefully as they started providing sportsbooks in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. As soccer is a very popular national sport in Ghana, with the Ghanaian soccer team participating in the tournament, it is offered at a time of football craze to anchor the company’s reputation and use it as a starting point to further expand its advantage in the African country.

A Bet365 spokesperson said of entering the market, “We are pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated bet365 website for customers in Ghana. In a country with a passion for sports, especially football, we are excited to offer a unique sports betting experience with an emphasis on both domestic and international markets.”

Sources say Ghanaian customers will be able to access bet365’s web page using iPhone and Android apps. In addition, they will have access to all the wide-ranging betting markets included in offers for a total of 75 sports and 600,000 live events, such as streaming and in-play betting on leagues including the German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, NBA, NFL, NHL, baseball and tennis.

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