South African gambling operators Tsogo Sun and Sun International have revived plans to revamp Western Cape Casino ownership

Tsogo Sun says it will buy a 20% stake in two Sun International subsidiaries that operate casinos in Western Cape.

Last summer, the two companies canceled the deal, which Tsogo Sun would have paid R2.1 billion for its stake in two Western Casino and Golden Valley Casino owned by rival Sun International. Following an investigation by relevant regulators, the National Competition Commission recommended that the Competition Tribunal ban trading. However, if the deal had been completed, Tsogo Sun would have exerted influence on all five casinos operating in the Western Cape.

Less than a year after the two gambling companies abandoned the deal, they are now planning to shape another less ambitious idea. Tsogo Sun has announced it will buy a 20% stake in Sun West International and Worcester Casino, a subsidiary of Sun International. The company will pay 1.3 billion R.

Sun International will therefore continue to hold a controlling stake in the two companies and allow its partner, Grand Parade Investments, to remain involved in the South African gambling industry. Those familiar with the matter have suggested that the proposed deal would be classified as a non-complementary deal, meaning it is unlikely to be investigated by competing authorities. 온라인경마

In other words, if the transaction is regarded as a simple acquisition of shares and is notified under the Competition Act, it is likely to be completed. Under the terms of the proposed deal, Tsogo Sun will acquire a 10% economic and voting stake in both Sun West International and Worcester Casino for a sum of R675 million. Through Grand Parade Investments, both companies will earn an additional 10% interest for a total of $675 million.

On the potential 20% stake acquisition by the two casino companies, Tsogo Sun said it was an attractive investment opportunity to provide interest in South Africa’s Western Cape’s superior casino assets and increase exposure in the region.


A new proposal to build billions of casino resorts on the Gold Coast

At the time, state Prime Minister Anastasia Palaszczuk said the opportunity for this type of project had not been completely scrapped and that the Gold Coast casino license was still available.

Local media reported earlier today that Gold Coast City Council had prepared a new proposal for the development of an integrated resort and informed Prime Minister Palaszk of the new plan in a letter to the state’s top official on Aug. 8.

The new plan includes the construction of a casino complex on a site located in the heart of Southport. According to media reports, the site includes Southport Balls Club, Queen’s Park Tennis Club and nearby Carey Park. If the new casino resort proposal is approved by the government, existing facilities will likely be relocated or incorporated into other sports clubs in the region.

Under a recently rejected plan, the China-backed investor group ASF consortium proposed building an integrated casino resort consisting of five towers on the site of Southport Spit, next to SeaWorld Marine Park. The developer was chosen as the preferred bidder for the construction of the Southport complex in 2014. It initially proposed a plan for a casino resort worth more than A$7 billion for a man-built Wavebreak island, but did not receive government approval.

As was known at the end of last month, a second proposal for an A$3 billion resort to Spit was also rejected by Prime Minister Palaszk’s government. 파친코

Local media reported that the new plan proposed by Gold Coast City Council includes a site located directly close to some of the land owned by the ASF consortium. Last year, the developer received approval from the government to proceed with the construction of two tower complexes. The Au development project includes a 66-story “gold” tower and a 15-story tower adjacent to it. The skyscraper will be “enclosed in gold glass” so that it can be easily distinguished from its surroundings.

According to media sources, the Au site was one of the sites discussed about the potential location of the casino.

It is also known that Gold Coast councillors have already discussed proposals for a new integrated resort. The new plan met with support from some lawmakers and opposition from others.


Park Hyun-kyung started from the first tee with Hong Ji-won and Bang Shin-sil

At 12:05 p.m. in the first round of the “Daeyu Winia-MBN Women’s Open (total prize money of 1 billion won, winning prize money of 180 million won)” held at Daeyu Montberg CC in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do on the 7th.

It was a weather where sweat flowed from the back even if I stayed still with the heat from the green in the intense sun. The players on the tee box tried to avoid the heat with umbrellas, fans and towels, but it didn’t work very well. 토토사이트

Still, since it was the first tee start in the first round, the three players took a strong tee shot and headed for the second shot. Park Hyun-kyung, heading for the second shot, had something hanging around her neck like a necklace.

