“Is this a team?”Serious performance → Fans demonstrate with 400kg of rotten fish

The Sun, a British media outlet, reported on the 24th (Korea time) that “FC Lorient’s players received stern warnings, including 400 kilograms of rotten fish upon arrival at the training site.” Lorient suffered a crushing defeat of 0-4 in the derby match against Brest in the 17th round of the 2023/24 season at Stade Francis Les Bleh in Brest, France on the 24th (Korea time). Camori Doombia scored four goals before halftime, clearly finishing the match. 실시간 바카라사이트

Laurien has won just two League 1 titles this season, and this is already his ninth such loss. Therefore, the team remains in the relegation zone of 17th place. When the team suffered a crushing defeat even in the derby match, fans couldn’t contain their anger and threw 400 kg of rotten fish outside the facility. Fans also released a statement accusing the team of being “disgraceful” and warned that “action” could be taken. “Post-game action will be taken following our team’s recent disgraceful defeat,” they said, before writing, “400 kg of fish will be spilled on the gate with the message, “It’s really rotten like you guys.”

Meanwhile, Lorienne has signed Benjamin Mendy, a former Manchester City defender, to a free agent this season. Mendy is one of the four players reportedly dismissed by his manager for lacking “humility.” French media L’Equipe claims that the other three are Viktor Makengo, Isaac Toure, and Romain Fyvre. It is a total disaster for Laurien because fans are joining the team in a bad mood. League 1 is now in its winter break, and Laurien has until Jan. 6 to wait until his next match.

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