Woo Sang-hyuk becomes first Korean player to reach Diamond League Finals

The first player from Korea to make it to the Diamond League Finals is Woo Sang-hyuk.

Woo Sang-hyuk enjoyed his match with Australia’s Hamish Kerr, playing a delightful game of banter.

Starting at 2m 15, Woo was the only one to make it through 2m 20 and 24 without a single failure.

Woo roared after crossing 2m 28, which he had failed twice before, in the third period.

He could hardly contain his emotions as he dramatically succeeded in his last attempt at 2m 31.

After failing to clear 2m 33, Woo tried to raise the bar to 2m 35 as Bashim and Kerr cleared 2m 33 side by side.

Both attempts ended in failure, but with the disappointment of the World Championships behind him, Woo waved to the crowd.

With 2m 31, Woo finished third behind Bassim and Kerr, adding six ranking points to his total of 20 and fourth overall.

After falling one point short last year, Woo fulfilled his dream of becoming the first Korean athlete to compete at the World Championships.

[Woo Sang-hyuk/ National High Jump Team: “I’m so happy to be in the (Diamond League) Final. I will do my best until the final and the Asian Games, thank you. Fighting!”]

Noah Liles showed off his explosive speed to become the first post-Bolt triple world champion, winning the 200 meters in 19.80.

In the women’s 400-meter relay, Switzerland’s last runner allowed a long sprinter from the Netherlands to make a late charge.

Although she was unable to overcome the stride difference, she gave it her all and held on to the baton to secure a valuable second place finish.

[“Diamonds are forever!”]

The stars 먹튀검증토토사이트 of track and field at the Diamond League were treated to a festive night of awards at the on-track parade.

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