Archery is a hobbyist accident…Joo Jae-hoon, No. 1 Compound, “It’s an honor just for the challenge.”

Joo Jae-hoon (31), a member of the national team with eight years of experience, passed the men’s compound ranking round at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and drew attention.

Joo Jae-hoon shot 712 points in the men’s ranking round of the archery compound at the Hangzhou Fuyang Inhu Sports Center in China on the 1st and proudly ranked at the top of the leaderboard among 64 players.

He beat out prominent teammates such as Kim Jong-ho and Choi Yong-hee (Hyundai Steel), who won the team gold medal at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games. Kim Jong-ho ranked eighth with 702 points, and Choi Yong-hee ranked 24th with 692 points.

As a result, Joo Jae-hoon will challenge for three gold medals in the individual competition, where two players per country can participate, the team competition with the top three players, and the mixed competition in which she works with the top Korean player in the women’s division. He will compete in individual competitions with Yang Jae-won (National Sports Unit), the second highest among Korean athletes.

He will also compete in the team event with Yang Jae-won and Kim Jong-ho, and will compete in the mixed event with So Chae-won (Hyundai Mobis).

Joo Jae-hoon said in a joint coverage area, “I didn’t expect much. All three players (in Korea) except me are very good. Even if they are the same player, they are different from me,” he said. “I wanted to shoot comfortably without expectations. There were many variables due to the strong wind, but I think that helped me.”

Due to his unique history, he became a hot topic in the archery world with the Taegeuk mark. 스포츠토토

He is not a former elite archer who has professionally played archery since he was a student. I started out as a hobby.

After being discharged from the Marine Corps, Joo Jae-hoon, who majored in literature information at the university, visited a club for club members in 2016 and made a connection with Bow. He didn’t put down his bow even while working. I studied breathing methods and routines while watching YouTube, and I improved my skills by practicing in my acquaintance’s congratulatory speech.

Then, he stood out in the amateur competition, and while he was at it, he challenged the national team. Joo Jae-hoon put on the national flag after his fifth attempt.

So did luck. Initially, the Asian Games were scheduled to be held last year, but were postponed for a year due to COVID-19 issues.

Last year, he gave up the selection match due to COVID-19 confirmation ahead of the national team selection match, but as it was delayed, there was a way to try again, and he took the opportunity.

In the final evaluation match of the Asian Games national team in April, as a result of the first and second rounds, he ranked fourth in the compound men’s division and was listed as the final entry for the Asian Games.

Joo Jae-hoon works as a petition police officer for the Ministry of Information Security of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power. He is on leave to train and participate in the Asian Games.

“A player said it, and it’s a tremendous honor just to try. “I started as a hobbyist, went through the national team selection, and came to the Asian Games, so it’s a great honor for me personally,” he said.

“It was my dream and goal to become a national team member, and it’s really good to get off to a good start on the big stage of the Asian Games. “If I can win a medal, wouldn’t I be able to remain in the history of Korean archery?” he said. “I’m confident.” I’m not going to be greedy, and I’m going to keep the routine I’ve been doing so far and work as usual. I think there will be good results if I focus on myself,” he said.

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