Tigred Crystal Casino Sea Route Proposed by High Russian Ambassador

Yuri Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Envoy for the Federal District of the Far East, visited the recently opened Tigred Crystal Casino with Vladimir Miklushevski, governor of Primorsky. Officials said the journey from Vladivostok, about 50 kilometers (30 miles) away, was “long because of the long, winding road.”

Local media also reported that many visitors to casinos for soft launches (a common practice in the industry of opening casinos with limited games and amenities) got lost and could not easily find new casinos.

The Deputy Prime Minister proposed a more convenient solution to the Maritime Integrated Entertainment Zone (IEZ). The sea route to IEZ will ultimately add another option for some of the hundreds of millions of visitors expected to explore the “new Macao” of the Far East. Currently, four developments are under way in the area, with at least eight casinos opening, along with theme parks, yachts, entertainment venues and other family-friendly non-game amenities. 카지노사이트 순위

Nearby Vladivostok was recently considered a “free port” status. This could not only pave the way for Chinese tourists to arrive across the border on tour buses, but also ease visa restrictions at Vladivostok International Airport, about 12 kilometers or 8 miles away. The resort location is in the port of muravinaya near cape cherepaha, with some roads within the complex being less than 30 metres or 100 feet from the sea.

Another problem that the Deputy Prime Minister laments is the lack of hotel space. Only 121 rooms and suites are available when Tigred Crystal fully opens on Nov. 11. A total of 500 rooms are planned for accommodation probably in early 2018. Russian media reports Mr Trutnev said all rooms at the casino hotel had already been booked by the end of this year, and the reservations were taken up by foreign tourists. Russian visitors will probably have to travel home at the end of each gambling period, causing inconvenience and safety problems. The resort’s marketing outlook noted that 80% of guests come from Russia and 80% of total gaming revenue comes from China, South Korea and Japan within 2-3 hours of IEZ.

Tigre de Cristal Casino, owned mostly by Lawrence Ho’s Summit Ascent Holdings, opened on October 8, 2015. Mr. Ho is celebrating today’s $3.2 billion opening of Studio City Macao with Melco Crown partner James Packer.

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