World Cup, even if the odds are slim… “No giving up!”

  • In the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Korean national team will play the final group stage match against Germany tomorrow (3rd). He expressed his resolute determination to never give up no matter how slim the odds are.

The national team arrived in Brisbane, the final battleground, one day before the match against Germany, and finished off training.

In order for us to reach the round of 16, we need a ‘miracle’ to beat Germany, second in the FIFA rankings, by a 5-goal margin, and Colombia to beat Morocco. Colin Bell acknowledged the slim odds, but emphasized that there is no giving up.바카라사이트

[Colin Bell/Women’s World Cup Team Coach: There is only ‘this much’ chance of beating Germany 5-0. Still, as long as there is even this much potential, there is no giving up.]

The players are of the same mind.

[Ji So-yeon/Women’s World Cup national team striker: I will not give up and will do my best until the end.]

[Lee Young-ju/Women’s World Cup national team defender: The door is not closed to us, but it is open even a little, so we plan to run until we die.] 5

years During the All-Russian World Cup, although Korea was eliminated in the group stage, they defeated Germany 2-0 in the end and wrote the so-called ‘Miracle of Kazan’.

Regardless of whether they advance to the round of 16 or not, fans are expecting and cheering for the players to stand up against Germany without giving up until the end.

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