It was a neck cooler purchased by the agency to give even a little coolness in the heat. Park Hyun-kyung did not wear it when taking a shot, but wore a neck cooler while on the move to avoid the heat for a while.

Although Park Hyun-kyung is usually sweet and cute, she was moving with her head raised stiffly as if she had a cast on her neck due to a neck cooler worn on her neck.

Park Hyun-kyung, who won three times in her career, participated in 15 competitions this season and received prize money from 13 major competitions. The prize money won so far alone is about 437.48 million won. The prize money exceeds two tournaments. Park Hyun-kyung won a lot of prize money by recording only the runner-up three times and the top 10 five times, but unfortunately, there is no championship.

Park Hyun-kyung will try to win her first title of the season at the “Ever Collagen · The Siena Queens Crown 2023,” which will be held in The Siena, Jeju, from the 13th.

Meanwhile, Hwang Yoo-min scored a 6-under 66 in the final third round of the Daeyu Winia and MBN Women’s Open (total prize money of 1 billion won) held at Daeyu Montberg Country Club Brentang and Ette Course (par 72) in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do on the 9th.

Hwang Yoo-min, who tied with Kim Min-byul with a total of 13-under 203, birdied the first hole of extra time to win his first regular tour title, beating Kim Min-byul, and the prize money became 180 million won.


“The championship continued to fail, but I feel like I’m starting anew again”

Immediately in the next 2022-2023 season, he showed a scary momentum, winning 15 consecutive games in the opening. However, during the season, the main players such as Yasmin (27) and libero Kim Yeon-gyeon (30) were injured one after another and struggled. Heungkuk Life (82 points) led by “Volleyball Empress” Kim Yeon-kyung (35) finished the season in second place (70 points).

He went straight to the postseason playoffs (PO) on his own, but his journey to win stopped. He played the best-of-three match against the Korea Expressway Corporation, but failed to advance to the championship match as he gave up both the first and second rounds.

As such, all Hyundai Engineering & Construction players have a strong desire to win the new season. Yang Hyo-jin, who is sweating to reach the top again, clenched his fist, saying, “The championship continued to fail, but I feel like I’m starting anew again,” adding, “As new members have also been put in, expectations for the new season are high.”

As injuries hampered last season, the focus is on physical strength. Yang Hyo-jin said, “It hasn’t been long since I started team training because there were so many injured players until recently,” adding, “Coach (Kang Hyung-sik) seems to be focusing on improving his physical strength during the off-season to withstand the new season.”

Unfortunately, he missed the championship, but there was no excuse. Yang Hyo-jin said, “The season doesn’t seem to know an inch ahead. “I think it’s always something to keep in mind that there are variables in the composition of the players,” he said adding, “Skill is important, but we need to manage the external parts well.” He added, “I think everyone will be more responsible than last season.”

Still, it was the foundation for young players to grow. Yang Hyo-jin, who looked at them, said, “I remembered my childhood when I had a lot of difficulties and a great desire to learn. “I always had a desire that was not fulfilled,” he said adding, “I was proud of my young friends and wanted to support them.”

As we suffered a slump in the second half of last season, we want to show steady performance in the new season. Yang Hyo-jin said, “The beginning of the season is the most important. It’s important to set the mood in the first to third rounds, but we were bad in the second half, he said. “As it’s a long-term race, I hope you can keep your physical strength and show a steady performance until the end of the season.”

Three junior players, Lee Da-hyun (22), Kim Da-in (24), and Jung Ji-yoon (22), who are cherished in his team, participated in the 2023 VNL last month with the Taegeuk mark. Although he did not return with good results, Yang Hyo-jin deeply sympathized with the hard work of his juniors and tapped his shoulders. He said, “I had nothing to say but good work,” adding, “As the tournament schedule is tight, the first thing I thought of was good work because I know it’s very physically difficult.”

Coincidentally, Yang Hyo-jin is suffering from growing pains after returning the Taegeuk mark. In response, Yang Hyo-jin said, “You can’t be full with the first drink. “I think it’s still a difficult time in many ways,” he said adding, “I think I have no choice but to support him because I didn’t accompany him.”

