“It feels like a robot.”

KT Park Byung-ho wore sensors on four parts of his body and trained batting at the “2023 KT Spring Camp” held at the Tucson Kino Sports Complex in Arizona in February.

Park Byung-ho put up his hand in front of his laptop while wearing a sensor and conducted a series of tests. Raise your right arm, raise your left arm, and turn your back.

KT is using a new equipment called “K-vest” at the team spring camp in Tucson, Arizona. 바카라사이트

K-vest is a device that attaches sensors to players’ wrists, forearms, waist, and legs to dataize swings, rotation angles, and muscles that are mainly used for hitting.

Park made a powerful swing in the batting gauge. The ball stretched out. And Park Byung-ho’s swing data was entered in real time on his laptop.

As if this appearance were interesting, Kang Baek-ho also watched Park Byung-ho’s batting and monitoring of his laptop alternately.

A kt official said, “At this spring camp, power analysis teams, coaches, and players gathered every night to hold one-on-one data meetings based on the players’ data and batting mechanisms,” adding, “We expect sports science used during this camp to have a good impact on the team’s performance in the new season.”

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