Hyundai face-off’ won 1-0

Ulsan won 1-0 with Um Won-sang’s winning goal in the 26th minute of the second half in the 27th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 home game against Jeonbuk at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on the 19th. Ulsan (60 points), which has slowed down with no wins (1 draw and 1 loss) in the past two consecutive games, was the first to reach the “60 points” mark among 12 K League 1 teams this season by defeating Jeonbuk (41 points).

Jeonbuk, on the other hand, has experienced a disappointment of no wins (one draw and one loss) in the past two consecutive games. The two teams, which had been tense with one win and one loss in the previous two matches, were strongly hit from the beginning of the first half. In response to Jeonbuk’s early offensive, Ulsan used an anomalous operation to operate Rubik’s hand as a left wing based on a four-back in the attack and convert it to a five-back in the defense to set Rubik’s hand as a left wingback. 토토

Jeonbuk took the first chance to score. In the 8th minute of the first half, Han Kyo-won rushed in front of the penalty area with a cross put in by Moon Sun-min from the left side and turned to a header, which was blocked by Ulsan’s “spider hand” Cho Hyun-woo. While Ulsan continued its somewhat frustrating game to the extent that Baco’s first shot came out only in the 17th minute of the first half, Jeonbuk hit the ground with “goal misfortune” in the 37th minute of the first half.

When the left corner kick hit the defender and flowed out, Kim Jin-soo’s right-footed shot from the right side of the penalty area hit Ulsan’s right post strongly. Ulsan, which finished the first half without scoring, was fierce early in the second half. In the 8th minute of the second half, Seol Young-woo’s powerful left-footed shot was blocked by the goalkeeper, and a minute later, Jung Seung-hyun’s sharp header following the right corner kick was caught by the goalkeeper’s super save.

Ulsan also had an upset situation in the 22nd minute of the second half when Lee Dong-kyung’s powerful left-footed shot hit the goalkeeper’s fingertips again and slightly crossed the crossbar. Ulsan, which had been pounding Jeonbuk’s goal, finally scored Um Won-sang’s goal in the 26th minute of the second half, which became the winning goal.

Lee Chung-yong, who replaced Lee Dong-kyung in the 25th minute of the second half, gave up a sophisticated defensive backspace pass near the center line, and Um Won-sang quickly rushed to beat the goalkeeper from the left side of the penalty area and scored with a left-footed shot. Ulsan manager Hong Myung-bo took out Um Won-sang, Baco, and Lee Myung-jae at the same time in the 34th minute of the second half, putting in Im Jong-eun, Cho Hyun-taek, and Lee Kyu-sung to “lock” and maintained the victory by blocking Jeonbuk’s last-minute offensive.

At Gangneung Stadium, Suwon FC won 2-1 against Gangwon FC with Yoon Bit-garam’s winning goal in the theater just before the end of the second half. Suwon FC, ranked 10th with 26 points, widened the gap with 11th place Suwon Samsung (22 points), while Gangwon (20 points) failed to escape the last place. In the 20th minute of the first half, Gangwon tasted the goal first, and the main character was “Montenegro defender” Kang Tu-ji.

Gangwon scored his K-League debut goal in the situation of Kim Dae-won’s left corner kick, with Kang Tu-ji changing the direction of the ball from the front of the net to a header. Suwon FC, which finished the first half 0-1, cheered up in the second half, and Lee Young-jae’s right corner kick in extra time of the second half followed by Yoon Bit-garam’s dramatic come-from-behind goal from the left side of the goal area.

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