SEOUL, South Korea (Yonhap) – There was another confusing situation at the 3-foot (91.44-centimeter) line at first base. LG Twins’ Park Dong-won, who was ruled safe, 스포츠토토존 was ruled out for “three-foot fielding interference” after a video review, and runner Moon Bo-kyung, who had run to third base, returned to first base. LG manager Yoon Kyung-yeop, who protested, was ordered to leave the game .In a home game against the KBO’s Kiwoom Heroes at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on March 3, LG was down 1-4 in the bottom of the fifth inning when leadoff hitter Moon Bo-kyung hit a single between the shortstop and third baseman to load the bases with no outs. It was the first hit of the day for the LG lineup. The next batter, Park Dong-won, laid down a bunt toward third base. Kiwoom third baseman Song Sung-moon, who was playing deep defense, rushed to catch the ball and throw to first base .The ball deflected slightly to the left of Kiwoom first baseman Lee Won-seok .Park and the ball headed to first base at the same time, and Park’s mitt collided with Lee’s. Lee lost the ball due to the impact and complained of pain in his left wrist. The umpires ruled that it was a throwing error by the third baseman. However, the situation quickly changed when Kiwoom requested a video review. The video review room ruled that Park Dong-won interfered with the base running. Park stepped on first base with his right foot, and his left foot was inside the three-foot line.” The KBO has decided to declare a runner’s running inside the 3-foot line (inside the foul line between the 3-foot line and the foul line) as obstruction if the umpire determines that the runner’s running clearly ’caused’ the obstruction of the defense (throw or catch),” the KBO said on March 20.The video reviewers deemed Park’s run to be a “defensive interference” as well. Park was called out, and Moon Bo-kyung, who had advanced to third base, was sent back to first base .LG manager Yoon Kyung-yeop rushed out of the dugout to protest the video review .In the KBO, if a player protests a video review, he is ordered to leave the game .Yeom is the 10th manager to be ejected this season, and the eighth to protest a video replay. This is the first time Yeom has been ejected since 스포츠토토 taking over as manager. Kiwoom’s first baseman Lee Won-seok was also subbed out due to wrist pain.

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