Hongran, which is preserved as ‘everything is a memory’…”Smile and happy ending”

Hong Ran ended his 17-year tour career with the second round of the Hana Financial Group Championship (total prize money of 1.5 billion won, winning prize money of 270 million won) held at the Cheongna Bears Best Cheongna Golf Club (par 72/6,745 yards) in Incheon on the 30th.

Hong Ran was eliminated from the cut with a total of 145 strokes in the first and second rounds, tied for 65th. He could have advanced to the third round if he had reduced one stroke.

In the first round, Joo Seo-yul, who is two years younger, wore Hong-ran’s golf bag. Hong Ran smiled broadly and posed to the reporters in front of the No. 4 tee box, saying, “Please take a pretty picture of us, too.” Maybe I talked to him in person because I wanted to leave a memory.

When he entered the tee box in the second round, he greeted the galleries one by one and thanked them for their support. I made six greetings in the tea box alone. All of them are galleries and acquaintances who support Hong-ran. 바카라사이트

Hong Ran’s fans followed Hong Ran in the second round, further shining his final tour.

Hong Ran, who has been active on the regular tour since 2005, has the record of participating in 1,000 rounds for the first time in KLPGA with four career wins. Prior to this tournament, he played 1,047 rounds in 358 regular tours, and 287 times passed the preliminary round.

Hong Ran said, “I ended my tour life, which is my dream and life, for 17 years. “Looking back, it was really hard, but I’m grateful that I can end it happily with a smile like this at this moment,” he said.

He then said to his juniors, “I think it would be good if it had a good influence and was an example.” “I’m touched that my juniors told me that I’m a senior they want to resemble,” he said.

As for my future plans, I said, “I’ve done the same thing regularly for 14 years, so I want to do something new and interesting.”

Meanwhile, Hong Jung-min took the lead alone for two consecutive days with an 11-under 133 in the middle, while Lim Hee-jung and Yoo Hae-ran are chasing second place by two strokes.

Han Jin-sun and Lee Ye-won tied for fourth with 8-under 136, Choi Min-kyung and Jeon Woo-ri tied for sixth with 7-under 137, and Kim Soo-ji, Park Min-ji and Lee So-mi tied for ninth with 6-under 138. World No. 4 Lee Min-ji and No. 9 Kim Hyo-joo were eliminated side by side.

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