“What would you have done if you didn’t make Son Heung-min captain?” But I didn’t know. “I never said it… The most nervous time for the first speech.”

Son Heung-min won Tottenham Hotspur’s captain’s armband in the opinion of manager Enze Postecoglou ahead of this season.

There were also many opinions that Son Heung-min’s appointment as captain was somewhat unexpected.

British media Football London said, “Son Heung-min didn’t usually talk much at Tottenham. That’s why many people were surprised by Postecoglou’s appointment as captain.”

British media “The Boot Room” said, “There was a surprising response from Tottenham insiders to the decision to appoint Son Heung-min as captain. He was not part of the team’s leadership group in recent years,” adding, “I was embarrassed to see him enjoying himself with responsibility.”

Before the opening match, Son reportedly proposed sending a text message to vice-captain James Medicine so that they could gather round in front of away fans and feel like they are part of us.

Madison also admired, saying, “Son Heung-min talked in front of his fans and really made them move.”

Since then, he has shown the captain’s dignity by thanking the away fans who have consistently cheered by taking the players to greet them.

Son Heung-min is famous for being a friendly player for his fan service. He is known as the last player to greet the audience and leave the office after playing for the national team.

Son Heung-min accompanied Peru to a match in Busan in June, but did not play. 토토사이트

Son reportedly underwent sports hernia surgery in the U.K. right after the season. Currently, he is recovering and will not start in a match against Peru.

“Son Heung-min is not 100 percent recovered from his injury yet. He will start from the bench,” manager Jürgen Klinsmann said, hinting that he will not be listed on the starting lineup.

Some expected Son Heung-min to play in the second half, but he finished the game without stepping on the ground as a protection.

Son Heung-min also said after the game, “Many fans came to Busan and I wanted to show them what I did well, but it’s too bad.”

Son Heung-min’s fan service is also being continued in his team Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham recently played against Chelsea, where players who finished warming up before kick-off returned to the locker room and made final preparations for the match, and Son Heung-min stopped in front of the tunnel for a moment for fans who visited the stadium.

Son Heung-min accepted all requests for photo time and autograph from fans. He sincerely provided fans with fan service.

Based on this, it was also selected as the best 11 players in the soccer world by the soccer content production company “premftbl.”

The best 11 most liked players in football were Son Heung-min, Viktor Osimhen, Bukayo Saka, Antoine Griezmann, Jamal Musiala, Jude Bellingham, Alfonso Davis, Thiago Silva, Manuel Akanji, Reece James and Alisson.

Son Heung-min revealed the behind-the-scenes story at a time when Tottenham is faithfully playing the captain role.

Son Heung-min recently mentioned on YouTube channel Men in Blazers, “To be honest, Coach Postecoglou has never mentioned the captain.”

“Players were gathered in the meeting room on the morning of our meeting with Postecoglou. I thought, ‘Why are they all here?’ But the captain announced SONNY,” he recalled.

“I had to speak as a captain. It was the most nerve-wracking time. I watched them every day, but it was the most difficult part,” he said.

Son Heung-min is in charge of Tottenham’s attack through outstanding performances along with his captain’s role. He has scored eight goals this season, making his name the top scorer.

Son Heung-min was compared to idol Cristiano Ronaldo as he played as a front-line striker this season.

Ronaldo was a side attack resource, but he has been maintaining it after changing his position to a striker.

“Son Heung-min has the ability to finish with both feet. He is walking a path similar to Ronaldo, who changed his position to the front line striker,” Sky Sports said.

“Tottenham has a dedicated player who scores a goal called Son Heung-min and makes space for his fellow players. The transfer to Kane is showing effect. He is doing more at the door. He recorded less than 10 percent of touches, but this season it is close to 20 percent,” he said.

“Son Heung-min’s six goals under Postecoglou all came from goal posts. It is a useful example of a change in position,” he added.

Postecoglou shared the same view, saying, “Son Heung-min is similar to Ronaldo. I started as a winger.”

“Son Heung-min is a really good goalscorer. I always feel that he has excellent movement. His ability to play as a forward striker is more complicated than that of the side, but he is clever enough to play as a forward striker.”

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