The Korea Football Association (KFA) officially announced in a press release

There has been controversy since the announcement of the final list on the 14th. This is because Lee Sang-min was disciplined by the association under Article 17 of the “National Football Team Operation Regulations” after the controversy over drunk driving in 2020. At that time, Lee Sang-min was fined 5 million won and banned from selecting the national team for three years.

However, the association completely forgot the disciplinary action after coach Hwang Sun-hong began to lead the U-23 national team. Starting with participating in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Asian Cup qualifying round in October 2021, Lee Sang-min was selected to the final list of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games after playing in a total of six games, including two consecutive away games in China in June 2023.

The KFA belatedly confirmed the regulations and made a skit to exclude the list. The problem does not end here. The association explained, “Compared to K-League 1 or A-team players, neither league news nor player-related information is relatively well known to the outside world, so at the time of the first selection in 2021, related regulations were not properly reviewed.”

In other words, Lee Sang-min is a “K League 2 player” who grew up in Asan FC and Seongnam FC in Chungcheongnam-do, so he failed to properly review the regulations. The KFA is an organization that represents and manages the entire Korean football. It is not understandable that such an institution failed to review it because it is a K League 2 player. It is also absurd to make an excuse that the “subject” who imposed disciplinary action was not well known “externally.” 토토

In the end, the damage will be borne by the Asian Games national team players.At the time of the announcement of the final list, a KFA official explained that it was impossible to replace the list unless it was for injury or medical reasons. Head coach Hwang Sun-hong also mentioned that the tournament schedule is quite tight. The Asian Games national team has to compete one less than other countries.

The KFA promised to face administrative inexperience and problems and come up with measures to prevent a recurrence. Mistrust has been growing again since the “100-person amnesty controversy” in March.

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