The ups and downs of online gambling in New Jersey

Not only because Thanksgiving was the first time that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah’s first day were exactly the same (and that won’t happen for another 70,000 years). What really made it special was the online game that came back to New Jersey last week.

So I traveled every November to my parents’ house in Haddonfield, New Jersey, looking for more than just turkey and stuff. I wanted to try out a newly established online casino in the Garden State. 토토사이트

On Tuesday, Nov. 26, New Jersey became the third U.S. state to offer licensed and regulated online casinos. The launch came after a five-day “soft play” period, such as a beta test, during which casinos were able to offer a full suite of games to no more than 500 players at a time.

The “soft play” period was intended to ensure that New Jersey’s web gambling could operate smoothly and effectively for regulators and online casinos alike. Unfortunately, in the first week, if New Jersey’s online casinos wanted to gain legitimacy and build a solid market, there were many mistakes that needed to be corrected.

My story begins on Wednesday morning, similar to many others who have struggled to sign up or access the online casinos in this state. I’m still looking forward to solving these problems in my home state, but my experience hasn’t been very encouraging in that regard.

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