Kim Ha-sung also acknowledged ‘violation of quarantine law’… Tactical touch on whether to cancel the special exemption for military service

According to the Military Manpower Administration on Wednesday, military service exemption can be revoked if the person is punished for violating the Act on the Prevention and Management of Infectious Diseases. However, this means that the person is sentenced to imprisonment or higher.

Taking advantage of this, Lim Hye-dong threatened Kim Ha-sung’s agency, saying, “I will report to the police and the Military Manpower Administration and inform the media to prevent baseball in the United States,” adding, “When I called the Military Manpower Administration, if Kim Ha-sung is punished, he should join the military.”

Kim Ha-sung also said, “The violation of the quarantine law was true,” adding, “At that time, I was scared to be known, and I am sorry.”

According to Kim Ha-sung, more than five people, including Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong, gathered at a bar in Gangnam-gu, Seoul in February 2021, when gatherings of more than five people were banned due to COVID-19. At that time, Kim Ha-sung was a soldier.

Kim Ha-sung participated as a member of the national baseball team at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in 2018 and won a gold medal, receiving special military service exemption. However, in order to remove his military status, he had to fill more than 500 hours of volunteer work, but Kim Ha-sung had not completed his time when there was a drinking party.

However, the legal community predicted that Kim Ha-sung would not be sentenced to more than a safe. “There are very few people in the group, and we didn’t make a big fuss,” said Park Sung-ha, a lawyer at the law firm Dong-in. “Even if the charges against Kim Ha-sung are belatedly filed and the investigation proceeds, there is little possibility of a safe or even more punishment.” 온라인카지노사이트

In fact, few cases have been sentenced to more than a safe for violating the quarantine law. Since July 2021, when social distancing was in the fourth stage, Pastor Jeon Kwang-hoon of Sarang Jeil Church, who violated the executive order prohibiting gathering five times, including face-to-face worship with 150 believers, was fined only 3 million won.

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