“I’m proud to be a KU student,” says striker Kim Ki-hyun

The sound of victory echoed through Goyang, and at the center of it all was forward Kim Ki-hyun (Chegyo 21).

The Korea University soccer team won 3-0 against Yonsei University in a regular season soccer match at 2 p.m. on Sept. 9 at Goyang Sports Complex. After not winning a regular season soccer match for the past seven years, Korea University happily broke the losing streak with this victory.

Kim Ki-hyun was the spearhead of the victory, playing up front. “We were able to get a good result as a team,” said Kim Ki-hyun. When we lost the regular season last year, we were disappointed in ourselves. However, I feel like we made up for it with this win, so I’m very happy,” he said of the regular season victory. When asked about his own performance, he said, “I’m disappointed that I didn’t score a goal, but I think I held up my end and created a lot of chances. I would give myself a 7 out of 10.”

In last year’s regular-season soccer match, KU struggled to get its offense going. This year, however, they dominated Yonsei, never letting go of the lead throughout the game. When asked about the biggest difference from last year, Kim Ki-hyun said, “Our thorough preparation for the regular season under the guidance of our coach led to good results. We analyzed Yonsei’s games this year and thought about how we should move, which gave us an edge in the tactical part.” “We played differently from last year, and I think it led to a good result because we fought from the front and took away a lot of our opponent’s physical strength.”

Many students came to the stadium to support the Korea University soccer team. When asked what it was like to play in front of such a large crowd, Kim Ki-hyun said, “When 바카라사이트 I first entered the stadium, I felt more responsible because only the KU stands were full. The cheers from our classmates were much louder, and we were able to win the game. I’m very proud to be a part of Korea University,” he said, thanking the fans. Finally, he concluded the interview by expressing his respect for his opponents, saying, “I also want to thank the Yonsei players for making it a good game, and I hope we can have a great match next year.”

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