The beginning of Korea University’s build-up’ Kwon Yong-seung

Kwon Yong-seung (Physical Education ’22) looked back on the game.

Korea University (hereinafter referred to as Korea University) won a landslide 3-0 victory against Yonsei University (hereinafter referred to as Yonsei University) in the regular soccer game held at Goyang Sports Complex starting at 2 PM on the 9th, with an overall score of 3-2 and a come-from-behind victory.

Just as there was a build-up for the comeback victory in this regular season, there was a center back duo who started the build-up in Korea University’s last sport, soccer, and it was Kwon Yong-seung and Bang Woo-jin (PE ’21).

Yonsei University had the advantage due to losses in baseball and ice hockey, but victories in basketball and rugby gave the final championship to the soccer team. The burden was even greater as the soccer team had had to experience the bitter taste of defeat since 2017. In response, Kwon Yong-seung said, “I thought Korea University had the upper hand in terms of ability, but what we needed was confidence, and we had to overcome the pressure,” and revealed that preparations had been made to shake off the pressure in this regular game. Kwon Yong-seung, who achieved a landslide 3-0 victory under the pressure of having an opportunity to end a three-game losing streak, a finale in the regular season, and the final game that would determine the final championship, said, “In addition to winning the regular game, which was my goal at the start of this season, I can also win Korea University’s final championship. “I am happy and overwhelmed,” he said.

Kwon Yong-seung contributed to the scoreless goal defensively, but he also had a big influence on the winning goal. In the 38th minute of the first half, in a corner kick situation, goalkeeper Choi Kang-seo (23, Yonsei University) failed to handle the ball, and the ball passed to Kwon Yong-seung. As Kwon Yong-seung, surrounded by defense, pushed the ball into the goal, Jang Hyun-do (22, Yonsei University) committed a handball foul, resulting in Jang Hyun-do’s sending off and a penalty kick for Korea University, taking the advantage. Regarding this situation, Kwon Yong-seung said, “Coach Shin Yeon-ho (PE ’83) instructed me to mark the goalkeeper, and the tactics matched well, and I was able to get a foul and a red card in a mixed situation,” and mentioned that the goalkeeper-focused mark worked. Ji-ho Lee (21, Physical Education) scored a penalty kick, bringing Korea University one step closer to winning the final.

Korea University’s overwhelming attack continued even before the possibility of ejection came up, but Korea University, which had a numerical superiority, used various attackers in the second half and continued to knock on Yonsei University’s goal. Kwon Yong-seung said, “I trained with a focus on quick passing and movement to break through the shield of Yonsei University, which uses defensive tactics.” Kwon Yong-seung, who was a defender, said that he focused on blocking Yonsei University’s counterattacks. Korea University’s attackers successfully penetrated to destroy Yonsei University’s defensive line, and Kyung-min Yoo’s (21, Physical Education) multiple goals were proof that the training was successful.

It takes place with the support of many students, and due to the nature of regular matches taking place on natural grass, ‘one shot’ at a set piece is important. In this game as well, a penalty kick was awarded from a corner kick, showing that coach Shin Yeon-ho’s set-piece strategy worked. Regarding the set-piece training, he said, “I trained with a focus on how to respond by looking at the tactics that Yonsei University used in the fall league game,” showing that preparations for the regular game were thorough. He did not forget to express his gratitude to the players who trained together and achieved a landslide victory in the regular game, saying, “I am really grateful. I think we won because the other players who played together did a good job.” The victory in the regular game was achieved by Kwon Yong-seung and the Korea University soccer team that worked hard and trained with him to create history.

Korea University’s comeback drama, the 2023 Regular Exhibition, was truly a ‘drama’ for students. Korea 사설토토 University, which did not give up despite losing in two events, won the final with an overall score of 3-2. Kwon Yong-seung said, “When I was having a really hard time, I cheered up while listening to the support,” and expressed his ambition to win next year’s regular match as well. Although the 2023 regular season has ended, the soccer team still has a journey left in the second half of the U-League. It remains to be seen whether Korea University, which is preparing for a league rebound starting with the game against Howon University to be held at the Howon University Stadium on September 22, can continue the momentum of victory gained in the regular game.

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