Circa Million and Circa Survivor

Circa Million and Circa Survivor, famous soccer tournaments for Circa Sports, will have a total of $14 million this season. The Las Vegas-based casino and sportsbook operator said in a statement Thursday. This season will mark the fifth iteration of an increasingly popular NFL tournament. Total guaranteed payments last year were $12 million. The guaranteed prize money for the Circa Survivor is $8 million, while the promised prize pool for the anti-proliferation million competition is $6 million. Circa doesn’t make money in both competitions. 온라인경마

In addition to Nevada, Circa Sports offers mobile sports betting in Colorado, Iowa, and soon Illinois. But the choice for participants should be in Nevada. Las Vegas’s various proxy services are for football participants living in different states. Approximately 4,700 participants joined the Circa Million IV in 2022. In other words, the operator faced a $1 million northern overlay. Each entry fee for the two competitions is $1,000. This year, 5 Circa Million participation per person will be restricted, and 10 Survivors will be restricted to 10 per person.

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