Its Minnesota Royce Lewis Hits a Grand Slam

Minnesota Royce Lewis Hits a Grand Slam… Another Grand Slam in an Exhibition Match

Of the 17 MLB home runs, 5 were grand slams… This year, it starts with exhibition games.

Royce Lewis (24), an infielder for the Minnesota Twins of the Major League Baseball (MLB), is a rookie-level player with only 70 regular league games. 바카라사이트

In his big league debut, he appeared in 12 games in 2022 and 58 games last year.

However, Lewis is more famous than most star players.

This is because of his unique history.

Lewis hit his first home run in his big league debut with a grand slam.

On May 14, 2022, in the bottom of the 5th inning of a home game against the Cleveland Guardians, he hit a grand slam to left with two outs and the bases loaded.

Lewis, who left a strong impression, began writing incredible records the following year.

In 58 games last season, he hit as many as four grand slam home runs, which is difficult for other players to hit once a year.

Including his first home run since his debut, he has hit five grand slams in 70 MLB games.

Royce Lewis had the opportunity to load the bases 13 times in his big league career, five of which were home runs, one timely hit, and one walk.

His personal career records with bases loaded are a batting average of 0.583, an on-base percentage of 0.615, and 24 RBI.


‘Lingard Effect’ From the Start of the K-League

Gwangju Smiles at ‘Sold Out in 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds’… ‘Lingard Effect’ From the Start of the K-League

Gwangju soccer fever breaks through the cold weather… Lingard starts from the bench in the opening game.

The Gwangju club “It’s not just the Lingard effect, The ‘narrative’ of Lee Jeong-hyo’s system is through”

“The whole world is red.

It’s all in Seoul….” 카지노

Mr. Kim (29), who lives in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, arrived at Gwangju Songjeong Station by high-speed rail at 11:10 a.m. on the 2nd.

After leaving the station, he looked around as he headed to Songjeong Station Market for lunch.

He said this after seeing passers-by leaving the station, like Mr. Kim, wearing a professional soccer K League 1 FC Seoul scarf around his neck.

As the saying goes, FC Seoul’s symbols, black and red, were visible everywhere.

Red was seen in Seoul goods, such as scarves and uniforms, between the thick coats, including padding, wrapped tightly in the sudden cold weather.

Eight fans standing in front of a restaurant near Gwangju Songjeong Station and waiting to enter expressed their expectations for the opening game by talking about topics that heated up the Korean soccer world in the off-season, including Jesse Lingard (registered name Lingard) and coach Kim Ki-dong.

Seoul will face Gwangju FC at Gwangju Soccer Stadium at 2 p.m. on this day.

For both teams, this game is the start of the eagerly awaited 2024 season.


FA Infielder Matt Chapman Plays with Lee Jung-hoo

FA Infielder Matt Chapman Plays with Lee Jung-hoo… 3-Years 72.1 Billion Won Agreement with SF

Lee Jeong-hoo, virtually confirmed to be No. 1 in free agent pure field value.

Lee Jeong-hoo (25), a starting outfielder for the San Francisco Giants of the Major League Baseball (MLB), shares a meal with Matt Chapman (30), a top-class infielder in the league. 온라인카지노

Citing sources, reported on the 2nd (Korean time) that Chapman (30), who remained in the free agent (FA) market, agreed to a three-year contract with San Francisco worth a total of $54 million (about 72.1 billion won).

Matt Chapman is a third baseman with the league’s best defense and won the American League (AL) Gold Glove in 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2023.

Last season, he also played with Ryu Hyun-jin (Hanwha Eagles) at the Toronto Blue Jays.

Chapman’s batting accuracy is somewhat poor, but he is a long hitter who hit double-digit home runs every season from 2017, when he debuted in MLB, to last year.

With the addition of Chapman, San Francisco greatly improved its team strength.

In addition, Lee Jeong-hoo, who was designated as the number one hitter in the new season, can expect a synergy effect with Chapman, who will play the role of a problem solver.

The contract size is lower than expected.

Chapman wanted a long-term contract worth more than $100 million, but MLB clubs did not make offers that met his expectations.

Chapman was unable to find a team for his team until the start of his exhibition games, and then decided to sign his contract right before the start of the regular season.


Women’s Professional Basketball KB Wins all 6 Games

Women’s Professional Basketball KB Wins all 6 Games of the Season Against Hana 1Q

Jisoo Park 24 points, 18 rebounds… Kang Yi-seul 17 points, including 4 3-point shots

Cheongju KB, a women’s professional basketball team, defeated Bucheon Hana One Q, who are expected to meet in the semifinal playoffs, again in the final match of the regular season. 바카라사이트

In the Woori Bank Woori WON 2023-2024 women’s professional basketball regular league held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 16th, KB overturned the first half disadvantage with Park Ji-soo and Kang I-seul and defeated Hana One Q 71-64.

Park Ji-su showed consistent performance with 24 points and 18 rebounds, and Kang I-seul scored 17 points, including 4 3-point shots, at each important juncture.

KB, which confirmed first place in the regular league two days ago, won all six games against Hana 1Q this season and recorded 14 consecutive wins.

Hana One Q maintained 4th place with 9 wins and 17 losses.

Hana One Q first took control of the game in the second quarter.

At the beginning of the quarter, Kim Anna made a 3-point shot and Yang In-young scored behind the goal to make it 24-12.

In addition, Shin Ji-hyun received an unsportsmanlike foul from Kang I-seul and made two free throws, and in the ensuing attack, Jeong Ye-rim scored from under the goal, quickly widening the score to 31-16.

In the third quarter, KB’s counterattack began.

