Phil Helmut Wins Back-to-Back With 17th WSOP Bracelet

According to Poker News, Phil Hellmuth, one of the best poker players in history, endured a rather frustrating 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) despite getting his hands on nine cash, according to insiders close to him. However, after scoring his 10th cash with his 17th WSOP bracelet win in the event #72: $10.000 Super Turbo Bounty, everything got back in place, meaning he broke his own record and added another bracelet.

The 17th win was a variation of No-Limit Hold’em:

This win is truly significant for Helmut as it only adds to his perhaps greatest tournament poker resume, which began in 1989 when he won his first main event bracelet. However, with this bracelet, everything except his three bracelets came in a No-Limit Hold’em variant.

The WSOP tournament also incorporated a quick blind structure and bounty elements to attract 642 competitors, earning an additional $4,044,600 in total prize money, while Helmut earned $803.818 in addition to the top prize.

A monumental comeback: 슬롯머신

When it came to what was most important to Helmers throughout the tournament, it was obviously not money, it was about extending his record. Because it gives his critics additional reason to claim “he’s one of the best to ever play the game.”

However, despite Helmut eventually winning, his tournament had its ups and downs. During one phase he dropped from 15.000/30.000 blind level to 60.000. When he later mentioned that particular moment, he told Poker News, “I just needed to get to the break.” And the break helped him regain his concentration and return with new motivation to make an amazing comeback.

His comeback began late that day when he picked up the pocket jack three times, won a few key flips, and found aces at the right time to put Phil Ivey in sixth place. In this regard, when explaining the whole situation and the day’s luck, Helmut said, “I was holding out against the ace king for $3 million each.

Event Early Ends: #71 $50,000 Pot Limit Omaha High Rollers:

In addition, he explained, “Part of the reason he was one of the contenders in the tournament was because the #715,000 Port Limit Omaha High Roller was eliminated from the race early at the hands of Jeremy Ausmus.” In response, he added: “Part of the reason I brought down Port Limit Omaha may have been to come and win this. You know, part of the reason I broke deuce to seven may have been to allow me to rest.”

In addition, he stressed the importance of the three-day rest given to him, saying, “The new arrival has helped a lot.” “I came back from one of those breaks, and there were 60,000 blinds left. There were 15 and 30 blinds. I just knew I had to go by that break,” he added. The rest days helped him clear his head to endure some of the tournament’s tough times. Also, after a break, forever

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