Legendary Hangzhou commentary team to boost excitement

Legendary commentary team from Hangzhou to increase interest.

Kim Yeon-kyung, the “Volleyball Empress” who twice led the South Korean women’s national volleyball team to the Olympic quarterfinals.

[“Let’s do it, let’s do it, let’s do it, let’s do it, don’t regret it! Yaya, calmly do one…”]

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, which kick off on March 23, Kim will take the broadcast microphone for the first time.

[Kim Yeon-kyung/KBS Volleyball Commentator : “Hello, I’m Kim Yeon-kyung, a volleyball player who will be joining KBS as a commentator.”]

Kim feels uncomfortable in her first broadcasting outfit.

[“The clothes are uncomfortable. They don’t go up.”]

She promises to provide in-depth commentary that combines her excellent verbal skills with her 20 years of national team experience.

[Kim Yeon-kyung/KBS Volleyball Commentator: “You don’t have to worry about that because I choose my words at the right time and place. I was an advisor for the national team this time, and I also lived and breathed with the players…”]

Football commentator Lee Young-pyo delivers insightful commentary to fans.

[Lee Young-pyo/KBS soccer commentator: “It’s become an environment where fans can hear very good commentary, and I think I just need to do a good job.”]

Park Chan-ho, who predicted a gold medal for the Korean National Baseball Team, has been tutoring himself for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

[Park Chan-ho, CBS Baseball Commentator: “I got a teacher to teach me how to speak, and I learned a little bit, because I felt that people evolve as they continue to commentate…”]

From Yang Dong-geun, who won a gold medal in men’s basketball at the Incheon Asian Games, to Choi Na-yeon, who has 15 career wins on the Korean-American Women’s Professional Golf Tour.

These legends will be joining KBS 카지노사이트넷 to bring you the emotional moments of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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