KB, which trailed 31-44 in the first half, scored 25 points thanks to Kang I-seul’s 3-point shot and Park Ji-soo’s goal from below the goal to tie the game at 56-56.

The tight game tilted in favor of KB with 53 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

KB, who was narrowly ahead at 66-64, made it 69-64 when Kang I-seul hit a 3-pointer.

22 seconds before the end, Park Ji-soo scored two points from under the goal, putting a wedge in the win.


Korean Table Tennis, Busan World Championships

Korean Men’s and Women’s Table Tennis, Side by Side in First Game of Busan World Championships

The women’s national team won 3-0 over Italy, led by Shin Yu-bin and Jeon Ji-hee.

Men’s team won 3-1 over Poland… Ace Jang Woo-jin takes responsibility for his second win

The Korean men’s and women’s table tennis teams won the first round at the BNK Busan Bank 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Championships. 카지노

The women’s national team (5th place) won against Italy (24th place) with a match score of 3-0 in the first match of the 5th group of the women’s group stage on the first day of the tournament held at the BEXCO Special Stadium in Busan on the 16th.

Jeon Ji-hee (Mirae Asset Securities) and Shin Yu-bin (Korean Air), who teamed up to win the women’s doubles gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held last year, played in the first and second singles, respectively, and earned match points with a clean game.

Jeon Ji-hee defeated Vibarelli Deborah 3-0 (11-4 11-9 11-4), and Shin Yu-bin also defeated Stepanova Nicoletta 3-0 (11-5 11-7 11-7).

Si-ion Lee (Samsung Life Insurance), who played 3 singles, looked like he was struggling after losing his first game against Montpardini Gaia, but he won 3 games and won 3-1 (11-8 11-3 8-11 11-9). I was scolded.

The men’s team also started the competition in good spirits.

Korea (5th place), which consisted of Jong-hoon Lim, Jae-hyeon Ahn (hereinafter referred to as Korea Exchange), and Woo-jin Jang, won against Poland (19th place) with a match score of 3-1 in the first match of Group 3 of the men’s group stage.

Korea, attempting to finish on the podium for the fourth time in a row at its first ever home world championships, easily overcame its first hurdle, the match against Poland.

Group 3 includes Korea, Poland, India, Chile, and New Zealand.

In terms of power, Korea is the strongest, and among the remaining teams, Poland and India are expected to compete for second place.

Jang Woo-jin, who played first singles, lost the first two games to Masey Kubik and then set the mood with a thrilling comeback win of 3-2 (13-15 8-11 11-8 11-7 11-6).

Then, Jong-Hoon Lim defeated Milos Lezymski, the most energetic player in Poland, 3-1 (12-10 11-9 10-12 11-4).

Jaehyun Ahn of 3rd singles lost to Polish ace Jakub Dijas 1-3 (8-11 10-12 11-7 9-11), but Woojin Jang, who stood at the front of the table again as a runner in 4th singles, ended the match.

Woojin Jang defeated Lezimsky 3-0 (11-8 11-3 14-12) with aggressive table tennis.

At 5 p.m. on this day, the women’s national team (5th place), led by Shin Yu-bin (Korean Air) and Jeon Ji-hee (Mirae Asset Securities), will challenge for its first victory in the tournament against Italy (24th place).


Ji Yu-chan, First Korean to Advance to the Semifinals

Ji Yu-chan, Men’s 50m Freestyle, Becomes the First Korean to Advance to the Semifinals of the World Championships

Ji Yu-chan (21, Daegu Metropolitan City Hall) became the first Korean athlete to reach the semifinals of the World Championships in the men’s 50m freestyle.

Yu-chan Ji recorded a time of 21.93 seconds in the men’s 50m freestyle preliminaries at the 2024 International Aquatics Federation World Championships held at the Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar on the 16th, placing 10th out of 116 people and securing a ticket to the semifinals for the top 16.

Yu-chan Ji is the first Korean athlete to pass the World Championship preliminaries in this event. 온라인카지노

Ji Yu-chan tied for 17th place (22.19 seconds) in Budapest in 2022, ranking the highest in Korea in this event at the time.

He finished 24th in Fukuoka in 2023.

In Doha, he advanced to the semifinals and secured at least 16th place, securing the highest ranking in the men’s 50m freestyle.

From September 2023, Ji Yu-chan has been on a steep rise.

Ji Yu-chan set a new Korean record of 21.84 seconds in the 50m freestyle preliminaries of the Hangzhou Asian Games held in Hangzhou, China on the morning of September 25th last year, and won the gold medal by further shortening the record to 21.72 seconds in the final held that afternoon.

In November, he defeated Hwang Sun-woo (Gangwon Provincial Office) in the men’s 50m freestyle final at the 2024 Swimming Management National Team Selection, and won the right to participate in the Doha World Championships.

At that time, Ji Yu-chan finished the race in 22.15 seconds and Hwang Sun-woo finished the race in 22.43 seconds.

Asian Games champion’ Ji Yu-chan aims to advance to the finals of the men’s 50m freestyle world championships for the first time in Korea on the morning of the 17th.

Yang Jae-hoon (25, Gangwon Provincial Office) finished 44th out of 66 athletes in the men’s 100m butterfly preliminaries with a time of 55.39 seconds, failing to advance to the semifinals.

Kim Seung-won (14, Guseong Middle School), who competed in the women’s 200m backstroke preliminaries, ranked 22nd out of 32 athletes with a time of 2 minutes 17.16 seconds.

Han Da-kyung (24, Jeonbuk Sports Council) also placed 22nd out of 25 people in the women’s 800m freestyle preliminaries with a time of 8 minutes 54.74 seconds.