Its SSG Landers Future Steam, Vision Seminar

“What Kind of Person do you Want to be Remembered as?” SSG Landers Future Steam, Vision Seminar

Professional baseball SSG Landers held a ‘Vision Seminar’ for Futures (2nd team) players.

SSG said on the 14th, “Yesterday, we held a vision seminar at Ganghwa SSG Futures Field.

The vision seminar was part of a mental coaching program in which all 36 SSG Futures fielders and pitchers participated, and the Korea NLP Coaching Center (Sports Mental Coaching) course.

“It was conducted by Coach Iseul Kim, who completed the course,” he said.

The theme of this seminar was ‘Dreams’. 카지노

The players shared their life values ​​and beliefs and took the time to answer the question, ‘What kind of person and player do you want to be remembered as?’

We discussed the sense of accomplishment that can be gained by setting up a ‘Dream List’ of 10 things you want to achieve, including monthly and annual goals, and achieving them.

Pitching Coach Kim I-seul said, “Rather than setting a goal of numerical baseball records, I hope that young players will think about their own ‘life vision’ through a broad perspective, as the standards for happiness in life are diverse.”

He added, “Reflect on their talents and strengths.”

“Looking at it can increase your self-esteem, and positive thoughts will have a positive impact on baseball as well,” he said.

Futures coach Son Si-heon dissuaded front office staff and coaches from attending the seminar so that the players could communicate in a free atmosphere.

Pitcher Joo-on Kim said, “Every year, I set a short-term record goal at the beginning of the season, so I was disappointed when I couldn’t achieve it.

Rather than being buried in baseball, I was able to increase my self-esteem by spending time thinking about the future I ultimately want.

“I was able to set new goals,” he said.

SSG Futures Team will leave for Chiayi, Taiwan on the 15th to train overseas.


Former Coach Kim Won-hyung “I Want to Learn New Baseball”

‘Softbank Coach Training’ Former Coach Won-hyung Kim “I want to learn a new baseball”

“I got an opportunity with the help of coach Kim Seong-geun”

Kim Won-hyung (51), former coach of SSG Landers, is receiving coaching training at Softbank Hawks of the Japanese professional baseball team.

On the 5th, the Japan National Baseball Organization (NPB) announced the ‘registration of Softbank’s Coach Kim Won-hyung.’

Former coach Kim Won-hyung wears the uniform number 008 and works as a coach at Hawks Baseball Park, Softbank’s 2nd and 3rd military training ground in Chikugo, Fukuoka Prefecture. 파워볼

The Softbank team said, “Coach Won-hyung Kim will join Chikugo Training Center on the 9th.”

Former manager Kim Won-hyung said in a phone call, “I have already arrived in Japan and am familiar with the local atmosphere,” and added, “I wanted to learn a new baseball game in Japan or the United States.

“I was able to receive training at Softbank with the help of coach Seong-geun Kim,” he said.

Former coach Seong-geun Kim worked as a coach and manager advisor at Softbank from 2018 to 2022.

Former coach Won-hyung Kim, a “disciple” who wanted to learn a new game of baseball, was named Seong-geun Kim.

Director Jeon recommended it to Softbank.

Former coach Kim Won-hyung said, “Softbank operates the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th teams,” and added, “I want to become a better leader by learning up-close and personal about nurturing and training methods.”

Former manager Kim Won-hyung, who had a brilliant career as a Korean professional baseball player with 134 wins, 144 losses, 26 saves, 12 holds, and an ERA of 3.92, was appointed as the 8th head coach of the SK Wyverns in November 2020.

Afterwards, when SSG took over SK, former coach Kim Won-hyung became ‘SSG’s first head coach.’

In the first season (2021), he finished 6th and did not advance to the postseason, but in 2022, he achieved ‘Wire-to-Wire Championship’ by maintaining first place from the opening game of the regular season to the end of the regular season, and also won the Korean Series to achieve ‘comprehensive championship’. Completed.