‘Cosmopolitan’ reveals sports gambler’s Heavenly footsteps

Since Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan opened on the Las Vegas Strip a little over five years ago, sports betting has definitely been the backstory. While the space reserved for the sportsbook on the second floor was fully functional and functional, it was not a “destination” area within the luxurious Twin High-Rise Resort, located between the City Center and the Bellagio.

Brian Benowitz, senior vice president of Gaming Operations at Cosmo, explained to Casino City, “It was more of a trading area where you go in, make a bet, and then look for another job.” 경마

Three months ago, resort officials determined that it was time to completely recreate the experience of sports gamblers. They found a space on the first floor of the casino that Benowitz described as a “grave for slots” and began transforming it into a futuristic sports gambler’s paradise, literally just off the strip. Just in time, the new book, still powered by CG Technology, was opened 50 days before the Super Bowl, and guests responded by helping the resort run big games up to 50 percent year-on-year.

“We don’t have anything but rave reviews. And it brought energy to the casino floor we’ve never seen before,” smiled Benowitz. “The great thing about this new space is that it’s very interactive. It’s like a big living room. You feel comfortable from the moment you sit down. It’s definitely a place where you want to come in and stay for a long time instead of leaving a bet.”

The book’s amenities include a state-of-the-art LED video wall for sports and racing, dozens of high-definition televisions, mobile wear technology, and lounge-style seating areas. There is a section where you can all freely play shuffleboard, billiards, and fussball tables, adding to the “interactive” theme, and there is a VIP area where you can watch your actions unfold on your personal 90-inch TV.

The 23-seat bar is open 24/7, with each station having a video poker machine, 24-hour caterer, and an unimpeded sight line on the LED wall. There are 14 craft beers on the menu and eight beers on the tab. Scrolling around the bar is what Benowitz calls the “coolest sports ticker you’ll ever see.”

“A lot of sportsbooks have a major bar area on the outskirts of the place, but we decided to put the bar in the middle of practice,” said Benowitz, who is in Cosmo for five months after his 20-year career in the city, which included stints at Mirage and Arya Resort & Casino. “CG technology has been a great partner for us. They have eight locations in Las Vegas, and we really feel like this is the only place people will choose to go forward. We really have something for everyone. An experienced racer has their own space to enjoy, as do serious sports gamblers. But we also appeal to an average athlete who just wants to come in and enjoy other amenities.”

The sportsbook opening came after The Cosmo introduced a new high-limit slot area and a casino lounge called CliQ in the west end tower just before Christmas. The slot area used to share table games and space, but now it’s exclusively available to slot players, with private restrooms and free cookies. Next, the resort will turn its old high-limit slot room into a high-limit table gaming area that offers blackjack and baccarat with new carpets and chairs. Also, within next year, the resort plans to unveil a VIP suite on the top floor of the east tower.

“It’s an exciting time here,” added Benowitz of the resort, whose casino income has been steadily increasing since 2014, when an affiliate of the New York-based Blackstone Group bought it for $1.73 billion. “All you have to do is just walk around the property and you can feel the energy.”

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