Munich’s desire to strengthen its defense was sincere.

Prior to Dier’s move, he sought to recruit Romanian center back Radu Dragucine. Dragucine, who played for Juventus, a big Italian Serie A club, played as a key defender for Genoa. He attracted the attention of many teams. He is 191 centimeters tall and has good physique, and boasts tough defense. He has displayed strength in set pieces as he scored two goals in 19 league matches this season. Ironically, it was Tottenham who came close to recruiting Dragucine. Munich also attempted to hijack Dragucine in the middle. Platenberg said that Munich offered to transfer 23 million euros to Dragucine. However, Dragucine chose Tottenham instead of Munich.

Dragushin signed a contract with Tottenham until 2030. His number is 6. “I am very happy and excited to join Tottenham. It is a huge challenge for me and I felt from my heart that this was the right decision,” Dragushin said. “I talked a lot with Postecoglou. I felt that we had a good connection. He sincerely wanted me to come to Tottenham. I liked my play and thought I would fit Tottenham well.” 파칭코

“I love raising the defense line and leaving a lot of space behind the defense,” Dragushin said. “I will give everything to Tottenham. It was my dream to play in a place like Tottenham. I will fully demonstrate. I wanted to play soccer at a high level like the EPL. One of my dreams has been fulfilled.” Dragushin met Rodrigo Bentancur and Dejan Klusevski again. They played together for Juventus. “We played together three years ago. I am happy to see you again,” Dragushin said.

As a child, Dragushin was recognized for his potential by playing in Serie B in the 2022-2023 season. He scored four goals as well as a solid defense, showing his unique set piece scoring ability. Genoa succeeded in getting promoted to Serie A with Dragushin’s defense as the foundation. Dragushin has displayed outstanding performance in Serie A this season. In particular, he scored a header equalizer against Inter Milan, the league’s leading team, giving Genoa a valuable draw. As his skills further improved this season, not only Tottenham but also Munich, Arsenal, and Newcastle showed interest. Tottenham was the final winner of the recruitment match.

Tottenham sent Davinson Sanchez (Galatasaray) and Joe Roden (Liz United) away last summer. Dyer also headed to Munich. However, he hired Dragucine to fill the vacancy. On the other hand, Dragucine’s move to Tottenham was bad news for Munich. Munich, which had a wrong plan, quickly turned to Dyer and secured him.

This brings Dyer to the end of his more than 10-year Tottenham career. It was back in 2014 that Dyer wore a Tottenham uniform. English defender Dyer is unusually from Sporting Lisbon Youth, Portugal. He moved to Portugal at the age of 7 when he was young due to his parents’ business problems and dreamed of becoming a soccer player in his new country. Sporting are a team that has produced a number of world-class players, including Portuguese legend Luis Figo and superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. With Tottenham, the storm grew and he even wore the England national team uniform.

Dyer is also positive about playing in overseas leagues, as he has experience playing in Sporting. “Who knows where I will play in two to three years,” Dyer said in an interview with The Athletic in the U.K. in 2022. “I’m still young and have a lot of time. I won’t be in a hurry, but I think I’ll play abroad again someday. I enjoy experiencing different styles of soccer. I look forward to enjoying other soccer as I liked it when I was a child,” he said in an interview with a local media.

In fact, Sporting and AS Roma (Italy) have expressed interest in recruiting Dyer in the transfer window. Sporting, one of Portugal’s most prestigious clubs, are Dyer’s former team. After living as a youth, he joined the professional league there. For Roma, Jose Mourinho, the teacher who played for Tottenham, is leading the team. Dyer was the starting player under Mourinho. However, Dyer’s choice was Munich. As he moved to Munich, the competition was inevitably stronger to become a starting member than other transfer teams. Despite this, he chose to challenge himself. Instead, he can pursue a winning career. Tottenham’s last championship was in the 2008 League Cup. Dyer also had nothing to do with winning the title. He can spend a different career in Munich.

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