Online casinos are safer than local events

If gambling fans prefer online casinos, they are sometimes safer than playing in the field. Online casinos require certification to provide coverage. If you don’t have a certificate that corresponds to your country, you should look for another online casino. As soon as an account opens up in a reputable online casino, there’s nothing stopping you from safely playing slots or online poker. This is because all gambling providers offer the option for each player to block themselves or request their own restrictions. 온라인카지노

In addition, there is a betting limit per game since the enforcement of the German Gambling Act, and if you want to continue playing the game, you should explicitly check it. This further protects the player. The same goes for emergency buttons that can be pressed at any time. None of these are guaranteed by on-site game consoles.

In recent years, the number of slot machines installed in Germany has decreased. Restaurants can now have only two consoles instead of the previous three. This seems to be why, among other things, banned fun consoles are installed more often again. Moreover, playing on legitimate game consoles is more restricted. Not only were equity restrictions created, but the amount of gaming time and losses also decreased. Interesting game consoles do not have these restrictions.

Therefore, Trumper recommends tougher action against illegal devices. Control has long been tightened in North Rhine-Westphalia. Last year, 217 unlicensed gaming devices were seized. Violations have been identified in a total of 45 communities. An interesting game console was also found here. It is not yet clear whether the problem should be solved only with more control or whether other measures will be taken. For example, the slot machine industry is calling for easing restrictions on legal slot machines. Then the bars will no longer use illegal machines.

But Trumper sees this differently and continues to call for greater control. Employees also need to be better trained to be aware of gambling addiction. Online casinos seem to be different.

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