The national team is said to be unable to keep up with the rapidly changing trend of world volleyball. Yang Hyo-jin also sympathized with this and explained, “Women’s volleyball has recently changed to a feeling like men’s volleyball,” adding, “In the past, there was a cute part, but now it has turned into an aggressive and powerful play.”

The national team still needs more time as it is a generational shift that began at the time when global volleyball is changing. Yang Hyo-jin said, “It is difficult to improve your skills at once. “It’s the same in general social life,” he said. “If I learn step by step, I think I’ll become stronger not only individually but also as a team.”

Yang Hyo-jin, who has experienced all the hardships of his juniors, said, “I personally felt a lot in the national team,” adding, “I think I thought a lot about what I should develop and supplement through the game.” The juniors are also expecting to grow through this process.

What is the most memorable scene for Yang Hyo-jin, who has enjoyed many honors in the national team in the past. Yang Hyo-jin said, “I remember the most when I participated in the Olympics. “I still remember the 2012 London Games, which I participated for the first time, vividly as it was yesterday,” he said adding, “I kept thinking that I couldn’t catch the opponent’s middle blocker’s attack against Japan, but I thought I shouldn’t miss it at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games.” He added, “It was hard to look back now, but I think I had fun in volleyball.”

Yang Hyo-jin also boasts several colorful individual awards, including blocking awards and best middle blockers. In response, Yang Hyo-jin said, “I think I was attached to blocking,” adding, “I had a lot of thoughts about how to help the team as a middle blocker.”

As she led the golden age of Korean women’s volleyball, she has a special attachment to the national team. Yang Hyo-jin said, “It was a place where I could feel the pain of growth properly,” adding, “I could know exactly where my current address was, and I looked back on myself and tried again.” “It was very difficult at the time, but I thought it was a necessary process as a player,” he nodded. 바카라

As such, there are many messages that I want to convey to juniors who are currently suffering from a slump. Yang Hyo-jin deeply sympathized with his juniors’ grievances, saying, “When I think it’s impossible, my self-esteem will decrease,” adding, “Foreign players have such good physical conditions that they can feel like a different world.” He then cheered, saying, “Still, they are working hard and doing well, so I believe they will be able to move forward.



South Korean men’s sport climbing hopeful Lee Do-hyun (20-Blackyak) failed to secure a “direct ticket” to next year’s Paris Olympics after finishing seventh in the men’s combined (bouldering + lead) final at the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) World Championships. Lee finished seventh in the men’s combine final at the IFSC World Championships 2023 in Bern, Switzerland, on Wednesday (Feb. 13) with a score of 127.1 points (70 boulder + 57.1 lead).The first through third place finishers in the combined events at the event will qualify for sport climbing at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games .Lee entered the combined event with high expectations, having just won his first World Championships medal with a third-place finish in the bouldering final on Friday .After a seventh-place finish in the semifinals with 129.7 points to advance to the eight-man final, Lee scored 57.1 points in the lead to finish fifth. However, she finished seventh in her main event, 스포츠토토링크 bouldering, with a score of 70 points, and was unable to make the podium to earn a ticket to the Olympics .Lee will try again for a ticket to Paris at the Olympic Games Asia Qualification in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Nov. 9-12. His teammate, Song Yun-chan (DORAE Wool Go), finished 19th overall after failing to qualify for the final with a score of 91.2 in the semifinals, while Chun Jong-won (The North Face Climbing Team) was eliminated in the qualifying round and finished 34th.



