Ronaldo changed GOAT in a year.”Liverpool legend ate ‘Saudi water’…

I changed my mind in a year. It is the story of Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard. 경마사이트

Media such as Britain’s “Daily Mail” reported Bazerard’s position, which has changed drastically in a year. According to the media, Gerrard responded to a question about “GOAT” in an interview with Manchester United legend Gary Neville about a year ago. He expressed his firm stance.

“For me, the best player of all time is Lionel Messi.”

A year later, Gerrard was asked the same question. Gerrard changed his mind. He responded like this. This was said through the Middle East media. As the place changed, I changed my mind.

“Ronaldo is the GOAT. The best player of all time came to Saudi Arabia. It’s obviously a huge signature. Ronaldo will still provide a lot of football. I watched Ronaldo from afar, I was watching the highlights, I was watching the results.”

Gerrard’s turn of form. The reason is easy to guess. This is because Gerrard is currently working in Saudi Arabia. Gerrard took the helm of Saudi Arabia’s RT Park in July. I earn a huge salary. Gerrard was named in the top five annual salaries for world football coaches at once. Making money in Saudi Arabia, the idea of “GOAT” has also changed. The power of money is so great.

In fact, the “GOAT” debate between Messi and Ronaldo signaled the end. The question has not been answered for more than a decade, but the debate ended when Messi won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Most experts acknowledged Messi’s victory. Messi’s unprecedented eighth Ballon d’Or was like a confirmation shootout.

Gerrard’s change of position in this situation has been ridiculed by many. It is a criticism that he even changed his belief because of money. Gerrard, who went to Saudi Arabia, was also left behind as a candidate for Liverpool’s next coach.

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