“I’ve never felt particularly talented.”

Kim Eun-jung, who has already entered her 16th year of curling, gave her a humble answer, unexpectedly. Kim Eun-jung, who accidentally took the broom for after-school experience activities, is known to have collected Kim Young-mi, Kim Kyung-ae, 30, and Kim Sun-young, 31, who were current members and alumni of Team Kim. However, unlike the story behind the team’s founding, Kim did not give her a damn of confidence when she started the campaign. “I was lucky to come here because I had a deficit, but I never got better than other players,” Kim said, shaking her head. 스포츠토토

The driving force behind his career is also “responsibility” rather than his unique talent. Curling is a team sport in which four players divide their positions and play as a team. Kim Eun-jung was not the only moment when she wanted to quit training due to difficulties, but she recalled the members every time. “As long as we gathered this team, we promised to walk together,” Kim said. “I thought it would be irresponsible to quit because of one or two failures.”

The fun and sense of accomplishment you can’t give up when you curl. “I feel good when I slide along the ice or sound when I get hit by a stone. It’s also fun to taste a sense of achievement because the shot is successful. If you get to the 10th end, you have as many as 20 chances to succeed. I think those things give you small fun.”

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