Bayern Munich head coach Thomas Tuchel apologized to “special attacker” Harry Kane (England) after his team’s first official match of the season, a crushing defeat to Leipzig in the German Football League (DFL) Super Cup. Speaking after the Super Cup match against RB Leipzig at the Allianz Arena in Munich on Sunday (Jan. 13), Tuchel said, “I feel sorry for Kane. He probably thinks we haven’t trained for the last four weeks. “The Bavarians were beaten 0-3 in the Super Cup by three goals from Leipzig’s Dani Olmo alone .The Supercup, which pits the winner of the previous season’s Bundesliga against the winner of the German Football Association Cup (DFB-Pokal) in a one-off match, was won by the Bavarians three years in a row until last year, when they held the record for most wins (10), but they missed out on the trophy this year. Munich, which has also won the Bundesliga title for the last 11 seasons and is the all-time winningest team in German professional soccer’s top flight (33 times), also faced Leipzig in last year’s Super Cup, winning 5-3 but falling short in the return match a year later. The Bavarians used two new signings, South Korean international defender Kim Min-jae and Kane, as second-half substitutes. Kane, in particular, showed his willingness to come off the bench on the same day as his transfer was announced, but it didn’t change the outcome .For Kane, who has 바카라사이트 never won a trophy in his professional career despite being a star striker for Son Heung-min’s club, Tottenham Hotspur, the chance to lift his first trophy in a new jersey was lost on day one.” It’s scary, it’s inexplicable, it’s a big problem because it feels like we haven’t done anything for four weeks,” Tuchel said of the defeat. “It wasn’t good enough in all areas. I don’t know why,” he reflected, adding, “There’s a huge discrepancy between the attitude, the mood and the performance on the pitch. The motivation, the enjoyment, the form and the condition that we saw in the friendlies was nowhere to be seen today.”



Jessica Pegula (#3-USA) defeated world No. 1 Iga Szibiontek (POL) to reach the final of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Tour Canada Open ($2,788,468 prize fund).Pegula defeated Cibionte 2-1 (6-2 6-7<4-7> 6-4) in a two-and-a-half-hour singles semifinal on day six of the tournament in Montreal, Canada, on Wednesday. Pegula will attempt to win her third career tour event singles title against the winner of the Elena Rybakina (No. 4-Kazakhstan)-Ludmila Samsonova (No. 18-Russia) match .If she wins this event, it will be her second consecutive WTA 1000 Series event singles title, following her victory in Guadalajara last year .The WTA 1000 Series is a tier just below the four major tournaments, with nine events a year. In her head-to-head record against Civion Tech, she is 3-5.Pegula is the daughter of Kim Pegula, who was born in South Korea and adopted by the United States. She is known as the “daughter of a billionaire” because she and her father, Terry Pegula, have amassed a fortune of more than 7 trillion won in natural gas, real estate, sports, and entertainment businesses .The loss saw her win streak come to an end at eight matches, having just won her fourth singles title of the year at the Warsaw Open .In the second-set tiebreaker of the day’s hotly contested match, a mistake by the organizers 카지노사이트 caused the rousing country song “Cotton I Joe” to suddenly play, baffling both players and the crowd. With Pegula leading 4-3, the music played as the two players were exchanging shots. The umpire waved the play off and said, “Thanks, sound crew,” which made the booing fans laugh. The two players resumed play without protest. At the men’s ATP Canadian Open ($6.6 million purse) in Toronto, Alex Diminor (No. 18 AUS) reached the final with a 2-0 (6-1 6-3) victory over Alejandro Davydovic Fokina (No. 37 SPN). He will play the winner of the Tommy Paul (No. 14-USA)-Janik Cinnere (No. 8-Italy) match in the final.



Tennis’ “bad boy” Nick Kyrgios (No. 92-Australia) has withdrawn from the US Open, the last major tennis tournament of the year, after injuring his wrist. According to the United States Tennis Association (USTA) on Wednesday, Kyrgios and 25th-ranked Jan-Lennart Struff (Germany), who had both been named to the main draw, have informed the organization of their intentions to withdraw. This means Kyrgios will miss all four majors this year .After reaching his first major singles final at Wimbledon last year and a career-best quarterfinal at the US Open, Kyrgios has been hampered by a string of injuries this season. After missing the Australian Open in January and undergoing surgery on his left knee, he was forced to withdraw from the French Open in May after injuring his foot during a carjacking. She then missed Wimbledon in July with a wrist injury that carried over to the US Open. Kyrgios has only played one ATP Tour match this year, the first round of the Stuttgart Open in June. He lost 0-2 to China’s 91st-ranked Wu Yibing. Known as the “bad boy of the court” for his frequent protests to umpires and clashes with opponents and even spectators during matches, Kyrgios has been limiting his tournament appearances to maintain his “mental health “This year, however, his body hasn’t been cooperating with his mind, and he hasn’t been able to step onto the court. “I’m heartbroken that I won’t be able to compete at the US Open,” Kyrgios wrote on social media, “my wrist isn’t ready for the competition yet.” “But my protected ranking is 21st. If I choose to return, I will be right back where I want to be.” Along with Kyrgios, Struff’s withdrawal meant that reserve qualifiers Facundo Díaz Acosta (No. 96) and Diego Schwartzman (No. 98-Argentina) punched their tickets to the main draw side by side .Korean tennis sensation Kwon Soon-woo (105th, Dangjin City Hall) also improved 스포츠토토존 his chances of qualifying, moving from fifth to third on the reserve list .Kwon, who has been focusing on recovering from a shoulder injury in Korea, will be looking to make her first court appearance since the ExxonMobil Open in Qatar in February .Kwon is currently in Florida, USA, training for the US Open. In her fifth appearance at the tournament, Kwon will be looking to reach the third round of singles for the first time .Kwon’s best singles results at the US Open came in 2020 and last year, when she reached the second round. Kwon’s best singles result at a major tournament was reaching the third round at the 2021 French Open.


