Question about father Lee Jong-beom, ‘Elite baseball player’s second generation DNA’, also noted by the local government

Coach Lee Jong-beom, who attended a press conference for his son who achieved his dream of becoming a major leaguer, was busy taking pictures with his cell phone. He wanted to capture every moment of his son.

One of the things that stood out at the press conference on the day was that many questions were asked about his father. Even in the U.S., the second generation of elite baseball players’ DNA was not overlooked. Already, local media are well aware that Lee Jong-beom is the son of the wind and that his son Lee Jung-hoo is nicknamed the grandson of the wind. 카지노사이트 순위

The first question regarding coach Lee Jong-beom, given to Lee Jung-hoo, was, “What did you learn from your father as a player?”

Then, Lee jokingly answered, “Baseball has not learned anything.” The reporters laughed at this, too. Then, what did coach Lee Jong-beom emphasize the most to Lee? It was “personality.” Lee said, “I learned from my father how to be a good person and how to behave when a player is good.”

There were also questions about his nickname, “Grandchild of the Wind.” “When I was playing in Korea, the word ‘Grandchild of the Wind’ would make me cringe, but it was cool when I spoke in English,” said Lee, smiling. Lee’s nickname is “Grandon of the Wind.”

There were endless questions about my father. This time, it was about running. “My father was really fast. I will win now, but if I play at the same age, I will never win,” Lee said. Lee Jong-beom recorded 84 stolen bases in 1994 when he was active, which remains the most stolen bases in a single season in the KBO league.

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