The Triangle Squadron is back to life!”Escape from the last place.” KEPCO’s real season has begun

KEPCO, led by head coach Kwon Young-min, beat OK Savings Bank 3-0 in the men’s second round of the “Dodram 2023-2024 V League” at Suwon Gymnasium on the 14th, beating KB Insurance (1 wins, 7 losses, 5 points) to the bottom (7th) with two wins and six losses. He escaped from four consecutive losses and last place all at once.

Korea Electric Power Corp.’s start to the season was shaky. After winning his first win of the season against Hyundai Capital, he lost four consecutive games and finished the first round with one win and five losses. In particular, he failed to accumulate any points during the losing streak. He was so helpless that he didn’t even have a full-set battle.

However, it was different on this day. Korea Electric Power Corporation’s proud attack triangle formation revived and won an easy victory. A fierce one-point match continued like thin ice in each set, but he played a perfect game through defensive concentration, which was difficult to see before.

The revival of Lim Sung-jin, a native outside heater (left), was crucial. After an amazing performance last season, he rarely worked hard this season, but he flew in the match against OK Savings Bank. When he scored 13 points with a 66.67% attack success rate, his teammates also survived. Seo Jae-deok (13 points) and foreign player Tice (17 points) also dominated the opponent’s court with fierce momentum.

Lim Sung-jin, who was burdened by doing his part for the first time in a long time, also looked bright. “Before, there was a general feeling of anxiety,” he said. There were many moments when I self-destructed. Today, I was determined to win no matter what. I trusted my team members. There was confidence, too. Previously, if Tice wanted him to solve it, I told him to take care of it today and to put the ball up,” he said with a big smile. 토토사이트

Tice also welcomed Lim Sung-jin’s rebound. “In the meantime, (the team members) relied on me too much, and there was a burden, but (the OK Savings Bank match) I felt that everyone was helping each other and pushing me. The team’s energy has definitely changed,” he said.

The more balanced the left and right wings are, the greater the threat the opposing team feels. Foreign players can also score points at important moments when domestic players share their weight. Coach Kwon also rejoiced, saying, “It is a great income that Lim Sung-jin and Seo Jae-deok survived.”

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