First casino in Papua New Guinea’s

Plans to develop the first casino in Papua New Guinea’s capital, Port Moresby, have raised concerns about the social impact of large gambling houses.

The PNG National Gaming Control Board (NGCB) agreed last month with developer Paga Hill Development Corporation to build a $43 million casino complex.

News of the possibility of millions of Las Vegas-style gaming facilities being built immediately drew criticism from Transparency International and other gambling critics.

Transparency International PNG Board Chairman Peter Aitsi recently said, “The global experience with casinos suggests increased money laundering possibilities and unjustified political influence where regulators are weak or compromising.”

He also noted that the NGCB is “the referee responsible for applying the rules of the game” and “should not play as a player on the field.” Mr. Aitsi and other critics of the casino project have accused gambling regulators of trying to become investors in gaming ventures, which is not standard practice anywhere in the world.

George Harlett, COO of Paga Hill, defended their project, saying the casino would create thousands of new direct and indirect jobs. He also pointed out that only about one-third of all visits to Korea now are related to tourism, noting that their properties, including hotels, shopping malls, and movie theaters, will attract international tourists. 경마


Downtown Las Vegas Casino and Hotel Tower

A new casino complex with a 459-foot hotel tower is set to replace the old Las Vegas club in downtown Las Vegas, the local news outlet Las Vegas Sun reported, citing a filing with city officials.

The new accommodation will feature 117,740 square feet of casinos, 777 hotel towers above, 1,526 parking spaces, sports books, food and drink facilities, rooftop lounges, swimming pools, spas, and many other facilities. The garage and the main casino will be connected by Sky Bridge.

The property will be located at the site of the former Las Vegas Club, Mermaid Casino, and Glitter Gulch Topless Club. The three sites were located on Fremont Street, just at the corner of Main Street, but were demolished to make room for new developments.

Developer Derek Stevens, who is also the owner of the Downtown D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, is behind the Fremont Resort project.

The development plan was submitted with the Las Vegas Planning Commission. Commissioners will review it on Tuesday and decide whether to grant five special licenses to developers. The plan will be referred to the Las Vegas City Council, which will be reviewed next June 20. Due to the planned height of the hotel tower, the project must also be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. 슬롯머신

While most major casino resorts are concentrated on the Las Vegas Strip, Mr. Stephens is one of the developers who has been working to revitalize the city’s downtown area. In an interview earlier this year, the businessman said the importance was “difficult to exaggerate” as 20 million people visit that part of Las Vegas every year. He went on to say that he thought it was their responsibility to do something special in downtown Las Vegas.

He called the block where his new property will be located the most important block in Las Vegas history because the corner of Fremont and Main Street is not far from where the popular casino hub was born.

The official name of the new resort has yet to be announced, but Mr. Stevens told local media that he wanted something unique to Las Vegas. The property will certainly not be named the Las Vegas Club. Because the developer didn’t buy the name with the site it occupied.

It’s interesting to note that Mr Stevens actually owns Grandissimo, the name of Jay Sarno’s proposed unrealistic strip mega resort. The late businessman was the creator of representative properties such as Caesars Palace and Circus Circus. In an interview earlier this year, Mr Stevens said he has not ruled out the option of naming his new property Grandisimo, but that the final choice for it has yet to be made.