Manchester City’s decision…30 billion won is spent on recruiting ‘Next Messi’

Argentinean Echeveri has grown into a River Plate youth player and made his professional debut this year. He has not started yet this season, but is gradually taking the opportunity to play as a substitute five times.

Echeveri is an attacking midfielder who is drawing attention with his talent to become the “second Lionel Messi.” He dribbles through the opponent team’s defenders with fast breakthrough based on his outstanding dribbling skills. He also threatens the opponent team’s goal with his sharp right foot. 메이저 토토사이트

In particular, Echeveri drew attention by showing off his outstanding performance at the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Indonesia in November this year. Echeveri had one goal and three assists in his debut match against Venezuela and a hat trick in the quarterfinals against Brazil. Argentina ranked fourth, but Echeveri won the bronze boot by scoring five goals and one assist in seven matches.

Naturally, big clubs are paying attention to Aceberry’s situation. According to European soccer transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, Manchester City, Chelsea and Barcelona are also interested in recruiting Aceberry.

The most active team is Manchester City. Currently, Manchester City is seeking to recruit Echeveri by contacting both River Plate and Echeveri. While Chelsea is still paying attention to Echeveri, it is difficult for Barcelona to recruit him due to its financial fair play (FFP).

Manchester City remember negotiating with River Plate when they signed Julián Álvarez. Manchester City signed Álvarez in January 2022 and spent the rest of the season on loan with River Plate.

Again this time, it is expected that Echeveri will quickly confirm the recruitment and then send the loan again. According to Romano, the estimated transfer fee is at least 20 million euros (about 30 billion won).

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