Director Kim Byung-soo, what Ko Seung-beom says…”You look like a master”

Ko believes Kim Byung-soo has made many changes to the team. Suwon Samsung won 1-0 against Jeju United in the 27th round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 7:30 p.m. on the 18th. Suwon, which won three points, moved up to 11th place in the league. 토토

The balance of zero, which had been maintained in a close game, was broken at the end of the second half. Bultuis, who was put in place of Park Dae-won, who was injured in the 36th minute of the second half, shook Jeju’s net by connecting Lee Ki-je’s corner kick with a header in the 39th minute of the second half. Bultuis’ first goal became the winning goal, and Suwon won the game in three games.

After the game, I met Ko Seung-beom in the mixed zone. Ko Seung-beom, who started the day, contributed to the team’s victory by working with Myung Joon-jae and Kazuki in the midfield. Based on his high activity, he faithfully worked on front pressure and rear defense cover, and sometimes participated in the attack with a bold breakthrough.

Ko Seung-beom said, “We failed to continue the flow in a good atmosphere in July and lost one draw and one loss in August. This game was a must-win game. I feel like I’m starting to get back on the flow. So it means a lot to win this game. “I think I will rebound with victory today and continue this atmosphere,” he said, starting the interview.

Suwon has changed a lot since head coach Kim Byung-soo took office. There is a good atmosphere not only in terms of performance but also inside the team. Coach Kim Byung-soo also said he is trying to give positive energy to the team. This is why Suwon players can stay alert even though they are competing in the relegation zone a few games after turning the halfway point from the beginning of the season.

In response, Ko Seung-beom said, “The director seems to think differently compared to us as well as anyone else. Should I say that I look like a master? He speaks like a man who has reached the level of life. Such parts touch the players a lot, and create an atmosphere that creates that calmness in this unstable situation. I think those things come well for the players,” he said.

“Some of the tactical parts have changed the most since the coach came, but I think it is the coach’s ability to hold the players’ hearts in the process of carrying out the tactics.” In that sense, the coach seems to have a great ability to hold the players’ hearts. “Even if we try to put tactics on the team, the players can’t follow us, but we have no choice but to follow them because they take care of the psychological parts of the players,” he added.

Earlier, when Suwon had been without a win for a long time, it asked Ko Seung-beom a similar question. When I told Ko Seung-beom about this, he said, “There are times when a player is good at soccer and sometimes he is bad at soccer. The coach says the play is up to his mind. If you run with the mind of trying to do well, you’re overreacting. He emphasizes that the mind should always be in neutral. I don’t think I can tell you everything because you talked about so many different things. “But every time I listen to it, it really touches me,” he explained simply.

Besides psychological things, I also talked about the game. Suwon was said to have signaled a rebound thanks to Kazuki’s performance in the summer transfer market. However, recently, it has become a little difficult to use Kazuki as other teams have begun to check Kazuki. Head coach Kim Byung-soo also said, “I can’t afford to fight in the midfield, but I’m trying to increase the number in the midfield.”

When I told this story to Ko Seung-beom, who works with Kazuki, Ko Seung-beom said, “I definitely felt that other players were checking Kazuki.” We must continue to find solutions and try to play well. Tactical research should also be done, but we can also help Kazuki. “I’m trying to find a way and move in a good way, so I’m not too worried,” he said.

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