Downtown Las Vegas Casino and Hotel Tower

A new casino complex with a 459-foot hotel tower is set to replace the old Las Vegas club in downtown Las Vegas, the local news outlet Las Vegas Sun reported, citing a filing with city officials.

The new accommodation will feature 117,740 square feet of casinos, 777 hotel towers above, 1,526 parking spaces, sports books, food and drink facilities, rooftop lounges, swimming pools, spas, and many other facilities. The garage and the main casino will be connected by Sky Bridge.

The property will be located at the site of the former Las Vegas Club, Mermaid Casino, and Glitter Gulch Topless Club. The three sites were located on Fremont Street, just at the corner of Main Street, but were demolished to make room for new developments.

Developer Derek Stevens, who is also the owner of the Downtown D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, is behind the Fremont Resort project.

The development plan was submitted with the Las Vegas Planning Commission. Commissioners will review it on Tuesday and decide whether to grant five special licenses to developers. The plan will be referred to the Las Vegas City Council, which will be reviewed next June 20. Due to the planned height of the hotel tower, the project must also be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. 슬롯머신

While most major casino resorts are concentrated on the Las Vegas Strip, Mr. Stephens is one of the developers who has been working to revitalize the city’s downtown area. In an interview earlier this year, the businessman said the importance was “difficult to exaggerate” as 20 million people visit that part of Las Vegas every year. He went on to say that he thought it was their responsibility to do something special in downtown Las Vegas.

He called the block where his new property will be located the most important block in Las Vegas history because the corner of Fremont and Main Street is not far from where the popular casino hub was born.

The official name of the new resort has yet to be announced, but Mr. Stevens told local media that he wanted something unique to Las Vegas. The property will certainly not be named the Las Vegas Club. Because the developer didn’t buy the name with the site it occupied.

It’s interesting to note that Mr Stevens actually owns Grandissimo, the name of Jay Sarno’s proposed unrealistic strip mega resort. The late businessman was the creator of representative properties such as Caesars Palace and Circus Circus. In an interview earlier this year, Mr Stevens said he has not ruled out the option of naming his new property Grandisimo, but that the final choice for it has yet to be made.

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