“I did it because I was black out.” Jeong Soo-geun, who assaulted a beer bottle, admitted to being charged

Jung Soo-geun (47), a former professional baseball player who assaulted a man he first met with with a beer bottle through the introduction of an acquaintance at a drinking party, admitted the charges in a police investigation. According to the police on the 12th, Namyangju Nambu Police Station recently summoned Jeong as a suspect for special injuries.

During police investigation, Chung reportedly admitted to the charges. Jeong is suspected of assaulting his head with a beer bottle while drinking with A and others at a karaoke room near Pyeongnae Hopyeong Station in Namyangju City on April 21.

Jeong was first introduced to A through an acquaintance and played with him, and he suggested, “Let’s go with the third round,” but when A said he would stop drinking, he reportedly assaulted him several times with a beer bottle. 스포츠토토

The assault injured A, such as tearing his head. Shortly after the crime, Jeong made an “apology” to A by phone and text message, but A reportedly wants severe punishment.

When listening to Jeong’s phone call recording released on the Internet, Jeong repeatedly apologized to A, saying, “I’m so sorry. I’ll pay all the hospital bills, so treat me comfortably. We had a good time and why I did it, the blackout came.”

Chung joined the OB Bears in 1995 and played until 2003, then moved to the Lotte Giants in 2004 and played his career until 2009. In 2007, he was awarded the KBO All-Star Game MVP and later served as a baseball commentator after retirement.

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