Would you like to trade for Oedegard and Bellingham? No! Why?

An interesting question came up. The question is whether Arsenal’s ace Martin Oedegard and Real Madrid’s supernova Jude Bellingham will be exchanged.

Oedegard, who was once called a genius and attracted the attention of world football, but went downhill. However, he wore Arsenal’s uniform and started showing off his genius again.

Oedegard was especially beautiful last season. He was the center and captain of Arsenal’s sensation. Arsenal finished first in the league until the middle of the season. At the end, he finished second behind Manchester City, but it was a season that was praised by many. This season, Oedegard is also leading Arsenal’s rise, scoring two goals.

Bellingham is already expected to be the next Ballon d’Or winner. He moved from Dortmund to Real Madrid this season, scoring four consecutive goals in his debut. It is tied with Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid. Adding another goal in one match would be Real Madrid’s first history. 

Real Madrid are laughing at the Bellingham effect. Bellingham is leading the league with five goals in four games, while Real Madrid is leading the league with four 스포츠토토 consecutive wins. It is clear that he is an unrivaled player among the existing 20 years olds.   

Would you trade Oedegard for Bellingam. The person who was asked this question is striker Darren Bent, who has played for Tottenham, Sunderland, and Aston Villa in the past. Bent, who played as a striker for England. This is a question he took from Talk Sports in the UK.

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