“I’m going to hit you until my eyes become chestnut”. Yoon Hyungbin will punish ‘Soy Sauce Terrorist’ today

Yun Hyung-bin will face off against ‘Soy Sauce Terrorist’ Shoyu Nikki (28) at the Goobne ROAD FC 067 held at the Swiss Grand Hotel in Hongeun-dong on the 16th.

The two fighters’ bad relationship started this year. It is in “Kwon A-sol’s Fighter 100,” a content on Kwon A-sol’s YouTube channel. In a showdown with Korean fighter Kang Min-soo, Show You Nikki committed a foul by hitting him with a knee kick. Kang Min-soo complained of pain at the time, but after the match, when Yun protested, Show You Nikki assaulted Yun with his feet.

Later, Yun was attacked with soy sauce at a press conference of Goobne ROAD FC 067 held at Seoul Tower in Namsan on April 22. Again, the perpetrator was Shoyu Nikki. While Yun was delivering his final remarks before the match, he approached and sprayed soy sauce.

I didn’t know how to stop Shoyu Nikki’s brutality. At the second press conference of Goobne ROAD FC 067 on the 15th, Shoyu Nikki again lifted the canister. Scared Yun Hyung-bin, he teased him and drank the canister. 사설 토토사이트

“Don’t be silly! Do you think you’re going to spray it on you the most?” and “Kola, don’t be mistaken!” Shoyu Nikki teased Yun Hyung-bin.

“He’s dead (to me). He’s going to hit me a lot this time. I’m going to hit him until he says, ‘I’m sorry,'” Yoon Hyung-bin said ahead of the match. “I’m going to hit him hard and make him look like a chestnut.”

Goobne ROAD FC 067 will feature a match between Korea and Japan between Heo Jae-hyuk (38, SHARK GYM) and Sekino Taisei (23, FREE), a match between “Rising Stars” Yang Ji-yong (27, Jeju Team King) and “Little Doll” Park Jae-sung (28, Road FC Wonju), and a match between Lee Jung-hyun (21, TEAM AOM) and “Fight Club” Lee Gil-soo (26, Team Finish).

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