REEVO, a company that develops in-house content and integrates games for third parties, has entered into a new partnership with a prominent industry provider. The partnership is related to endorphina, a fellow developer and studio of excellent iGaming titles, including slots for Little Panda Dice, Diamond Chance, and RetroMania.

Revo has a long tradition of offering players some of the best possible products, as its portfolio of proprietary and third-party content products is rapidly expanding through a dedicated aggregation platform run by the company.

Endorphina will bring more than 100 of its own games to Aggregator and use them to significantly increase its offerings. On the other hand, REEVO will benefit from a variety of realistic content that will be an excellent opportunity for the platform as well as the operator and partner networks to drive their own player base and stronger engagement. 파칭코

Endorphina is also a well-known name in the industry, meaning it will automatically generate a lot of interest in the product. REEVO is also pleased to secure this partnership, says Petra Maria Pula, the company’s sales director.

“With professionalism, professionalism and creativity, I’m excited to have Endorphina, a studio that we really admire, participate,” Fulla said. She praised Endorphina’s games as a notable addition to truly cementing the company’s influence and presence in global areas and markets.

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