Holan Is Out Of Top 10… Son Heung-min ‘2nd’, Who Is No. 1 In EPL Power Ranking?

Son Heung-min scored one goal and two assists in the match against Newcastle United on the 11th, leading Tottenham to a 4-1 victory. The performance at this time is expected to have had a big impact on the rise in the rankings. He jumped five notches from the previous one to second place.

The top scorer in this category is Mohamed Salah (Liverpool). Salah jumped two notches from the previous one. Having scored 11 goals and seven assists in 16 league matches this season, Salah has been steadily performing. In particular, he led his team to a 2-1 victory against Crystal Palace on the 9th.

Behind Son Heung-min, Leon Bailey (Aston Villa), Dominic Solanke (Bonmouth) and Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa) were listed in the power rankings. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

It is also notable that his Tottenham teammate Hischarlisong ranked 9th. Having failed to get out of the slump after wearing Tottenham’s uniform last season, he announced his resurgence by scoring multiple goals in the match against Newcastle. Hischarlisong continued his momentum and scored the final goal against Nottingham.

The top scorer Erling Holan of Manchester City fell out of the top 10 list, which is a controversy. Holan played in 15 league games this season and made 15 goals and four assists. However, he remained silent in the most recent showdown with Aston Villa. Still, many fans point out that Holan is excluded.

Bernardu Silva (Manchester City) tops the power rankings in the midfielder section. Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool) is the best defender, and Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa) is the top goalkeeper. Guglielmo Bicario, Tottenham’s goalkeeper who consistently showed good performance, came in fourth.

As the result of the victory over Nottingham was not reflected, Tottenham players listed one or two players in each category. Among them, Son Heung-min ranked the highest.

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