Delaware Live On Oct. 31 Online Gambling

Delaware will start playing online games on Oct. 31. Dover Downs Hotel and Casino President and CEO Ed Suter identified Halloween treats for casino players at a global regulatory briefing in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

Suter said, “In nine days, Delaware will be the first fully online game in the United States.”

“This will bring our customers back to normal,” Suter added.

Delaware allows three casinos to offer all kinds of casino games online, including slot machines, table games, and poker. Players must physically be located in Delaware in order to play online with one of the three casinos in the state. 파워볼게임

Nevada, which became the first state to allow people within its borders to participate in online games earlier this year, can only offer online poker.

In November, Atlantic City Casino in New Jersey will start offering all casino games online to people in New Jersey.

Casinos in Delaware are free to market on their own, but they have to plug their brand into platforms run by the Delaware Lottery Commission. The Delaware Lottery Commission decided to use the 888 gaming platform for online casinos and poker rooms. Scientific Games is responsible for age identification, location identification, payment processing, and other issues.

Suter expects that once Delaware thrives and operates, they will be able to turn their attention to partnering with other states and even other countries to accumulate players’ liquidity. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Delaware has a population of about 917,000.

“I heard that New Jersey is hesitant to make a compact with Delaware because we are competitive,” Sutter said. “But they shouldn’t be doing that.”

Sutter also said he expects Delaware to push for an agreement to share the player pool with other countries, with the UK at the top.

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