Manager Jyotrynge Pepper Savings Bank has consistently used middle blocker Yeom Erhung, who is in his second year this season, in the first set.

Erhung, who is expected to be 194 centimeters tall and wore a Pepper Savings Bank uniform as the No. 1 player overall last season, spent his first season in knee surgery and rehabilitation, and has been on the court since this season. 파친코

He is playing in nine games and nine sets, but he scored only six points, including three blocks. Although there is less than a point per set, coach Jotrinji is pushing ahead with the use of Erhung in the first set, saying, “When Erhung plays, there is a minutely high part in the figures.”

The figure that coach Jotlindge talked about is the opponent’s attack efficiency. The set that Erhung played is that the opponent’s attack efficiency is lower than the set that does not. Coach Jotringe explained, “When Erhung was at the front, the opponent’s attack efficiency was low.”

There’s a point. As Erhung has a great height, he can easily solve the game by defending the opponent’s attack with effective blocking and then seeking a counterattack process. In the second round match against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea on the 19th, Erhung recorded two effective blocks with outside heaters Park Jung-ah and Apogit Yasmin Vedart in the first set.

It is hard to conclude that it was vaguely due to one player, but IBK Industrial Bank recorded 28.89% of the attack efficiency in the first set. The second set without Erhung was lower at 15.62%, and the third to fourth sets at 25.58% and 25.81%.

In addition, Erhung tried to attack once while playing the first set, but it was a mistake. Attack efficiency is -100%. Seo Chae-won came in from the second set after Erhung went out, and setter Lee Go-eun increased his share of the central attack. Seo Chae-won scored six points by tying one block on the day. The success rate was 71.43 percent.

In fact, it is not the numerical part that should be noted. It’s a part of what is commonly referred to as ‘invisible play’. When Erhung is in potential, he often cannot keep up with the side block. Although it is not possible to expect much due to its short pitching power, it has not been helpful to the team in secondary movements such as two-way connection and offense and defense conversion required as a middle blocker. In addition to mistakes in net play, there are often situations in which the movement is tangled with other players after defense, leading to concerns about injury.

As a result, Pepper Savings Bank’s winning rate in the first set is 22.22%. It is only two times that he took the first set in nine games. There are other factors such as poor offense and team error, but there is no choice but to question coach Jyotryng’s explanation that “Erheng’s use of the first set does not affect the outcome of the game.”

Furthermore, coach Jotryng ‘admitted’ that Erhung’s physical condition was not in a state to play. The selection and use of players is the coach’s own authority, and the result is also the coach’s responsibility. However, it is time to use flexible players.

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