Instead of ‘One with Kim Min-jae’, he will reunite with Mourinho…”The transfer fee is set at 5.6 billion”

Where will Tottenham’s Eric Dier 29 head.

British media Spurs Webb reported on the 18th that “Dyer remains the target of AS Roma,” adding that “AS Roma can recruit Dyer for between 4 million euros about 5.6 billion won and 5 million euros about 7 billion won.”

“Dyer, who is in his 10th year at Tottenham, feels that his time is approaching the end,” he added. 온라인카지노

He also said, “He started under Mauricio Pochettino, José Mourinho and Antonio Conte, but was pushed out under Enzi Postecoglou.”

The media outlet said, “Dyer was excluded from the list of the first four games of this season. “I didn’t play until last week’s match against Chelsea,” he said.

Dyer’s contract ends in the summer of 2024. By next summer, Dyer can leave the team on a free agency. Therefore, Tottenham is expected to withdraw the transfer fee by leaving Dyer in the winter transfer market.

According to local media reports in Italy, Dier is AS Roma’s top target for winter transfers. The media mentioned, “Coach Mourinho asked for Dyer.”

“Mourinho wanted to recruit Dyer in the summer, but the deal was suspended as Tottenham demanded a high amount,” he said.

Dyer is being linked with several clubs ahead of the winter transfer market. Recently, there were rumors that he would go to Bayern Munich.

British media ‘Football Insider’ said, “Dyer wants to move the team. Bayern Munich is interested in Dyer, he said. “If we move the team, we will be a backup to help Kim Min-jae, Dayo Upamecano, and Matthijs Dericht.”

However, there is a possibility that Tottenham will keep Dyer. This is because Mickey Panderpen was injured, widening the gap in the defense. Panderpen cannot return in 2023. Therefore, Tottenham is determined to keep Dyer until they find a replacement.

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